Son blackmails mother into performing sex

I had some leave to take so on the spur of the moment I left RAF Lucas and caught the train to Bedford, I decided I’d spring a surprise visit on my parents.

I thumbed a lift from the station to the small village where they lived and walked the last mile or so to the bungalow. It was about 10:30pm when I arrived and I was surprised to find all the lights out. Either they were away for the weekend or had opted for an early night. I’d been travelling all day and felt pretty knackered myself, so letting myself in I headed for my room and quietly went to bed.

It must have been about an hour later when the sound of several car doors being slammed woke me from my slumber. A light went on in the hall spilling under the door. I pulled my robe on and had opened the door about an inch when I heard a mans voice say, “go put something sexy on and meet us in the lounge.” Through the gap in the door I could make out three men and my mother. The men went into the lounge and Mum made her way to the bedroom, directly opposite mine. She threw open the bedroom door, switched on the light and stumbled inside, she was obviously a little tipsy. I watched as she removed her evening gown and stood there in black lace stockings and matching bra and panties admiring herself in front of a full length mirror. “Sexy huh, I’ll shlow them sexy,” she slurred. She went into the on-suite bathroom and re-appeared about ten minutes later minus the knickers and bra. As she turned towards me I noticed her cunt was completely smooth, not a hair in sight.

I’d never really thought sexy things about my own Mother before but I had to admit, she had a great body. Leaving the stocking and suspenders in place, she went to a drawer and pulled out a pair of lace crutchless knickers. They showed of her bare pussy to perfection. Next an under the nipple bra that pushed her 36″ tits up and out while leaving the nipples completely exposed. Finally, a pair of patient leather high heels with 6″ spikes. Boy, she looked a million dollars. She sat at the dressing table putting on bright red lipstick and black mascara, a final look in the mirror and she seemed satisfied. She left the bedroom, turning the light of and headed along the corridor to the lounge.

I was horrified, surely she wasn’t going to go in there dressed like that, in front of three men, where was Dad for Christ sake.

Sure enough, she threw open the lounge door and walked straight in. “Well, about fucking time, Mr Nolan’s a busy man.” “David, you must learn to appreciate that all good things are worth waiting for.” Said Nolan, a short fat man, about 5’2″, somewhere between 50 and 60 and from his accent, obviously American. He was dressed in an expensive looking suit and camel hair overcoat. Next to him was a giant of a man, Latin American in appearance, built like a brick shithouse and looking like he’d swallowed a wasp. David, the guy that addressed Mum, was a typical British business executive, dark suit, white shirt and shinny shoes.

“Grant, bring the lady closer please.” The big fella led Mum into the room and positioned her directly in front of the seated Mr Nolan. Nolan ran his hands up her legs making her spread them wider. “Now my dear, you know the deal yes?” Mum nodded her head, “good, in a few hours time, your husband and my legal people will be discussing the details over breakfast in New York. They are waiting for my telephone call before signing on the bottom line. Now, you do know how much this deal is worth don’t you? And of course what it’s worth to you and your husband in commission. So, you indulge my little fantasy and I’ll help to make you and your husband very rich.”

By : Tony King

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