Soccer Mom and a Bully

I don’t really know where to put this since it doesn’t seem to fit any of the categories very well. So I’m placing it here since “taboo” seems to be sort of a catch-all. Sorry if this is not the right place for it. This is a Netorare story, if you don’t know what that means it’s similar to cuckolding. It has very heavy themes of humiliation, heartbreak and betrayal so don’t read if you’re not into that sort of thing.

“Coach! Colin tripped me!” I whined, as usual the coach wasn’t paying any attention to the game he was too busy looking at the soccer mom on the field, my mom.

“No I didn’t I was trying to get the ball! he’s just being a crybaby.” Colin retorted, but it didn’t matter either way, the coach was clearly uninterested in the event and was mainly just annoyed with the interruption of his gawking.

“Quit the belly-aching Jessie, sometimes your going to scrape a knee or bruise an elbow, it’s sports son! man up!”

“Yeah, girl name, stop whining.” Colin gnarled which received a hearty amount of laughter from the other kids on the team and topped it off with an infuriating smirk, obviously pleased with getting away with another jab at my pride. Colin was the same age as me, 18. But he sure didn’t look like it. He was 6 foot tall, well built and handsome, blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole shebang and a real jerk to boot. No wonder all the girls liked him. Me on the other hand, pretty much the exact opposite at 5’4 I was a skinny, pale, nerdy loser and Colin liked to make sure I knew it. Suffice to say, I wasn’t a hit with the ladies either the only time I ever asked a girl out was for a school dance and she literally laughed in my face.

As I got up and wiped the grass and dirt from my knees and palms I heard the coaches whistle blow, it was break time. all the kids rushed to the sidelines to have some food and something to drink. Every week one of the parents got the duty of providing food and drinks and just generally being around to help out during the soccer practices, this week it was my moms turn. there were two small picnic tables for everybody to eat at, I went to sit down with the one my mom was at but it was full before I got there. she looked at me and shrugged lightly, nothing to do about it, I guess I’ll have to go sit at the other table with the coach.

From where I was sitting I had a good view of my moms table, and I saw her sitting across from Colin and talking with him. all the other kids at that table were chatting amongst themselves but Colin and my mom were having a pretty involved conversation with each other. it seemed like they were having a pretty good time, they were laughing and joking together, one might even think they were flirting with each other. Why is she chatting with him? Didn’t she see what a jerk he was? didn’t she see how he tripped me during practice? he did stuff like that all the time but I was always too ashamed to tell her about it. Then I noticed something else, he reached over the table and casually put his hand on top of hers. I expected her to pull away immediately and say something but she didn’t instead she looked down at his hand, looked up at him and blushed she looked almost bashful. he pulled his hand away before anybody noticed or it became uncomfortable and continued chatting up my mom.

I didn’t understand. I was so angry and jealous, I loved my mom so much, he didn’t deserve any of her tenderness. She was the picture of beauty, flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and shapely only 36 but she looked 25, as a matter of fact, Colin looked more like her son than I ever did. I must admit, I thought about her sexually sometimes, she was the only woman who ever really showed me any affection. the girls at school where always so mean she wasn’t like them at all, she was sweet and kind and caring she wouldn’t fall for a guy like him, she was probably just being polite I thought to myself. Break time ended soon and we all headed back out to the field to continue practice after a short time I noticed Colin wasn’t around doing any drills. I looked over at the coach who was fast asleep in the sun with a newspaper over his face. where did he go? I thought, but quickly pushed that thought out of my mind who cares? he probably ditched, at least he’s gone.

As practice ended I started a jog towards the sidelines but noticed my mom wasn’t there, she was always at the sidelines at the end of practice waiting for me. I started to walk towards the parking lot to where we had parked and noticed my mom outside the van talking to someone. It was Colin. Did he have his hand on her thigh just then? no way it must have been my imagination. As I got closer it looked like she handed him something, maybe a piece of paper? what was going

on? they both noticed me and mom greeted me “Hey, sweetie.” she said in her heavenly voice followed by an innocent peck on the lip and a hug as usual. She seemed to have a funny taste on her lips this time but I didn’t have much time to ponder it as I quickly realized who was standing next to us and wiped my mouth, pretending not to like the way she coddled me.

“What are you two doing?” I asked coldly.

“Just talking.” my mom said somewhat nervously.

“About what?” I asked. My mom opened her mouth but hesitated for a second, like she was thinking of something to say.

“Balls, scoring, dribbling, you know soccer stuff.” Colin piped up with a slight chuckle and that same smirk I saw earlier.

