Straight guys, can’t cool the lust, between them

A few weeks ago I started a sexual relationship with a new male co-worker. Like me, Brad was not gay, we were just new friends, that really enjoyed hanging out together. Things got pretty hot between us after a silly dare. Eventually we lost control of ourselves and had the hottest, most intense, sex of our lives together. This is part two of that wild story…

Now with our new part time hobby, Brad and myself agreed on a few things.

First of all, we promised not to cheat on each other, with other guys.

Second, If we wanted to bang a chick, that was fine, we would always use a condom. We preferred not to, with each other.

Third, we had to play it cool around the work place. No flirting or teasing in the office, to avoid any problems with co-workers.

Finally, if we met a woman we wanted to get serious with, that was fine. We could try to hook up on the down low, if possible once in a while. We agreed 100%, we wanted to keep it clean and safe.

Brad was funny at work after our agreement, he seemed so serious at times, his goofiness dissipated. This turned me on even more, it made me horny for him more than before. Like he was something I couldn’t have, a hot, straight guy. I never knew he could be such a great actor. Sometimes I even thought he was mad at me. I knew he was always kidding but we had to cool things down at work, mostly because of Jerry. This fucking guy Jerry, was a total prick, he pissed me off a lot. He was also nosey, and suspicious of our new friendship. He was older than us and always complained about his wife. We kidded each other that if anyone needed a good ass fucking, it was Jerry.

We still did the same things together, when we were outside of the office and bedroom, like we did before we started to have sex…

We were not touchy feely, we didn’t hold hands or talk gay at all. We were totally straight males, most of the time and that made it easier, on both of us. We did all kinds of sports activities together, went out for meals and went to bars occasionally.

I liked our new rules but suggested one more, Brad loved this one. No jacking off anymore, we promised to save our cum loads for each other. That way we’d be hornier, harder and ready for anything when the bedroom door closed. After a few days of this, we were both going nuts for each other and the sex was always phenomenal!

Brad and myself are attractive 26 year old horny guys. Brad is even more attractive to woman than me. Everywhere we go, chicks checked him out, I didn’t give a fuck. If he wanted to bang some babe, go for it. We had so much fun in everyway together, I wanted to keep things light and interesting.

We went out on Friday nights to see movies or hang out at clubs, avoiding the gay scene. Guys, it is so fucking funny, watching hot woman flirt with big Brad. The more uninterested he seemed in them, the harder they would try. It drove them nuts, quite a show to enjoy, I learned a few things too.

One Friday night we were at a bar, we met a smoking hot chick named Debbie. She was dressed to impress and seemed like a horny slut. She was with a bunch of hot friends and noticed us and came over. We all talked and had fun and then we took turns dancing with her. She was loving the attention and I wanted to fuck her, I could tell Brad did too. Brad and myself had a short discussion about Debbie while we took a leak in the boys room.

“Steve you want to try to tag team Debbie tonight, she’s pretty drunk, I think we could hit that if you’re game?”

“Dude I’m totally cool with that, let’s see where this goes.”

By :bogey4u

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