Straight guy, falls hard and gets harder than ever

I landed a new job in LA and had to move closer to avoid a 4 hour commute. I found a nice apartment complex in Studio City near my new office and decided to go for it. I moved in and was very pleased with my choice even after a few weeks…

I’m a 35 year old accountant and love sex more than anything. I don’t drink much, I never smoke and exercise regularly to combat long hours at my desk. I’m tall over 6’2″, 185Lbs with a nice sized cut cock. I also drink a lot of pineapple juice, which we all know improves the taste of our semen.

I took a long break from dating after my last heated breakup. I was more confident now and feeling free again. I was also very horny all the time, I even noticed a few hot guys asses at the gym recently. I was ready for a new love interest, ready to experience the intensity of a new hottie.

After settling in to my new place, I was ready to start my job and impress my boss. I dressed up real sharp for my first day and headed out the door. On the way to the elevator I saw a gorgeous young woman. She was wearing a sexy black dress that showed off her cleavage and sexy legs. I stepped in the elevator right after her and we exchanged smiles. I was instantly attracted to her beauty. It was only 7:30 in the morning and I was already on the prowl.

“What floor are you going to?” I asked, because I was right next to the buttons.

“The garage.” She replied in a sexy innocent voice.

“Me too.” I said with a kind smile.

I pushed the elevator button and the door closed.

“Hey, I’m Steven, how are you?” I asked nervously as the elevator began drop.

“Hi Steven, I’m Beth.” She said with a cute sexy smile.

“Nice to meet you Beth, do you live in the building?” I asked trying to break the ice.

“Yes, I’ve been here almost a year now. It’s very nice.” She said still smiling at me.

“I like it so far, I just moved in a few days ago.” I said,as the elevator stopped and the door opened.

Beth stepped out and as she began to walk in front of me, I couldn’t help but noticed her sexy ass. It looked so nice in that tight black dress. I casually caught up and walked beside her.

“Hey Beth, would you like to have a coffee with me, or get together sometime? I don’t know anybody around here and I’d like to get to know someone from the building.” I asked trying not to seem too desperate.

She stopped and looked at me again with her gorgeous eyes and smiled slowly. Her cleavage was nice and firm and her nipples seem to harden.

“Sure that would be nice Steven.” She said to my surprise.

“Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you later?” I asked with a lump in my throat.

“Ok.” She said with her cute sexy voice.

I pulled out my phone and handed it to her. She took it and programmed her number in and handed it back. I took my phone back gently and felt electricity between us. Maybe it was just me but I felt a connection with her.

“Thanks Beth, I’ll text you later. Have a great day!”

“I’ll try.” She said as she walked off.

I got in my car and was on cloud nine. I was so pumped I got her number and was happier than I had been in months. I made it to work and was in a perfect mood to start my first day. We had a good meeting at work and I was introduced to all my new fellow employees. They all seemed nice and friendly and made me feel very welcome. Then I set up my desk and got work.

Around 4:00PM I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to text Beth. I just said hi and asked how her day was going. She said hi back and was very friendly and funny. We ended up texting several times before I left work. She seemed very sweet and sincere. I couldn’t believe my luck.

By : bogey4u

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