Spanking my Wife and her Friend

I will not go into detail here on how it came to be, but I, John, have been enslaved by my wife, Lisa. She has managed to put me under her complete control. I must do exactly as she commands at all times, or face punishment. She is in general a stern though loving mistress. She ensures that I behave properly, but rewards good behavior, and has my best interests at heart as long as I behave and serve her well. On the whole, my servitude has overcome my natural inclinations to laziness, procrastination, unhealthful diet, improper lusts and lack of exercise. She has truly “whipped me into shape” and improved my character in many ways. In short, she has made all those improvements in my male defects that women everywhere wish or hope they could make in their men, but usually do not have the power to achieve.

My bondage however is severe and complete. I am owned and controlled body and soul. I would of course prefer to return to my more natural habits and behavior, and would do so if she were to relax her control. While I admit to the improvements it has made in me, it is of course utterly humiliating for a male to be so controlled by a female, and aside from this anonymous account that she has required me to write, I try to keep it as secret as I possibly can. Having other people notice how controlled I am, even in small or ordinary ways, is emasculating and humiliating in the extreme. Being seen as “hen-pecked” or “pussy whipped” is about the ultimate embarrassment or indignity for a male. Admitting it, even in secret, is totally humbling and embarrassing.

She generally prefers to keep me completely naked around the house. She says she enjoys having a naked male slave serving her and waiting on her attentively, and she says she enjoys watching my body as I go about my duties. It tends to increase her sexual desire, which is fine with both of us, however I have no choice in the matter regardless. I must satisfy her desires, but any sexual pleasure I may be permitted is entirely at her whim. She also says that being able to see at a glance the state of my penis helps her know what I am thinking or feeling. It makes it completely impossible for me to hide my male thoughts from her at any time. It also affords her complete access to my body, for control, discipline or reward (should she so desire) or to use or abuse as she pleases.. She seems to enjoy being so completely in control of me, and being able to all but read my male mind, which of course is primarily centered in my cock and balls.

Our back yard is fairly secluded, so when I have to work out in back, she usually keeps me nude. Sometimes, she allows me to wear a thong to keep my prick from getting pricked by the bushes or something, and shoes. When I have to work in the front yard, she puts me in shorts, but I have to strip to enter the house. Working outside with little or nothing on keeps me well tanned.

She has total control of my diet and exercise and has me fitter than ever. She says that if she is going to keep a naked slave, he is not going to be just a fat slob husband. She wants to enjoy looking at my body, so she keeps it well toned, and she closely monitors my rigorous exercise plan. She has set me up with a personal trainer at the gym, female of course – as my mistress strongly believes that males need constant female control. My trainer, to my total shame, is completely informed of my enslavement, and has been given authority to command me. This eliminates any need for her to ask or persuade me to do what I need to do She simply orders that I do it or be punished, either on the spot or when my trainer reports any problems to my wife later. While punishment by my wife is bad enough, to be publicly punished in the gym by another woman would add even greater humiliation, so I work very hard to meet her directives. The result is, I have lost about 50 pounds, and am trim and fit.

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