Son takes care (in bed) of sad Indian widow mother

This is a true story of myself and my widow mother. I am Imran Khan, 22 years old and live in Lucknow. In our house, there lives my Ammijaan Nafisa and my sister Aamna.

My sister is about 24 years old but due to poverty in the house, we are still not able to get her married yet. My father Abdul Mehboob had died about 3 year back in a road accident. He was hospitalized for many months, before his death, which drained all of our savings in the bank, but he could not survive.

I was studying in graduation then, but due to depleting financial position of the house, I had to give up my education and now I am working I a small factory on a smaller salary.

The medical bills of my father had rendered us poor and my meager salary is just sufficient to make the both ends meet in our home. Due to our orthodox Muslim culture, there is no chance of my Ammijaan or sister to go out and do some job. So due to this we are still unable to save for his dowry and get her married.

In our city, the ladies wear burqa out of house, but within the walls of house, there are free to wear normal suits.

Now let me tell a bit about my Ammijaan and sister. My sister Aamna is 24 years old, standing about 5′-3″, with a slim body and a beautiful face. She is so sexy but I have never ever thought of her in that way. She is very strict and being elder to me, she normally bullies me. She is annoyed with the financial position of family, because due to which she is still unmarried. So she is normally angry and irritated always.

My Ammijaan is about 45 years old and a bit obese. She is chubby, but as she is tall lady of 5′-6″, with a fair color, she doesn’t look plump. She has very big boobs and a very vast ass. Though she wears burqa outside, but she wears normal suits at home. Though she was of very happy nature and always smiling, but now after my father’s death, she is normally in a sad and gloomy mood.

I always thought and she is sad because of my father’s death and worried about the marriage of my sister.

Though my Ammijaan is a sexy lady but I never thought of her in a sexy way. I was also getting horny due to my age, but knew that there is no chance of my marriage till my sister, so I had befriended a girl from the neighborhood and had fucked her many times in our house, when my Ammijaan and sister were out for something.

I am only male in the family, so I used to bring all the household shopping as grocery or vegetables, while coming back from office. This is my routine.

Many a times I have found my Ammijaan sitting in a sad mood. I try to make her happy, but she is as such. This makes me sad.

One day, my sister had gone to one of her friends in locality, and my Ammijaan was alone in the house. She might have forgotten to latch the door from inside. I was not feeling well, so I took half day leave from office and came back earlier.

I opened the main door and went inside but could not find my sister or mother. I went to my sister’s room but it was empty. Then I went to my mother’s room. It was closed but not bolted from inside.

Some strange noises were coming out from inside. I was surprised and thought that some thief might have broken in.

I opened the door and entered inside. As I entered the room, I felt like a nuclear bomb exploded on my head.

There inside the room, was standing my chubby mother. Her salwar was open and was lying near her feet. She was standing near the bed, and with one hand she was holding her shirt up near her boobs. As her salwar was lying on feet and shirt was up, so her cunt (Choot) was all nude and before my eyes. As she was standing facing me, so her cunt (Choot) was in full view to me.

She had inserted a big candle in her cunt (Choot) and with her another hand she was fucking her cunt (Choot) with it.

Perhaps she was nearing her orgasm then. Her head was tilted backside and there was a glow on her face. Her hand was holding the candle and moving it in and out with a great speed.

As soon as I opened the door, she looked in my side. She was really shocked and horrified to see me. She was stunned and her face turned white on looking me standing in the door.

She was bewildered to see me and could not think as what to do. First she was so horrified and secondly she was in ecstasy and near her orgasm, so she could not think anything immediately. (But even then her hand moved the candle 3-4 times in and out, before her hand stopped).

It was a very sexy scene. Here my own beautiful Ammijaan was standing, naked waist down, before me, with a big candle inserted almost half in her cunt (Choot) and fucking herself with it, and me, her own son standing in the door, looking at this most erotic scene of my life. She was very plump and she was having a big bush of public hairs on her cunt. She was so bushy that only the white candle was visible, which was hanging out of her cunt.

I was also stunned and we both stood still like stone status. Then after about 10-15 seconds, she regained her senses and immediately pushed her shirt down to cover her naked cunt. But in hurry she forgot to pull the candle out of her cunt.

As the candle was stuck in cunt, so when she pushed shirt down, it pushed downward the portion of candle hanging out of her cunt. It resulted in tilting the candle downward and she cried in pain, as candle pushed in wrong angle.

Then feeling pain, she left the shirt and bending down, she tried to pull the salwar upside to cover her bare cunt.

Again the same thing happened. This time the salwar pulled the candle, which was still wedged in her cunt, upward. She again felt pain as the angle of candle in cunt (Choot) pulled upward.

She again cried in pain and tears came in her eyes.

I was standing in a fix, like a statue and watching all this. Now she was fumbling with her clothes and she pulled the candle out of her cunt.

About 5-6 inches of candle came out of her cunt. My Ammijaan had rubbed the edge in the shape of a cock (Lund) head. The part was glistering with her cunt (Choot) juices and it was very thick and long.

