Son confesses his desire for his mother

When my husband passed away the last thing he said to our son was ‘please take care of your mom’ I’m not sure but it seemed our son took that to heart. He showed up one Saturday afternoon and sat on the sofa for a long time looking at me and heaving sigh after sigh. We always had a very close relationship and talked about everything. He had been having trouble in his marriage and I think what happened only happened because he was so frustrated. Heaving another sigh he finally spoke. “Mom I have a problem, I’ve been having this dream.” I assumed it was about his father. I could see it was troublesome for him.

“Was it about dad, did he talk to you?”

“No it wasn’t about dad it was about you!” I nodded and waited for him to go on but he didn’t he just sat there.

“What was it honey? Did I die or something? I can see it has you very upset.”

His son walked in the door and I thought I wasn’t going to find out about the dream but he sent him back outside to do something. Then rather quickly he said “I have been dreaming about having sex with you.”

I was stunned and I didn’t know what to say so I tried to make light of it. “Honey don’t worry about it I’m sure it was just a one time thing, you’re just frustrated at home. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“But that’s the thing mom it wasn’t just once I have it every night and I have been having it for months. ”

I tried again to make light of it. “Well is it any good?” He looked up at me surprised.

“Yes it’s amazing and that’s what wakes me up. It’s the best sex I’ve ever had and it freaks me out.”

I reassured him and told him not to worry about it. He wanted to tell his wife and I told him I thought we should just keep it between ourselves. It would just cause more problems in an otherwise shaky marriage. For the next several weeks when he came to my house he always had one of the kids with him. I’m assuming he was afraid to be alone with me for fear he wouldn’t be able to control himself. To be honest I didn’t know what I would do either.

A couple weeks later I started dreaming about it too. In the first dream I had sent him a picture of my nipple my mistake. I grabbed my phone in a panic and found that I hadn’t, but the dream shook me up a little. The next dream I had placed a personal advertisement I had talked back in forth with the person online and we make plans to meet not far from my house. I couldn’t believe when it was my son that pulled in. We just stood there looking at each. Then the one that happens most frequently, it’s late at night and I’m alone in my room masturbating and I’m talking out loud. “That’s it baby fuck mommy’s pussy, she wants your cock so bad!” I hear a moan from the doorway and see my only son standing in shadow. He’s rubbing himself through his pants and asks me “Do you want my cock, I need to hear you say it Mom!” I tell him I do and with two strides he’s beside the bed. He leans down and kisses me and we both moan.

After having the dream nightly for several weeks I sent my son a text message the following is our conversation

‘Thanks a lot son, now I’m having the dreams.’

‘Yeah so am I!’

‘They’re always very intense!’ I send him back

‘Yeah very, I’m not going to lie Mom I rubbed one out thinking about it.”

‘Is that why you don’t come to the house alone anymore son?’

‘I want to act on it!’

‘Is that why you don’t come alone any more or, are you saying you want it?”

“Both Mom, I know if I come alone I will act on it.”

I ask how often he had the dreams and he replies with A LOT I have it almost every night. I don’t know why I told him what my dreams consisted of but he responded that his were much the same. I couldn’t lie the conversation was getting me excited. There was a long pause and I get another message from him.

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