Son returns from college to find his Mom breathtaking!

After graduating college out of state, my best option was to move back home with my recently divorced Mom. She had the big house to herself now and sounded a lot happier when we talked.

I only came home for the holidays and part of the summer. I had my hands full with college and had no idea my parents were so unhappy. My Dad is an executive director for a food company and earns great money. I found out later, my Mom became suspicious after my Dad lost interest in her and they never had sex anymore. She had a private investigator watch him for a few days and got the bad news…

Mom found out, he was having an affair with a younger woman at work and was furious. The private investigator had pic’s of them and solid evidence of his betrayal. Mom couldn’t forgive him and my parents got divorced soon after. Mom took him for as much as she could. She was really pissed off he lost interest in her and she never wanted him back!

I had just seen my parents when they came up for my graduation ceremony the week before I moved home. I saw them right before and after my graduation. Since they weren’t speaking, I had to see them separately. I had dinner with Dad first then my Mom after. Then they took different flights back to LAX.

Dad seemed a little sad but was very nice to me. He told me about his new life and his new challenges. He congratulated me and gave me a lot of great advice. Dad also gave me a nice size check for graduation and I thanked him up and down. We said our good bye’s and he left for the airport.

Then I went to meet Mom at a different restaurant. Mom looked and acted a lot differently, I couldn’t figure her out. She looked really good but kept herself covered up in a big jacket most of the time. We talked about recent developments and about my moving back home with her. She seemed glad I was moving home and we had a nice time. I asked her if she was dating anyone yet and she said no, she was in no hurry with me moving back.

She gave me a nice watch for a graduation present and I gave her a big hug before she left. I could of sworn Mom’s boobs felt bigger. She always had small boobs, I thought it must of been the big coat. As Mom was leaving, I told her I’d be down in a week. I thanked her again and went off to a big party at a buddies house. We drank and had great time but I kept thinking about my Mom, something was definitely different about her. I couldn’t figure it out, I could of sworn she looked a lot younger.

Now it was the end of May and I was on my way home. I made it back late on a Wednesday night. Mom was waiting up for me and welcomed me home when I arrived. She was wearing a big robe and gave me a nice hug. Again she looked great and I swear It seemed like she had a big rack now. We talked a while and got caught up on things. I was tired from driving all day and eventually gathered my stuff from the car and put it all in my old bedroom.

I took a hot shower and went down for a snack. Mom was about to turn the TV off and asked me if I wanted to watch anything. I told her I was just going to bed in a minute, so she shut the TV off and came into the kitchen. Mom wasn’t wearing any makeup and she looked great. We said our good nights and she went up to bed. I finished my snack grabbed a water and went upstairs for some much needed sleep. I kept thinking about Mom before I nodded off.

I woke up around 10:00am the next morning, after a great nights rest. I felt refreshed and I smelled coffee brewing. I went down to say good morning to Mom and enjoy some coffee with her.

By :bogey4u

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