She immediately covered her naked cunt (Choot) and turned facing away from me. I could clearly see her big buttocks now. Her ass (Gaand) was very big and meaty. She was looking very sexy in this pose.

I also gained some senses now and hurriedly went outside the room and ran to my own room.

I closed the door behind me and fell on my bed. This all had happened so fast and so unexpected that my heart was pumping as if I had run miles together.

After some minutes rest, my thinking power came back and I started thinking about what has just happened.

This was the first time in my young life that I had seen my own Ammijaan naked. Not only naked but with a candle in her cunt (Choot) and she fucking herself with it.

As soon as the scene, came before my eyes, my cock (Lund) became erect as a steel rod. Now I was thinking of my own Ammijaan and my hand automatically went inside my pant and I started fondling with my erect cock.

But after 2-3 minutes I came out of room. Ammijaan was still in her room, and it was closed from inside.

She was really ashamed with the unexpected situation and could not come out and face me. I also could not face her, so I went to drawing room and sat there.

Half an passed, but Ammijaan was so ashamed that still she could not come out of her room.

Then suddenly main door opened and my sister Aamna came in. She asked me, “Imran Bhai! Why are you sitting like this? Where is mother? Are you alright?”

I tried to speak as if everything is normal and said, “Aamna Baji! I was feeling a bit unwell, so I came a bit early today. Ammijaan is in her room, perhaps taking rest or sleeping.”

Aamna, as usual was in rough mood. She irritatingly said,” Is this a time to rest or sleep?” . Then she shouted in a high voice and called mother.

Now Ammijaan could not remain in her room long. She came out and was rubbing her eyes pretending as if she was sleeping.

Ammijaan could not make eye contact with me. She came to my sister and told her that she was resting and then took her to kitchen to prepare dinner.

Even at dinner or afterwards, Ammijaan was feeling so ashamed and not looking in my side.

She was fearing that I may not tell anything to my sister, who was very stern in nature.

Next day was Sunday and no office for me. Ammijaan was at her usual silent. She was not talking to me. There was a icy silent between both of us. She was avoiding looking or talking to me. She was very ashamed.

At about 10, my sister went to bathroom to have a bath. Ammijaan was standing in kitchen then. As she saw, Aamna going in for bath, she came to me. Her face was red with shame and she was looking towards the floor. She said in a low voice, “Imran Beta! I want to talk to you.”

I was silent and could understand that she wanted to talk about yesterday’s incident. So I nodded my head only. She slowly spoke, “Imran! I don’t know what to say? I am so sorry, for what happened yesterday. Please forgive your mother. It will not happen again. Please don’t tell anything to your sister. I don’t know what to say, but I feel so lonely and sad without your Abbajaan. I am also a living person with some physical needs and desires. I am not so old yet. I have to do something for my needs. Your father is not alive and I can not go to any other man. But nothing can be done, I am not so old yet, but don’t know how to satisfy myself and that makes me sad. So in the heat of need for sex and sadness, I committed yesterday’s mistake. Please forgive your Ammijaan and don’t feel bad for me. Please don’t tell anybody about it.”

I was silent and feeling pity on my mother. I said, “Mother! I can understand your position. Please be assured from me. Nobody will ever know anything ever. I can understand that as father is not there, you have to satisfy your own needs yourself. You are so beautiful and young, and father is dead for 3 years. I don’t know how could you pass your days without a man’s companionship. Please behave normal, as Aamna Baji may get suspicious. Please Ammijaan cheer up your mood and forget whatever happened. Actually that was my mistake. I should not have come to your room without knocking it.”

Ammijaan was happy to hear me and that made her relax. She caressed my head lovingly and said, “Imran! I know that you are a good boy. Actually your father was very active physically with me and we used to love each other daily. So I got addicted to this type of pleasure. Now as your father is dead, but I am still alive with my needs. I don’t know how to satisfy my desires. Please understand, and don’t let anybody know of it.”

Saying this she smiled a bit.

I was also happy to see the atmosphere getting normal and Ammijaan shedding her shame. So to make the matter lighter, I also smiled and lovingly said, “mother! It is OK. But please be more careful in future and please close all the doors before you go in your room to use your candle, as anybody may come in. secondly, I want to warn you about something. First, you please lubricate the candle properly as its surface is so rough and may get you bruises inside. Secondly, I have found that you don’t shave yourself. The long hair may go in along with the candle and may cause irritation or other problems inside. Also from hygienic point of view, you should try to remain clean. I am your son and not supposed to say all this but after yesterday’s incident, I give just an advise.”

Ammijaan was silent. She didn’t expect me to speak all this. Her face went red with shame. But perhaps she was also enjoying the moment, so she continued, “Imran Beta! You are right. I am using candle as there is no other way. I am widow so nothing can be done. Anyway, I will be careful in future. Actually in past your father used to bring me shaving razor and I could clean / shave myself. But now I cant get it. You know neither I can ask somebody to buy a razor for me nor can I ask from the shop myself. Anyway I will be careful.”

