Step Mom’s journey to understanding

Janet opened the front door and stepped inside. Ahh it was good to be home, work had been hellacious, and she just wanted to relax. She went into the kitchen, and thought about dinner. Fuck it, she thought, I’ve done enough work for today. Maybe a pizza, or some take out Chinese, or, maybe she get her step-daughter Luanne to make dinner. The girl was 19, still living at home, she was the apple of her Daddy’s eye. Luanne was happy to make dinner when her Daddy was home, but with her Daddy away for a few days on a business trip, Luanne was a little bit lazy when it came to doing something around the house when it was just the two of them. Janet hoped that Luanne would move out soon, the girl was 19, and with Janet having just turned 40, it was time for her to get out on her own. She didn’t want a step-daughter hanging around all the time.

She had heard some moving around upstairs, she figured that Luanne was home. She went upstairs, heard some giggles, as she got closer to the door of her step daughter’s room, she heard Luanne’s voice purr, “You like it like this?” then her giggle, followed by a moan.

That bitch, she’s fucking some guy in her bedroom. Jeez, they didn’t ask for much, just no fucking a guy under their roof.

The door was ajar, and she peeked in, and saw her step-daughter in a hot 69 with her lover. Janet was going to watch, maybe get warmed up for a stroke session, before she’d go in and bust it up. Luanne’s Dad had said that Luanne was not to have sex in the house. As he eyes took in the sight, she gaped in astonishment. Her lover who was busily lapping at Luanne’s pussy was her best friend Paula. She could hear the sucking and slurping noises as both girls gave eager oral loving to each other, muffled moans and grunts filling the room. Janet felt the anger rising up, she hated the idea of her stepdaughter engaging in such perversion. She had to put a stop to that right now.

She stepped inside and loudly proclaimed, “What in the hell is going on here?”

She saw them tumble apart, both faces turning towards her with a shocked look. She could see the juices against both of their faces. Paula’s face turn towards her with a shocked look. Luanne’s face popped up, she could see the juices of Paula’s sex against her face.

“Paula, get your clothes on, and get out of here.”

Paula quickly did so, and Luanne stayed quiet, trying not to anger her step-mom anymore. If she told Daddy what she was doing, oh man, she’d be in a shitload of trouble.

Janet lowered her voice to a more normal level, and growled, “I’m going out for dinner, and you can do what you want. We’ll discuss this in more detail later. Don’t ever engage in such a perverted act in this house, ever again.”

Janet made a quick call, grabbed up her keys and left the house.


“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, damn it feels so good!”

Janet was writhing wildly beneath the body above her, her lover Colt was riding her hard, plunging into the tightness of her buttery slick depths over and over. She could feel the lips of her pussy stretched wide around Colt’s 9 inches of solid cock, as her 25 year old muscular lover drove between the spread of her thighs, stuffing her to the brim, her legs wrapped around his waist, eager for every inch.

Janet’s husband was away on business a lot, she may have been 40, but her sex drive had just gone up every year, masturbation did almost nothing to calm the voracious appetite for hot fucking, the need to feel a real, live hard cock pounding her, and the hot wet sperm filled satisfaction as Colt would lose his load between the spread of her sizzling fuck-hole. Janet rationalized it with the notion that she was not in love with her lover, they just got together for hot, sex filled romps while hubby was away on business.

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