“Heh, yeah.” my mom agreed, again nervously.

“Anyways, we should get going. It was very nice talking to you Colin.”

“Yeah, we should talk again soon Ms. Robins.” he replied in a tone of obviously pandering endearment.

“I would love that.” What an odd exchange I thought to myself before climbing into our minivan which was unusually hot and humid and smelled somewhat of sweat. But again I pushed the thought out of my mind. He was probably just acting sweet and innocent like he does with the teachers at school so he doesn’t get in trouble when he bullies me. Still, the whole situation seemed odd. The next day at school was also quite odd, I noticed people staring at me a lot in the hallways and I even heard some of the kids snickering behind my back. Do I have a kick me sign on my back or something? it wouldn’t be the first time someone (guess who) had done something like that to me. I went into the boys bathroom to check in the mirror and see if I could notice anything. “Hey, loser.” are the first words I hear as I enter the bathroom, It’s Colin, I ignore him.

“You know, you’ve got a pretty hot mom, I bet you pull your little pud to her all the time.” His friends laugh, he’s always trying to get under my skin.

“No I don’t, that’s gross.” I responded but it was a lie. I did masturbate thinking of her often and at 4 inches I wasn’t very well endowed either. The truth of the insult only made it sting all the more.

“I bet you sniff her panties too you creep, what kind of panties does you mom wear?”

“Shut up, I wouldn’t know I don’t do that kind of stuff, you’re the creep for even thinking it.” Again the sting of the truth rang through my soul I didn’t just sniff them, I wore them, jacked off in them and touched them to my face. I know its wrong but my mom is so attractive and I love her so much, it’s impossible to resist.

“Your mom’s definitively the type of lady that wears sexy underwear. Probably small, tight, white lace with some kind of frilly lining and a splash of pink.” my eyes widened, she had a pair exactly like Colin had just described, how did he guess?

“Shut up! Fuck you!” I yelped, my voice cracking pathetically in the process and stormed out of the bathroom and directly into the principles chest.

“What did I just hear you say Jessie?”

“N-nothing.” I meekly responded, I knew I was in trouble. Then Colin and his friends came strolling out of the bathroom.

“I think he said ‘F you’ to me Sir, he was being very rude to us in the bathroom talking about our mothers and what kind of panties they wear.”

“What! no I wasn’t! you were talking about my moms panties!” I blurted out, much to my humiliation and the amusement of every kid in the hallway who heard it.

“None of that matters, I heard what you said Jessie and you are getting after school detention.” What a day, I sulked on into class and tried not to think about the fact that I was going to miss the bus now and would have to walk home, I wouldn’t get in until supper time. When I got home that night I was exhausted, my mom was in the kitchen getting ready to make supper

“So, how was your day?” she asked, she always cares.

“It was fine, I guess.” I didn’t like to talk to her about getting bullied, I didn’t want her to think I was a some kind of wimp, even though I am.

“You hungry?”

“Not really, I’m really tired actually, I think I’m just going to go to sleep.” I said and she asked me;

“How come?” but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. “Oh sorry honey, one sec.” I caught a fleeting glance at the name on the phone ‘8iq6oi’ what a strange name I thought, oh well, I took it as an opportunity to escape into my room. As I’m laying in my bed I hear mom calling me from downstairs. “Sweetie, that was work calling since you aren’t having dinner I figured it would be okay if I headed out for a bit.” Jumping at the opportunity for some ‘alone time’ I quickly replied,

“Yeah, sure, that’s okay with me!” and waited until I could hear the door shut and the car drive off. Eagerly pulling my pants down I sat at my computer half naked squeezed some hand lotion into my palm and started an all too familiar ritual slowly massaging my meagre erection I logged onto my e-mail. I was subscribed to many different porn sites and got a daily inbox full of MILF porn, specifically of the tall, curvy, blonde haired, blue eyed variety. But as I’m scanning my e-mail I notice one that stands out, it’s from Colin, how did he get my e-mail address? he probably got it from some girl, I’ve handed it out before in the hopes of starting up a relationship online, god knows I can’t do it in real life. “Subject: sorry” Hmm.. “hey dude sorry I was such a dick today here’s something to make it up to you” there was a video file embedded in the e-mail. Against better judgement I opened the file, my hard cock still in my hand slimy from the lotion.

The video is really dark and shaky but I can hear a voice… my moms voice! the video quality is terrible and I can’t see anything but I know that’s my moms voice! I would recognize It anywhere. “Oh god, I can’t believe we’re doing this, I think we should stop.” my mom says. What is this? what is mom talking about? what is Colin doing with this? why did he send it to me? questions are racing through my mind.

