Spanked by Big Brother

I live at home with my single dad and my older brother, Damien. My dad was very strict, being that he had to raise two kids on his own. Soon enought, since Damien is four years older then me, he followed in my fathers footsteps, leaving me the little sister who didnt get away with anything. By the time i was five, my father set up a room in the basement just for punishments, I always seemed to find myself there more then Damien. Now that I’m older, 19 to be honest with you, it was me and dad for a while, but Damien, who is now 23, is coming home from the army. Dad has granted him a six month pass to regroup before at least trying to get into school, no that he wont be able to, we have always been good in that department. The only problem is, before when it was just me and dad, he has been going alittle bet easier on me, but now that Damien is home my luck is about to run out.

I was driving home from school today, one of the only days i didnt go right from college to work at the local fresh market. I kelp glancing at my backpack, inside was a note, the notices from the school, my first warning. See I’ve been slacking a little on my school work, and the school is sending home that this is my first, of three, warnings before I’m terminated. I wouldnt be to worried about this, but dads away on a bisess trip, so I’m heading home to face my older brother, suck joy huh?
I pulled into the drive way and took a deep breath, hoping that some way, he wouldnt follow in dads foot steps and look thought my stuff, something that would happen everyday after school, that just carried over to when i started college, I guess habits are hard to break. I grabbed my book bag and slung it over my left shoulder and stepped into the house, doing what I normily do every day, hanging my keys up, setting my shoes aside and grabbing a drink of water, the only diffence was that I hung out in the kitchen for as long as I possibly could, just staring out the window about the sink, that showed the back yard, something i probley wont be seeing for a long time as soon as this is all out in the open. “hey bud” bud. . .something Damien has called me since i was two, dont ask me why, I never really got the reason. I turned and faced him, He is alot taller then me, were i only stand at five foot two. . .and a half. . .short from my mothers side, he on the other hand stands a good six foot seven, just as tall as my dad, looks like him to, with the only difference is Damien is a lot more built now, mostly from the four years he spent in the army, and he keeps his black hair short and very cleaned cut. Dad always keeps his long, normally pulled back in a very low pony tail. I’m so much differnt then them in most ways, i’m short, the only one with blue eyes where they have green, and i have red hair, instead of there black.
“Hey Damien” i replied to him.
“How was you’re day bud?”
“It was fine, English profeesor is something else though, he fell asleep in class, it was sweet”
Damien laughed
“So I have the day off, not sure if you had plans for the night but do you mind if I go out?”
“Sure bud, but dont stay out to late”
I gave him a quick nod and made a huge mistake. I quickly walked past him, though the living room and up the steps to my room, to get ready ofcouse, not thinking, leaving my book bag behind. I hurried to get ready, thinking the sooner I’m out of the house, the less of a chance he’ll have to see how nervous i am about something. I changed out of my jeans and t-shirt and slid on a little jean mini skirt, pulling it down as far as possible so I could get out of the house with out having to change. I then threw on a white tank top and threw my hair up, pulling down two strands of hair on each side of my face. I quickly fixed my make up, wasnt much to it, just a thin line of black eye liner with mascara, just to make my sky blue eyes stand out a little. After a quick look to make sure I looked alright, I headed downstairs. When I got to the bottom I just stood there staring in shock and horror. Damien was sitting on the couch, leaning over with his elbows resting on his legs, with a piece of paper in his head that he was reading over not looking to thrilled, and my bookbag, wide open, at his feet. I stared at it in horror for a few moments. He finally looked up at me, fire and disappointment in his eyes. “Go get changed and meet me downstairs” was all he said, and i understood exactly what he ment. He stood and walked down te basment stairs. I stood there for a moment, before quickly going up to my room, weighing my options. I could have just left, he was downstairs now, he wouldnt know till it was to late. But that was a very bad idea, and coming home after doing that would be something no one would want to do. I could take my time, but the thought of my very angry brother coming up to find me gave me the chills. So I quickly changed out of my skirt and tank top and changed into my Pjs, just as he ordered. We were always ordered to chang into them before a spanking, a word i could never just spit out, because most of the time, less we had somwhere to be afterwards, we were sent straight to bed for the rest of the day. After I finished changing, I slowly walked downstairs and into the basement.
