Stopforth’s Story

I was fifteen when I had the best sex I ever had; before or since.
In those days my main source of gratification was a wank over a nudie book! Let’s start off with the truth; I’d never had sex!

I was a fairly solitary youth, happy with my own company. You would probably call me a bit of a wimp and a geek in today’s parlance. Girls didn’t seem to fancy me, and blokes didn’t try to enlist me into their games and schemes, but I had a couple of mates who liked the same kind of stuff as me and I never felt particularly lonely.
Although I had known a couple of girls we had never gone beyond a feel of the tits under the bra.

But I had a dirty secret.
My favourite “kink” was to strip naked outdoors. I usually did this in the nearby countryside; a woods or quarry area, or in an old derelict industrial site. At that time I wasn’t actively looking for someone to “flash” at; the thrill was in being naked in a public place. Sometimes, to make it more exciting I would hide my clothes and walk away from them. I would feel even more vulnerable, not being able to drag my clothes on quickly if someone came by. I suppose it’s a sort of masochistic streak but I never really considered what might happen if I was seen, or caught while walking around naked. It’s impossible to explain why this felt so intensely exciting but I always had a massive hard-on doing it! I would get as far from my clothes as I dared, then I would have to wank! As soon as I came, the urge to be naked would evaporate and I would be consumed with fear and panic; I would have to find my clothes as quickly as possible and get dressed. I would leave the area as fast as I could, my heart beating wildly and swearing that I would never do such a stupid thing again. But I did. Often.

So, the best sex ever began when I set out early on my bike to visit the old factory site about three miles from home that was my favourite place for my nude forays. We had been given a day off from school because it was being used as a voting station for the local elections. A lot of kids from school were going to take the train to the sea-side, which meant there was less chance of one of them visiting the same place as me.

It was a day in May, and the weather was going to be warm and sunny. Strange as it may seem but I preferred wet, damp days because it cut visibility a bit and tended to deter other people from going out walking. You see, although I enjoyed the risk, I tried to minimise it as much as possible.

I arrived at the site, which consisted of many ruined buildings spread over a wide area. Some of them were five or six story factories and warehouses. They stank of decaying rubbish and soggy plaster. I had begun to like that smell.
A quick reconnaissance was always a good idea so I cycled around the cobbled lanes for a few minutes to make sure there was no-one around.
There was an old brick shed that still had a door and I hid the bike in it. Then I decided to leave my clothes there as well. Sometimes I liked to keep on a t-shirt, partly to keep me warm and also it emphasised the nakedness of my lower body. Today I took off everything except my shoes; I never risked going barefoot outside.
With my heart racing and my cock stiff and hard already, I set off along between the buildings. I selected a doorway at random and entered it, going up a flight of concrete stairs until I reached the fourth floor. A door led off the landing to a room that might once have been an office; it wasn’t as large as those on the other floors and didn’t have all the damage to the floors and oil stains either.
It still had a chair, a wooden upright thing, I thought it must have been left behind when the place closed. There was another door and I found it led to just another room, this time empty. Unlike the other floors most of the windows were intact, except for one or two cracked or missing panes.

By :Macrinius

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