Spanking at school

I thought I’d start with a little bit about myself. My name is John Wilson, I am 6ft 1ins tall, with a slim athletic build. Short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Whilst not a Brad Pitt contender I am fairly hansom with a rugged non nonsense look about me. I taught science for many years at a private school before starting my own business in the form of a book shop. I’ve always loved books and when a local shop came up for sale I jumped at the chance for a lifestyle change. I ensured I stocked A – Level and University books to ensure the local girls and boys would come to the shop.

I have always liked younger girls, not too young mind you. I have never done anything illegal, my preferred age is 18+ but for the right girl I would drop to 16 years old – but never any lower of course.

I have a strong preference for shy, demure, submissive ladies who like to be with an assertive, dominant man. During my time as a teacher, whilst I never abused my position I did have cause to spank and cane many boys and girls over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a number of submissive girlfriends, so I have fairly extensive experience in that department.

I first met Katie when she came into my shop to buy books for her A – Levels. She was 16. She had just finished her GCSEs and was starting 6th form to do her A – Levels. She was about 5”4, slim but not skinny. Long brown hair and brown eyes. She had a clear fresh complexion. From what I could tell through her clothing she had fairly large boobs for her size, maybe a 34C. Her bum looked amazing, pert and very shapely. She came into my shop to buy books on computing for her A – Levels. She spent quite a while looking around, glancing over and smiling at me. Eventually she brought a book over to the till.

She introduced herself as Katie and said she was just starting her A – Levels. I introduced myself as Mr Wilson – as a hangover from my school days I guess I still go by Mr Wilson to people of this age rather than John. My shop had recently opened so Katie asked me a little about that. She came across as a bright, sharp, friendly girl. After paying for the book she left, looking back at me from the door and smiling.

There was a coffee shop close by where I had seen her a few times previously with her friends. Though she had looked over we had never actually met until she came into my shop. The following day after seeing her in my shop I saw her in the coffee shop at breakfast time. She was with a group of friends, but looked over and gave me a shy little smile and a little wave. I nodded, a little smile on my lips and gave her a little wave back.

I always keep my shop open after school closed in case anyone leaving school needed books – they could call in and buy them straight away. Katie and her friends called into my shop a few times over the next week or so, she was always with them so we didn’t speak beyond hello. Her friends usually bought a book or two as they figured out what they needed for school.

About a week and a half after I had first met Katie, after school had finished one day the door to my shop opened and Katie came in on her own. She glanced over and I thought she looked a little embarrassed, I thought I must be imagining things. She headed for the computer book isles and looked around there for a few minutes, glancing over occasionally. Eventually she selected a book and came over to the till.

“Hi Mr Wilson” she said, smiling but still looking a little red faced.

“Hi Katie, nice to see you again” I smiled back.

Katie handed me the book and said “I’d like this one please”, she paused for a second then continued “I errrrm… I know a girl who used to go to the school you used to teach at Mr Wilson. She told me she remembered you as you had ermmmmm spanked her a couple of times and caned her once. ”

“I see” I smiled back, “and does she think she didn’t deserve them?” I asked.

“Actually she told me she deserved the first one, but the others she said she errrmmmm, she got from being naughty on purpose as she wanted you to spank her again” Katie said with a small shy giggle.

“Ahh, I see” I replied smiling. “Some girls like to be spanked and caned but I wasn’t aware of anyone from my old school who did things on purpose to have me spank or cane them. What was her name?” I enquired.

“Lisa, Lisa Hughes” Katie said.

I vaguely remembered a Lisa Hughes, but nothing too specific, I certainly couldn’t remember her being naughty purposefully or remember specifically spanking or caning her. I told Katie as such.

“What did you mean Mr Wilson when you said some girls like to be spanked or caned?” Katie asked, her face reddening.

I was sure Katie knew exactly what I mean, as her friend had told her she had been purposefully naughty to be spanked, so I guessed this was just a way for Katie to keep discussing the subject. I decided to play along and see where this went.

“Well Katie, some girls like to be with an assertive dominant man, they like to be submissive to such a man. Sometimes they like to be spanked and caned, some like to be humiliated and embarrassed” I informed her.

“How?” Katie asked, her eyes darting nervously around, sometimes looking at me then shooting away.

“Lots of different ways. Being made to do as she is told, whatever she is told. Being made to be naked when the man is dressed, perhaps standing in a corner and walking about nude. Being made to submit to a spanking or caning. Being tied up. Doing what she is told sexually. A lot of ladies enjoy things like that” I left that last statement hanging in the air, looking at Katie.

“I see” Katie replied quietly, her cheeks reddening further. “Well, thanks Mr Wilson” Katie said as she paid for the book. “See you later” she said as she walked quickly out of the shop, not looking back.

Interesting I thought, she is obviously interested in this area. I hoped she would come back and we could discuss it further. I would definitely love to play with that tight little body.

The following day after school closed Katie came back into the shop, again alone. Rather than browse the shelves she can walking right over to the counter, eyes nervously scanning the floor.

“Hi Mr Wilson” she said.

