Son Taking Control of Mother

Susan would remember the day for the rest of her life.
Feb 8th, 2003. That was the day her husband left her
with a 2nd mortgage, near bankruptcy, and a 17 yr old
son. She was so depressed, so fucking useless. At 36
years old people still thought she was pretty.

Her son’s friends often said she looked like Jennifer
Garner on Alias (albeit a decade older). Susan did not
agree. Yes she had reddish brown hair and kept her
athletic 5ft 3 in frame in good shape. But her ass was
much thicker, and her breasts were 36 C. She always
felt both were too big, and worked hard to at least
keep them firm.

“I don’t care what the boys say, I’m 36, have a 17 yr
old, and am nowhere near as pretty as a TV star,” she
laughed to herself.

She always enjoyed the compliments she got on her
looks. But deep down she felt insecure. She just knew
she was only a little better than average.

Apparently her husband knew it too.

He left her for a 23-year-old Jr. assistant. The only
good thing to come of this was how close she came to be
with her son. John had been amazing. She did not ask it
but he had cut off every tie with his father.

“Mom he left you, he cheated on you. Fuck him, stupid
little asshole. How can he be stupid enough to think he
can do better than YOU? If I had a woman like you I
would never let her go. I’d show her every day that I
was glad she belonged to me. He hurt you mom, and as
far as I am concerned he is dead, ” My son said and
then pulled me in close for a long slow hug.

It felt so good, to be defended. To know there was
someone on MY side. I sometimes forget how large my son
is. At 6ft 3 in he was a foot taller than me. He often
ran and lifted weights, so he was layered in a thick
slab of muscle. I felt so small next to him as his deep
voice rumbled over me…it felt odd.

Money was tight. I had only been working part time. We
almost had no savings of which my husband got half. (I
believe he had a secret account but could not prove
it). I received child support and six months of
Alimony, eventually but it took 4 months for it to kick

That’s where John really surprised me, made me realize
what a fine man he was growing into. Without my
knowledge my son immediately sold the fully loaded 2003
T-Bird his father had brought him for Christmas. He got
$18,000 for it. Then he cleaned out half his savings
account, from his part time job. My 17-year-old boy
handed me a check for $21,000. He then informed me he
would begin working a split shift before and after

“John my god thank you. But this is your money, I can’t
accept. I just can’t. Look, if we get desperate, I may
have to come to you for help for a month or two. Thank
you so much for offering John it was very sweet.”

John reached out and pulled me into his lap. It caught
me off guard; I certainly did not expect it. My feet
barely touched the floor, I felt like a little girl on
her daddy’s knee.

“Mom, I love you and I WANT to take care of you. I just
can’t stand the thought of you worrying about money.
You will never have to come to me and ask me to dole it
out. I don’t want that mom. Take it all and use it as
you see fit, ” he said as I started to cry.

I snuggled in his arms and felt safe for the first time
in a long time. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning when the sun peeked through my
bedroom window. I was chilly; I don’t remember how I
got there. I looked down and got the shock of my life.
I was nearly naked. All I had on was a sports bra and a
pair of panties. I could not believe it. John must have
carried me up to bed, stripped my clothes off and
tucked me in. I could not help but blush when I
realized how much of me he had seen. I was a little
pissed at him too.

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