Starring at the cinema!

John wins on lottery and dives into the property renovation as a way of boosting his new-found wealth, however he ends up buying blind and out bids the competition on an old 50’s style Cinema building only to discover half of the cinema had been refurbished to the 1950’s heyday style. A chance reacquaintance of an old school buddy leads him to providing themed cinema weddings and special soiree nights. John has his eyes opened early on with the two women who act as ticket girl and confectionary girl in the foyer.

Chapter 2
The first soiree night and John discovers why the two females wanted their uniforms altered and he sees for the first time in his life the seedier side of the local night-life.

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Chapter one.

John Bull was a well to do, down to earth man, his fortunes changed the day he won just under £1,000,000 on the National lottery. This meant he could pay off his debts and it still gave him the financial clout to delve into property development market. He attended several auctions before finding himself bidding on an old Cinema building. He was looking to buy a property just right for development in lucrative housing field. As a first-time auction buyer, he forgot the cardinal rules, check the legal pack and view the property before going to make a bid. He did not read the legal pack at all and neither did he view the cinema he now owned under the auction rules. In fact, you could safely say, he broke all the rules on auction etiquette of buying property by jumping the bid in £5,000 lots. He probably could have bought the old Roxy cinema for a bit less than he finally did.

Now as the legal owner, he entered the building for the first time. The foyer area was a mess most of the carpeting had been ripped up and the confectionary bars and ticket booth had obviously been got at by vandals. He shrugged his head as he thought to himself, not even a decent antique to sell on, now he climbed the sixteen stairs, heading to the main auditorium. He was surprised to see that directly opposite each other were the tell-tale door of the auditoriums, he had not realised that this cinema had two such auditoriums. Fearing the worst, he swung open the swing door on the left and stepped in with his eyes closed, he mentally counted to ten and then opened his eyes.

John Could not believe his eyes, the auditorium looked as good as it had on its original opening day. The deep red plush seats looked almost brand new, the emerald green carpet looked like a well-manicured lawn, Even the curtains at each side of the massive silver screen looked fresh and new. John had to sit down and the first chair he sat in seemed to swell and mould itself to his rear end, it was so comfortable and yet in keeping with the 1950’s style cinema’s. He began to flick through the legal pack for the first time and found an obligatory stipulation that he had to facilitate the use of the cinema three times per month for the first five years. This immediately put an end to his plan of removing all the inner walls and redevelop it into sixteen high-end 1 and 2 bed flats.

Cursing John left the auditorium and went across the main foyer corridor to the swing doors on the right, this time he did not close his eyes, inside these doors he saw peeling walls tattered carpets and broken seats, in fact the exact opposite to the first auditorium. It now dawned on John that the previous owner had run out of money to complete the renovations. He returned to the corridor and turned right and walked up to the door marked private. This doorway which led to the projector room, the machinery there was smashed to pieces, so, even if he had wanted to honour the provisions in the legal pack it was going to cost him thousands to find and buy the 35mm Industrial projector and that’s without finding someone who rented out the movies to fit it. Also, just beyond the Projection Room he found a locked door, the door looked freshly painted and the almost brilliant white lettering spelt out Manager. He searched through the bunch of keys that had been given to him and he found the key he was looking for having unsuccessfully tried five or six wrong keys.

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