“Hi Katie, how can I help you today?” I replied.

“Well, ermmm… you remember what we were talking about yesterday?” she asked.

“What was that Katie?” I asked, hiding a smile, wanting her to have to say it to me out loud.

“Errrm…. about some girls wanting to be spanked and to be submissive?” Katie said, her face now burning, eyes down cast.

“Ah yes, I remember”.

“Well Mr Wilson……I would like to…errrrmmmm try something like that” she said quietly.

“I see, and would you like me to recommend a book? I’m not sure I have anything in the shop on those subjects Katie” I teased.

“Errrmm, no I don’t want a book Mr Wilson. I was thinking that maybe you could show me” she looked up at me as she said it.

“Me? Aren’t I a little old for you Katie? Surely a gorgeous sexy young lady like you has a boyfriend you can do things like that with?” I continued teasing, knowing full well a young man wouldn’t be able to give her what she wanted in this regard.

“I do Mr Wilson, but he couldn’t to these kinds of things. When I imaging doing them I always imaging an older, eerrrmmmmm more assertive man…” her cheeks were on fire. “I imaging you Mr Wilson” she finished, eyes glued to the floor.

I paused for a while, letting her words hang in the air, keeping her waiting. After a while she shyly glanced up at me before looking back at the floor.

“I see. I am flattered Katie. I do have experience in this area, and you are a very attractive young lady, but I am not sure you would be willing to do what I would expect in such a relationship. I’m not sure you’d be willing to do the things you mentioned yesterday, being naked, being spanked, being made to sexually please someone” I paused.

“I would Mr Wilson, I would” Katie immediately assured me as she looked up at me, eyes pleading.

I looked back at her for a little while. “OK Katie, I’ll tell you what…Today is Thursday, you think on it and if you still want to, come to my house on Saturday at 2:00 sharp and we will go from there”.

“Oh thank you Mr Wilson” Katie beamed at me.

I wrote down my home address, it was not far away, and she would have to go past it on her way home from school so she would have no trouble finding it.

“I will expect you to be an obedient young lady Kate and do as instructed. ”

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie beamed at me.

“I expect you to wear a knee length skirt and blouse, hair tied up. ” I said.

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie replied, still smiling at me.

I gave her a few more instructions and then said goodbye as she left the shop.

Friday seemed to drag on and on, finally Saturday came. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this hot sixteen year old. I had instructed her to shower and put on clean clothes. I had also instructed her to use the bathroom just before heading over, I didn’t want her nervously needing to pee soon after arriving. I had also instructed her to have her hair tied up so it was out of her face, in a ponytail for example.

I was wearing my usual attire, trousers with a black leather belt and a shirt.

I sat nervously, glancing at the clock. I have quite a large front room with a large bay window looking out onto the front garden. I have quite a large front and back garden with high hedges running around the property, so no nosey neighbours or passers – by could see in to the garden or house. Furniture wise there is a sofa towards the back wall, but centred left to right. There is a coffee table in front of the Sofa (which I had currently moved to one side) and a side table on either side. I have a large book case on one wall filled with books and photos. There is also a TV fixed to the wall.

At 1:58 I saw Katie walking slowly up the drive towards the house. She was dressed as I had instructed, a skirt which came to just above her knees, a blouse style top, trainers with ankle height socks and she also had on a baseball cap. She had her head down but was glancing around the garden. She looked quite nervous.

As the clock tipped over to 2:00 I heard her rapping on the front door with a light, timid little knock. Had I not been waiting for her I doubt I would have heard it. Getting up I headed into the hall and opened the door. Katie stood there with her eyes cast down, face already red with embarrassment.

“Hi Katie, come on in” I said as I stood to one side and held the door open.

“Thank you Mr Wilson” Katie replied in a voice as timid as her knock on the door had been as she walked inside. She had never been to my home before and as she walked inside I could see her furtively glancing around. The hall was fairly sparse with a set of coat hooks and a wooden chair near the front door and a book case along one wall.

Closing the front door behind her I walked down the hall towards the front room, instructing Katie to follow me. Once in the front room I sat down in the middle of the sofa and told Katie to stand in the middle of the room facing me.

Katie stood in the centre of the room fidgeting nervously and shifting her weight from foot to foot. She had her hands clasped together in front of her, eyes cast down to the floor in embarrassment and an increasing red colour spreading from her neck to her face.

“Well Katie, welcome to my house. I must say you look adorable”.

“Thanks Mr Wilson” she shyly replied, smiling and looking up at me.

“You live at home with your parents don’t you?” I enquired.

“Yep” she said looking a little uncomfortable.

“Where do they think you are?” I asked.

“Oh, I told them I was going out with my friend Emma” Katie smiled.

“I see, and where does Emma think you are Katie?”

“She knows I am here Mr Wilson” Katie said, turning a little red in the cheeks.

“Ah, I see. Does she know why you are here Katie” I asked.

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie replied, her cheeks burning now. My mind whirled, if this Emma knew why Katie was here, and if things went the way I hoped they would perhaps in the near future I could get this Emma round to see me as well as Katie.

