Straight friends try out new RV at the beach

Tom, my best friend from college purchased a new RV with recent inheritance money. It is beautiful, and has all the luxuries you could imagine. Tom and I planned on trying out his new RV on a camping trip along the California coast the next chance we got.

Since spring break was coming up, we agreed that would be our best time to get away and do some camping. We both took some time off work and decided to go for it. I needed a change of scenery for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. We made tentative plans and Tom called me to confirm.

“Hey Steven, you ready to try out my new RV and do some camping?”

“Yes, that sounds great. I’m all set to go.” I eagerly responded.

“Awesome, the RV is ready and fully stocked.”

“Excellent, you still want to meet down there tomorrow morning around 9:00?” I asked.

“Tomorrow morning at 9:00 bro! It’s a date.” He said.

“OK, I’ll see you down there in the morning.” I said as I hung up the phone.

I got myself ready for the trip that afternoon. I packed up clean clothes, sunscreen, munchies, food and drinks for a five day adventure. I figured two good looking guys like us would meet some babes and possibly get lucky so I packed a bunch of condoms and KY jelly. I was excited to get away and have some adult fun with my best buddy.

Tom is a great guy, his wife left him for a co-worker and I had just broke up with my girlfriend. We were both ready to party and blow off some steam, that’s for sure. All I wanted to do was hang around the beach, party and have fun.

Tom and I met in college and became great friends. He is now 33 years old like me and keeps in good shape by biking and doing yoga. Tom is a computer genius and works for a big company in the IT department. He makes good money and had been doing fine till he divorced. His wife got the house and cleaned him out pretty good. As luck would have it, his uncle left him a nice chunk of money after the divorce was final so the money was all his. Tom seemed like a new man after his inheritance and it brought him out of his funk.

I never married, I lived with a few woman over the years but never felt that close to test marriage and what it had to offer. It seemed after 2 years, most of my relationships fizzled out. A lot of my friends were divorced and I was always cautious about taking that big step. So here I am, still single in need of some new loving.

I graduated college and began working as a accountant and never looked back. It was something I was good at and I do enjoy. I also took a few classes in massage therapy but never pursued that career, I only used my skills on girlfriends. It almost always led to hot sex, so it was worth the effort to learn how to do it right.

The next morning I was up and eager to head to the coast. I loaded up my car and made the hour long trip to the beach. Tom was there as I pulled up, he must have just arrived because he was setting up the awning as I pulled up. I parked behind him and jumped out to greet him.

“Hi Tom, good morning. Your looking quite well.” I said to him. I hadn’t seen him in a few months.

“Thanks Steven, great to see you buddy!’

I gave him a big hug and he squeezed me back even harder.

“Nice to see you also, how are you doing?” I said.

“Doing much better these days. Come on in and check out our living quarters for the next few days.”

I followed behind Tom to his new RV, he had on black skin tight yoga shorts that hugged right up his ass crack really tight. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his buns as he walked up the steps. I don’t know if was a recent lack of sex or curiosity but I loved what I saw. I’ve never seen Tom dressed like this, he really had a nice ass. Tom showed me around the RV, I couldn’t help but notice a nice big bulge in the front of his tight shorts. For some reason my heart began to speed up and I began to feel strangely nervous and horny. It was actually the first time any guy had me this bothered and horny. I knew Tom was completely straight and I’m sure he had no idea he was turning me on like this.

By :bogey4u

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