Anxiously shifting from one foot to the other, Paige peered through the trees at the abandoned park. Finally the familiar set of round headlights turned the corner. It was Randy’s jeep. She could barely wait for him to park and exit the vehicle before she wrapped her arms around his waist giving him a big hug. “I thought you’d never get here,” eagerly she ran her fingers through his spikey blond hair and kissed him as he sat at one of the picnic tables. “You been studying for your exam while you waited?” Randy inquired as she plopped herself on his lap. Trying to ignore his question she nibbled on his neck making tiny circles on his suntan skin with her tongue,” I’m tired of studying……besides, we got our test scores back already.”
Paige was in her first year of college. Graduating a year early from high school, she was starting on a computer sciences degree a full year ahead of her class. Unfortunately, her increasing sex drive served as a major distraction to her studies. “What did you get?” Randy inquired trying his best to maintain his “father figure” tone of voice with her.
In efforts to better her study habits, he had started a practice of rewarding her for test scores above 85%. In contrast to the rewards however were the punishments for grades below the percentage. Paige ran her tongue along his earlobe in an effort to change the subject. Gently pushing her away he asked more firmly , “WHAT DID YOU GET?”. Avoiding his harsh stare she mumbled her score, “I don’t know……79……I think.” She continued her distraction effort, but she could sense from Randy’s tightening grip on her thigh that her effort was futile. “79?! I thought you had been hittin’ the books!” She hated it when he scolded her. “I did the best I could. Let’s not talk about that. Its Friday and I thought we were going to have some fun.” Straddling his leg she tugged at the collar of his shirt as she rubbed her crouch against his thigh. She pressed her body against his giving him another nibble on the ear, “What was our deal?” he quizzed ,”I know, I know……anything under 85 you’re gonna take out my aaaassss!” Paige teased exaggerating the word “ass” and playfully gyrating her hips. He responded to her antics with a solid smack on her plump derriere. Defensively Paige snapped out of his grip and attempted to protect her backside with her hand. “For such a smart 17 year old, you sure are starting to act like a spoiled little brat!” Randy continue scolding her . She attempted to break free of his grip, but he caught her around the waist and pulled her back to the picnic bench. Sitting down, he demanded that she remove her shorts, “Take ‘em off!” Head bowed, and twisting uneasily between his legs she petitioned her case, “C’mon Randy, at least I passed.” Adding her signature pout, she continued to plead. “You knew the deal. Rewards for 85 and above…… punishment for 84 and under. ” Randy rolled his sleeve up in preparation,” If you don’t get those shorts off now, you’re gonna be sorry! ” Poking her lip out a little more, Paige slowly unbuttoned her cut- off jeans revealing her perky brown bottom.
Randy could feel his penis growing erect as he watched her step out of the jeans. The deep chocolate shadows of her hardened nipples showed through her thin white T-shirt. She laid across his lap in the shirt and purple silk bikinis. Her soft full breasts brushed against his phigh as she positioned herself.
Placing his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties, he slowly pushed them past her knees. Gently stroking her naked bottom, he admired her soft chestnut colored skin. She relaxed a little spreading her legs a bit. She could feel his member throbbing beneath her. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched as Randy raised his hand to deliver the first blow of her sentence. SMACK!! “Ow!” Paige was startled by the sharp sting of the blow. Strangely enough she found herself growing moist with anticipation of the next slap. “Ow! PLLLLLEEEASE!!” Paige began to squirm between blows. Firmly sliding her back into place, Randy continued to spank her supple ass. “RANDYYYYY!!!! That hurts!!” he paid no attention to her protests and continued the barrage of smacks. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! “I told you……act like a brat and I’ll treat you like one!” he scolded as Paige twisted and wiggled to avoid the stinging blows.
With each spank Paige’s cries became more passionate and less pain stricken. By the tenth blow her bronze buttocks were a warm crimson. Randy could also feel how warm and wet her cunt was growing. He could barely fight the urge to throw her on the picnic table and thrust his throbbing member into her soft wetness. Her dark cinnamon curls barely hid her tear stained face as she again glanced up at Randy over her shoulder, “Please Randy……I can’t take anymore……I’ll be good”. She pleaded in a submissive tone.
Randy stopped spanking her and lifted her onto his lap. He massaged her scarlet bottom gently probing her tight little anus with his forefinger. Writhing in ecstasy, Paige tightened her buttocks around him. Slowly withdrawing his finger, Randy allowed her to kneel on the park bench. Leaning on the table top she spread her legs and he could see her fingers kneading her already stimulated clit. She arched her back slightly and allowed Randy to continue probing her tiny pink anus with a moistened finger. He stroked his pulsating cock and very slowly inserted it into her tiny asshole. Paige sensuously moaned offering her ass for the sweet pleasurable pain. She arched and moaned with every stroke pounding deeper inside her. Now fully inserted, Randy caressed her firm caramel cheeks giving a firm slap every now and then. He increased his tempo to a fevered canter as Paige approached the height of her passion. Quickly withdrawing he exploded spilling hot milky juices on the soft brown pillow of Paige’s ass.
Gently kissing the back of her neck he could feel her whimpering beneath him. “Did I hurt you?” realizing this was her first anal experience, he was concerned. Brushing her forehead against his cheek she replied, “The pleasure far outweighed the pain.”

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