Our basement was just like most peoples, there was two big rooms, the laundry room and the game room, and off to the side was a desent size room, it wasnt to big, but not small at all. This was the room that I feared the most. I walked into it, glaning around at the walls, on the wall acrossed from the door, there was a couch, with a wooden bar stool next to it in the corner. Alone the wall on my right, in the corner closest to the door, there was a cabent that held all the most horrible things in this house. The other wall rest a desk, a little way fromt he wall, with a chair behind it. Above the dest was two wooden paddles hanging on the wall, both the same size and pretty thick. I never asked how thick, I never wanted to know. Our names were on the paddles, if you didnt guess by now, one for each of us.
Damien was sitting behind the desk, with the paper laying out, facing away from him. He called me over and I slowly walked over to the desk, I couldnt look at him so I just kelp my eyes down, Staring at my feet. “Read it to me” he damaded. I hated this, I leaned forward and picked up the paper before stighting back up. “Dear Mr. Red, It has been brought to out attation that your daughter, Stormy Red, has missed six homework assignments, the list of assignments have been added at the bottom. As this is her first offence, and all her teacher have agreed that she is a good student, we will just mark this as mark one. If this pattern continues, she will be terminated.” I sighed and laid the paper back on the desk.
“Terminated, Stormy El. Do you understand how bad that would be?”
I nodded
“How could you miss six homework assignments?”
I shurgged
“Answer me young lady!”
“I guess I forgot, I’ve been busy you know”
“Busy?! With what?”
“I dont have much free time Damien, I go to school, go right to work, then work on my homework. There are some days that i cant help but to just home home and crash!”
“Then you’ll take off work. I’m sure they will give you leave”
“I need my job”
“You need this more”
I looked up to argue, but whe i caught his face I just nodded and put my head back down. The look of disappointment I just couldnt handle. He also nooded and stood, turning and taking the paddle with “Stormy” a crossed it off the wall and set it on the desk. After he walked over to me, taking my upper arm in his hand and pulled me over to the couch with him. With out missing a beat he was sitting and had me perfectly over his lap. I hated how much he was like dad sometimes. Before i could blink he had my PJ bottoms down and my green boy short panties followed. I was about to whine, but his hand soon came down fast and hard on my poor bottom. “You know better then this bud, I know you do” he said each word with a hard slap. I was soon squirming and kicking, I forgot how strong he had gotten in the past years. He stayed quiet after that, the sounds of swat and my tiny whimpers and ows filled the room for a good five minutes, to me it felt like hours and that it was never going to end.
Right before I let a tear fall, I was up on my feet, being pulled over to the desk. All he did was point and I knew what to do. I bent over the desk and grabbed the other side, something I’ve done many times in the past. I heard him sigh as he picked up the paddle. “I’m very disappointed in you bud” that stung more then anything he could do to my bottom. I closed my eyes tight, a hot tear slowly making it wasy down my face. My eyes didnt stay shut for long thought, Damien soon had the paddle to my bottom with a loud crack, I couldnt help but to yelp. It feel five more times, I laid there crying as he rubbed my back. “almost done bud” and with that he stood back and let the paddle fall five more times before setting it down.
I laid there crying harder, waiting for permission to get up. He rubbed my back for alittle till i calmed, then pulled me up and into his arms giving me a tight hug. “I’m sorry bud, but you understand that this cant be happing right?” I nodded. “I’m going to call you’re boss in the moring, we’ll get you a leave till summer brake.” I opened my mouth to argue, but closed it quickly rememig the fire on my bottom. “how about we go watch a movie?” Damien gave me a soft smile. I hated that about him, but loved it to. The fact that he would trick me into believing that i would be sent to bed right after this, I hated, but I loved the fact that he knew what made it all better in the end. I pulled my clothes back up and we started up the stairs. “By the way, you’re grounded” I couldnt help but to glare “I hate you” “I know” he laughed and we both sat down, well he sat, I laid down, and we watched a movie together, back to same old brother and sister love hate same old same old. A few weeks follwed, I kelp up with my school work and enjoyed not having work. But now I’m walking home. . .To face a very angry father and brother.

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