Son Fucked His Own Mom While sunning on the Pool

My name is Jill, 45 and I’m a married bifemale with three grown children ages 25 (son) 23 (son) and 20 (daughter). I really don’t know where to start this or how to explain what happen too me last month but I think I need to tell someone just so I can get it off my chest I guess. I grew up on a farm with 4 brothers and three sisters in a home that I’d say was somewhat strict when it came to the subject of dating and sexual things. When we raised our children we tried not to be that way and nudity and seeing other family members nude was just normal for us. My husband and I didn’t run around naked all the time but we didn’t try to hide our bodies from the kids or raise them to hide from us or each other as they grew older. Well with that said I hope you’ll understand my story better.

The kids are gone now and my husband and I live our own lives now on our small place in the country. We have enough land that we, but mostly me, go outside nude or semi nude most of the summer months. Well last month I was home alone and started out just sun bathing on the deck than jumped in the pool to float around for awhile to get more sun. I don’t know if I fell asleep or what but I never heard my son’s truck coming up the drive to the house.

I don’t know how long my son, I’ll call him Mark here, was by the pool watching me but when he said, “you look so comfortable and sexy mom “, I about jumped off the float mattress in the pool. I asked him how long he had been there watching me and he just said long enough. He said he wasn’t doing anything so he thought he stop in to see us both. I told him his dad had gone fishing that morning with friends and probably wouldn’t be back till late that afternoon or evening, but he was welcome to stay and visit with me. Now just so you all know, I’m in the pool topless with only my string bikini bottom on that really doesn’t cover much. At this time I was semicovered because I was on my stomach but Mark was still getting a pretty good view of the one side of me, my ass and pussy.

We carried on with some small talk for awhile about what we both had been doing lately, just the normal mom/son stuff. While we talked Mark was sitting down on the edge of the deck with his feet hanging into the pool trying to cool off I guess from the heat but with a weird look on his face I thought. He was wearing a pair of nicer dress shorts when he arrived and at first I thought it was just my imagination or the angle I was seeing from floating in front of him, but I could swear he had a hardon poking up from his shorts. I suggested he get in the pool but he said the chemicals in the pool would ruin his shorts and added with a smile and that cute little laugh of his that it might not be such a good idea right at the moment. Well me being the mother I am, I had too question him why.

Not too my surprise because I know how he’s like his father and they say what their thinking, he said he was aroused some by seeing me almost naked and that he did indeed have a huge boner and had hoped I hadn’t noticed. Well all I could do was fake a little laugh for him because really the thought that the sight of me, his mother had given him an erection kind of made me feel sexy and sort of dirty at the same time. What the hell was I thinking? Here was my 23 year old son who I of course think is good looking, sitting not three feet, at almost eye level from me on the edge of the pool, with a rock hard cock that I had caused.

To try and put him at some ease I just said “don’t worry sweetie, I’ve seen your penis many times when you was growning up and there’s nothing that will surprise me or for you to be ashamed about so you can get up and get in the pool if you want”.

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