Son wants to help Mom more and more!

When I graduated College and landed a job in the city things seemed great for me. I had a nice furnished apartment, a hot girlfriend and a nice career going. Then after a year things began to unravel. My company was sold and I was laid off. My girlfriend and I broke up and I had to find a new job fast I would have to move back home.

I was unable to find a new job and bills were high so I asked my parents if I could move back home till I found a new job. My Mom welcomed me with open arms but my Dad was not to happy with me, having to move back home at 24 years old. I spent my money as fast as I made it and had little to no savings.

I swallowed my pride and moved back home with my Mom, Dad and 19 year old sister. My Dad is 48, works a lot and had put on a lot of weight. My Mom Beverly is 42, she still looked good but seemed angry with my Dad all the time. My Sister Ashley, is 19 years old and going to the local Jr. College. My beautiful sister is always on the go and had a boyfriend she spent all her free time with.

So most of the days at my parents place were spent applying for jobs online and exercising to relieve stress. I wanted to get a new job and move out as soon as possible. After a few weeks of this, I wasn’t getting any positive responses to all my applications. I was feeling stuck at home and it wasn’t very fun when my Dad was around. Most of the time it was me and Mom home alone during the day.

Mom was always busy working around the house, exercising or shopping. She was the only reason I could stand being in that house for long periods of time. She took go care of me and tended to my every need. She made me most of my meals, did my laundry and always encouraged me. I really appreciated all she did for me and showed her my appreciation as much as I could.

What I did notice about Mom was she dressed herself in yoga pants and sports bra’s during the day but dressed way down before Dad got home from work. Dad was unhappy most of the time and I did my best to avoid him. He ate huge dinners and drank liquor almost every night. Mom seemed to tolerate him and Dad took her for granted, never showing any signs of affection or love. I felt bad for my Mom and angry with my Dad. It was not a good situation to be around and I was determined to get a job and move out soon.

My Mom is pretty hot for her age. She is average height brunette with a very pretty face. Her eyes are especially sexy when she smiles and is the kind of woman you could kiss all day and night, given the chance. She has nice big tit’s and just a few extra sexy pounds in her ass. Mom was definitely a MILF and always treated me like a king.

I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat the next day, when I heard my Mom speaking with one of her friends on the phone. I stopped and listened around the corner as she spoke with her friend. She complained about my Dad and how they haven’t had sex forever. She sounded very upset as she discussed her marriage. Then she began to speak of me being back home and it caught me off guard. She said that it was wonderful having me back home and that I was so handsome and sincere. It was the best thing to happen to her dull life all year. She sounded so pleased when she spoke of me, it was nice to hear.

I peeked around the corner and saw my Mom sitting there at the kitchen table with her hand between her legs. She continued to speak of me with such happiness and I was frozen and dipped back around the corner before she saw me. I swear she was rubbing her crotch in her yoga pants. It was tantalizing and shocking at first. I quietly went back to my room with the door open and waited for Mom to get off the phone. The conversation finally ended and I went down for lunch and saw my Mom washing dishes.

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