Spanking at school

I thought I’d start with a little bit about myself. My name is John Wilson, I am 6ft 1ins tall, with a slim athletic build. Short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Whilst not a Brad Pitt contender I am fairly hansom with a rugged non nonsense look about me. I taught science for many years at a private school before starting my own business in the form of a book shop. I’ve always loved books and when a local shop came up for sale I jumped at the chance for a lifestyle change. I ensured I stocked A – Level and University books to ensure the local girls and boys would come to the shop.

I have always liked younger girls, not too young mind you. I have never done anything illegal, my preferred age is 18+ but for the right girl I would drop to 16 years old – but never any lower of course.

I have a strong preference for shy, demure, submissive ladies who like to be with an assertive, dominant man. During my time as a teacher, whilst I never abused my position I did have cause to spank and cane many boys and girls over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a number of submissive girlfriends, so I have fairly extensive experience in that department.

I first met Katie when she came into my shop to buy books for her A – Levels. She was 16. She had just finished her GCSEs and was starting 6th form to do her A – Levels. She was about 5”4, slim but not skinny. Long brown hair and brown eyes. She had a clear fresh complexion. From what I could tell through her clothing she had fairly large boobs for her size, maybe a 34C. Her bum looked amazing, pert and very shapely. She came into my shop to buy books on computing for her A – Levels. She spent quite a while looking around, glancing over and smiling at me. Eventually she brought a book over to the till.

She introduced herself as Katie and said she was just starting her A – Levels. I introduced myself as Mr Wilson – as a hangover from my school days I guess I still go by Mr Wilson to people of this age rather than John. My shop had recently opened so Katie asked me a little about that. She came across as a bright, sharp, friendly girl. After paying for the book she left, looking back at me from the door and smiling.

There was a coffee shop close by where I had seen her a few times previously with her friends. Though she had looked over we had never actually met until she came into my shop. The following day after seeing her in my shop I saw her in the coffee shop at breakfast time. She was with a group of friends, but looked over and gave me a shy little smile and a little wave. I nodded, a little smile on my lips and gave her a little wave back.

I always keep my shop open after school closed in case anyone leaving school needed books – they could call in and buy them straight away. Katie and her friends called into my shop a few times over the next week or so, she was always with them so we didn’t speak beyond hello. Her friends usually bought a book or two as they figured out what they needed for school.

About a week and a half after I had first met Katie, after school had finished one day the door to my shop opened and Katie came in on her own. She glanced over and I thought she looked a little embarrassed, I thought I must be imagining things. She headed for the computer book isles and looked around there for a few minutes, glancing over occasionally. Eventually she selected a book and came over to the till.

“Hi Mr Wilson” she said, smiling but still looking a little red faced.

“Hi Katie, nice to see you again” I smiled back.

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