I was also getting hotter as the talk was getting sexy. So I smiled and said, “Oh Mother! Please don’t worry. As now I know of your need, I give you my shaving set and you can use it. Afterwards I will bring a new shaving set for you.”

Ammijaan kept silent and did not say anything. Taking it to be her affirmation, I went to my room and brought my shaving razor and gave it to mothr.

Ammijaan was feeling very shame to take a shaving razor from me, her own son, to shave her cunt. So she kept her head down but silently took the razor from my hand and silently kept in her bra.

As I saw my Ammijaan hiding my razor in her bra, my cock (Lund) got an instant erection. I smiled assuringly on mother, but she was shy and kept her face down.

Then Ammijaan slowly thanked me and went to kitchen and busy herself there.

After some time Aamna Baji came out of bathroom and Ammijaan took her clothes and went to bathroom to take bath.

When she was going to bathroom (with my razor hid in her bra), I kept my eyes on her back and watched her big ass. When Ammijaan was entering bathroom, she looked in my side. I was already looking her, so as soon as our eyes met, I smiled mischievously.

Mother’s face became red with shame and lowering her head she hurriedly went inside the bathroom.

After bath she went to her room. In evening when Aamna Baji went to her friend, we only Ammijaan and son were there in house. I was sitting in drawing room, watching TV. Ammijaan came to me and silently handed me back my shaving razor.

She was feeling shy and not looking in my side. I tried to ease the atmosphere and smiling said, “Was it working? Ammijaan? Are you clean now. I ask it because if the set is OK, I will bring the same type of razor for your personal use. Did it clean without any problem?”

Ammijaan was naturally shy but she kept standing near to me and softly said, “Imran Beta! Thank you so much for your help. This was quite better than what your father used to bring. I used it after a long gap of 3 years and now I feel so clean. Please bring one new set for me from the market and then I will not need to borrow from you.”

I was enjoying the talk and did not want to end it and said, “mother! You used it after so long. Did it gave you any cut or bruises? Could it clean properly?”

Ammijaan again kept silent for some time and then shyly said in a low tone, “Imran! Please change the topic. I feel shy talking this with you. I have already told you that it worked wonders and I am fully clean now. You are my son, so I can not show it to you to see yourself, but be assured that I used it properly and it worked wonders on me down there.”

I smiled back, but before it that I could say anything , Aamna Baji came and we both kept silent on the matter.

By next day, everything was normal and I was talking to her normally. She was also behaving as if nothing has happened.

Next day was Monday, and I was going to office. Aamna came to me and asked me to bring vegetables from the market while coming back. I said OK and asked her to give me a list of vegetables needed.

Aamna gave me a list and went to her room for some work. As I was moving towards door, Ammijaan came to me and softly said, “Imran! Please bring one big Brinjal also with vegetables. Don’t give it me Aamna but me secretly.

Her face was red with shame while saying this. I teasingly said, “Mother! Why you need only one brinjal? It is not sufficient for dinner. Do you want it to use in you, I mean your down there?”

Mother’s face again went red on hearing me, but still she smiled shyly and said, “Imran! Don’t speak so much. You know why I need it. Please do as I told you. Give it to me secretly and not let your elder sister get suspicious.”

I smiled and nodding my head went to my office. In the evening I brought vegetables and handed them to Aamna Baji, but kept 2 brinjals in my bag.

Next day was a holiday, so I did not have to go to office. At about 10 in morning, after breakfast, Aamna told that she had to visit her friend and will be back only afternoon.

After Aamna went out, Ammijaan closed all the doors and came to my room and asked shyly, “Imran Beta! Have you brought what I had told you? Please hand it over to me.”

I took my bag and took out the brinjals and handing over them to Ammijaan said, “Mother! These are the biggest brinjal I could get. Yesterday there was no good brinjals available in the market. I couldn’t get the brinjals of even my size. You have to do away with these only, next time I bring the bigger ones.”

Ammijaan kept silent and then shyly said, “Imran! What can be done. I is my luck and destiny. I will have to do away with whatever I get. As nothing can be done. If Allah was on my side, your father had not died.”

I silently took out 2 brinjals, which were about 6 inches in length and about 2.5 inches in girth. They looked like big cock. Ammijaan took them in their hands. Her hands were shivering with shame but still she took them.

She was looking surprised and said, “Imran! These are very big and tight. I was not expecting them to be so big. Don’t feel bad for these. Why were you saying them to be small. And what did you mean to say that they are not even your size?”

I was a bit taken aback because actually in the heat of conversation I had spoken about the size of my cock. But as now Ammijaan has asked me about it, I had to reply. So I hung my head and softly said, “Ammijaan! Sorry for that. It just skipped out of my mouth. I did not want to compare, but actually I meant that these brinjals are not even the size of my manhood.”

Ammijaan was also stunned to hear it and was silent for some time. Then she thought of something and making the matter lighter she said, “Oh Imran! I have been in only one man in life and that was your father. He was so big and muscular. I know only his size. You are quite petite and thin. Your body development is also not as your father. I don’t think that you could be as big as your father. These brinjals are a bit shorter than your father, so I think you tell a lie, while comparing these with yourself.”

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