Smiling back at her I said “Now Katie, I know we briefly discussed this before but to ensure we are both on the same page and have the same expectations I would like you to tell me why you’re here, what you expect and what you want to get out of this experience? I in turn will set out my expectations and if we both agree we are aligned we can continue. If not, we can go our separate ways with no bad feelings. OK?”.

Smiling at me she began “Yes sure Mr Wilson. ” Her eyes moved to the floor again and she turned a deeper shade of red.

She continued, “I errrmmmm, I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for about 6 months. He is the only person I’ve been with, if you know what I mean and it’s good and all but I fantasise about more. I fantasise about doing other things and having other things done to me”. She fell silent at this point, obviously embarrassed.

“I see” I replied. “Please continue”.

“I fantasise about being with a dominant assertive man. A man who would make me do what he wants, who would…. ” she paused, obviously struggling to get the words out, I waited patiently. “Who would……put me over his knee and spank me”.

“Is that all?” I asked. “Just to spank you?”.

“No”, she replied. “I fantasise about being spanked, being told what to do. Being made to strip and stand naked for a man. Being made to do what a man wants to please him”.

“Being caned?” I asked.

“If that is what he wants to do to me then yes” Katie replied. “I have imagined being spanked and caned and it really turns me on. ” She struggled to say those last word, I couldn’t help but smile at this beautiful 16 year old girl standing in front of me staring intently at the floor, hands fidgeting nervously in front of me as she told me her deepest desires.

She continued “I have seen some BDSM videos where girls are badly beaten, slapped in the face, have wax dripped on them, called slut and whore, put in cages or treated like a dog. I’m not sure I like the thought of any of that. I don’t want to be hurt badly or called names or treated like a dog. I just want a man to dominate me, to make me submissive to him. Make me please him. The idea of being embarrassed and to a degree humiliated by the man controlling me is a real turn on”.

“I see”, I replied. “And you want to do those things with me?”

“Yes Mr Wilson”, her face burned….

“And how hard or how much would you like to be spanked or caned Katie?” I asked. This was a key question and would determine a lot about how we proceeded.

“Errrrmmmm…. Until I am kicking and squirming and crying and begging you to stop Sir” she replied, hugely embarrassed. Mmmm I thought, perfect…. “I want to feel dominated Sir, made to take the spanking you think I need despite my discomfort Sir”.

“Why me Katie and not someone closer to your own age?” I asked.

“In my fantasises it is always with an older man Mr Wilson. Never someone my own age. An older man with more experience who can make me do what he wants. I can’t imagine doing things like this with someone my own age. From the times we’ve met Mr Wilson you’ve always been nice to me and as an ex teacher I guess you know how to ermmmmm, discipline girls….. Plus you’re fit, good looking and very sexy… for an older man” she smiled, glancing up at me.

“Well Katie, thank you for being so open with me about what you imagine and fantasise about. I know that wasn’t easy to say but it will help ensure we both get the most out of the experiences we have together” I said smiling at her. She glanced up at me, smiling back, some of the redness fading a little.

“You are a very attractive young lady and any man would be lucky to have you to do those things with. I believe we are very much aligned on the kinds of things we enjoy. I have seen the types of BDSM movies you mentioned and also find them distasteful. Whilst there needs to be obedience between the dominant and the submissive there must also always be respect. Some people like calling a girl a slut or whore, slapping her face, caging and treating her like a dog – and whilst that is absolutely fine if that is what they both enjoy it is not where my interests lie. I expect a girl to do as she is told and to please me, and will punish her if she doesn’t, but it must always remain respectful. Name calling or slapping her around are not respectful and don’t interest me”. I purposefully left out the area around treating her like a dog, whilst that doesn’t interest me, putting a leash on her someday might and I didn’t want to get into that level of detail at this early stage.

“Ok, so, let me outline my expectations. I won’t cover everything I have in mind as finding out over time will be part of the fun but I will cover enough so you have clear a clear understanding of what I have in mind and will expect. Firstly, when we meet outside of this type of scenario, in the coffee shop for example you will continue to call me Mr Wilson and act as if we are passing acquaintances. When you are here you will address me only as Sir. Understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“You will be spending the majority of your time here completely naked, both inside the house and when weather permits, in the garden. It is not overlooked so should not be an issue. Did you notice the coat hooks and wooden chair by the front door?” I asked as I watched the redness returning to her face when I said she would be naked most of the time – and especially when I mentioned the garden.

“Yes Sir, I noticed the coat hooks and chair” Katie advised.

“From now on whenever you come here I will unlock the front door so you can open it from outside. You will let yourself in and unless specifically instructed otherwise you are to remove your shoes and all of your clothes and fold them neatly on the chair. Shoes beneath the chair. Coat if you have one on the coat hook. You will then walk directly into this room and stand in the corner over there facing the wall, legs shoulder width apart, arms by your sides. You will not look at me. You will not speak until spoken to. You will not move until instructed” I pointed to the corner and she looked over before looking back at the floor. “Understand?” I asked.

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