Stepdaughter has the hots for new stepdad

The names have been changed to protect the innocent… Me!

Rachel, my new stepdaughter is one of a kind. She’s 19, beautiful, sexy, smart and has a thing for me. I’m not exactly sure what I did to create the persistent desire she has for me, but she wouldn’t give up, no matter what I did or said.

The biggest problem is, she is beyond a doubt the most beautiful young lady I’ve seen in years. Her face resembled the sexy exotic look of Miss Venezuela, with spectacular sexy eyes. She has long, shiny, dark brown hair, with perfect curls and always smells good. Her breasts are a lot bigger than they have to be and are always hard to take your eyes off of. Her ass is unbelievable and looks more edible than a nice round apple. Just when I thought I’d seen the hottest ass on this chick at the gym. In walks Rachel, with skin tight running shorts with no panties underneath. The seam of the tight shorts went right up her ass crack, showing off her perfect round buns. She drove me insane with her constant flirting and gestures. This is how I finally lost control and almost screwed up my life.

I met her Mom, Lana a few years ago when I did some work on their house. I’m an electrician and was instantly attracted to Lana. She is 5 years older than me and had been divorced for about that long. Lana began dressing real sexy, the second day I worked on her house. She wore tight black stretch pants and sports bras that accentuated her succulent body. She set me on High Voltage and I became very attracted to her in no time. I was 35 and Lana had just turned 40, when we met. I finished the job at the end of the week and decided to ask her out. She said yes, her flirting gave me the green light and she happily agreed.

We dated for almost a month before we went all the way. Lana was cautious to make the next step but it was worth the wait. She was a lot of fun in bed and it was easy to make her have orgasms. She made me feel good about myself and I loved rocking her world. She also screamed very loud, when we had sex. Lana fell for me pretty hard and I really enjoyed not only having sex with her but she was a lot of fun to spend time with. She was outgoing, athletic and we became closer and closer as the months went by. I felt a special feeling for Lana, I liked her a lot and missed her during the day, when I was working.

Lana is a salesperson for a drug company and has a inconsistent schedule. Sometimes she gone all day, others times she worked from home for a few hours. Once in a while she has to go on short business trips. She is always on call but rarely has to drop everything and take off. Her career is challenging for her and she enjoys it.

I didn’t meet her gorgeous daughter Rachel, till we started dating. During the day Rachel was at school and I only saw her cute pictures around the house. I met Rachel when I went to pick up Lana for our first date. Rachel was friendly and seemed to be checking me out. She was a little shy at first and looked adorable. She was wearing loose pajama bottoms and a big tee shirt. She had her hair up in a pony tail and seemed very sweet and innocent. Boy was I wrong.

The next time I saw Rachel was before my second date with her Mom. This time when Rachel answered the door, she was wearing tight red running shorts and a white sports bra. She looked hotter, sexier and a lot more mature this time. She welcomed me in and said her Mom would be ready in a few minutes.

I followed Rachel into the kitchen and was amazed at the sight of her sweet round ass. Her shorts were hiked up her ass crack, nice and tight. Her ass was hottest I had ever seen by far. I tried not to notice, but she seemed to be trying to tease me with it. She bent over as she opened the fridge, she moved her ass a little as she poked around for something. I caught myself almost foaming at the mouth, as I gazed at her perfect round ass a few feet away. She eventually offered me a bottled water, which I accepted. Then she bent forward giving me a great view of her cleavage. She looked like a goddess from both sides and then she smiled and looked at me with those sexy cat eyes.

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