“No way.” a male voice speaks up “They are going to be out there for another hour at least and the coach is fast asleep, that’s plenty of time.” it sounded like Colin, but there’s no way, it couldn’t be. My heart started to beat faster and my hands started to shake.

“But what if someone finds out, what if he finds out?”

“Nobody will find out I promise, he loves playing soccer so much he wont even notice you’re gone, trust me I know, we’re friends. Let me just put my phone down.” As he does everything starts to come into view. The inside of a mini-van, our mini-van, it looks like he propped the phone up against the door and the ashtray so it is filming the backseat of the van. I see my mom and, to my dread, Colin. My heart stops, my throat tightens, my stomach drops and butterflies start fluttering in my chest. No, what’s happening? this can’t be what I think it is. As I think that he leans in and kisses her, there’s a still moment, then she kisses him back, passionately. I know now in retrospect after having watched the video dozens of times that was the moment all abandon was thrown out the window, along with her shirt and bra.

With no thought to consequences she lets him suck on her breasts, so soft and tender, moaning faintly and running her fingers through his hair, almost motherly like. He starts kissing the side of her breasts, then down to the tender ticklish flesh over her ribs, then back over to her soft tight stomach and finally her belly button. As he sucks and licks her tiny delicate belly button she lets out a slight gasp and he begins un-buttoning her pants. He pulls on them firmly and they fall down past her soft thighs to her knees revealing her “Small, tight, white lace panties with the frilly lining and a splash of pink.”

My heart begins beating again, faster this time likely to pump the large amount of blood that is filling my small but bulging erection and my hand instinctively starts to move up and down, very slowly. Colin begins undressing himself, quickly pulling his top off and pulling down his soccer shorts and underwear to reveal a large thick 10 inch long erection. My mother puts her hand over her mouth at the sight of it her eyes grow wide “Oh, my.” she says, before looking back up into his eyes with the most lustful stare I have ever seen. I’m in an almost trance like state, I don’t even register what is happening in front of my eyes, like I’m in shock. My own mother. Colin. My hand still slowly moving up and down my sticky lotion smeared dick.

She takes his cock in her hands slowly rubbing it up and down almost matching my own rhythm while they make out with each other. their faces are less than an inch apart, staring directly into each others eyes as their tongues twist and knot and dance together like some wet fandango, saliva running down both their chins. Her grip on his erection gets tighter as he starts to pull her panties down her thighs, still lip-locked and still never looking away from each other. She pulls away “I want this inside me.” she says, forcefully. and just like that I’m pulled out of my trance and the reality of this starts to set in.

“Mommy… no.” tears begin to well in my eyes but I start to stroke slightly faster “Please, not you mommy, not with him. Don’t do it, I love you.” the motion in my hand contradicting the emotion in my brain. She presses up against him and positions herself above his cock and begins to lower her visibly dripping pussy down on his dick. I plead and beg at the screen knowing that it has already happened and I can’t stop it, but still hoping I can. As the head of his dick touches her soft tiny waxed and hairless pussy lips they both stop for a second and she rubs his knob against her pussy.

“You want it in you, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes.” she says.

“Oh god no.” I reply.

“Me too, I want to fill you up so bad, and I’m going to. I’m going to fill you up completely.” my mother visibly trembles at the thought. “Hold on let me get more comfortable.” Colin says as he adjusts himself so he is now lying down with my mother straddling him preparing herself to fuck his heavy powerful rod. Then it happened, she started to press down on his cock, there’s resistance at first, he is big and she is small, it’s clearly a tight fit. But quickly her pussy envelopes the head of his cock. I can only imagine what it feels like, and I have, many times, worse still is that it looks like it feels even better than I ever thought it would. He moans and says “Yeah, fucking sit on it.” my mother lets out a moan of her own, getting louder and more lustful the deeper she pushes him inside of her

“ooooOOOOOOH, Yes! fill me! fill my pussy up!” clearly she had taken a liking to his phrasing.

“Nooo, mom, please.” I meekly whimper to myself as I hunched over drawing myself closer to the computer screen and began “pulling my little pud” with a much more solid rhythm than before. She reaches the hilt of his shaft, her petite pussy lips twitching around its base. She has a look of deep satisfaction on her face, clearly pleased with having mounted such a large and thick cock.

“I can’t believe how big you are, I’ve never in my life had such a big… ” trailing off into a breathy moan.

“Yeah, you like ’em big don’t you?”

“Mmm, yes.” my mother replies zombie-like.

This revelation makes me look down at my own cock, small and skinny and I start to sob gently, I’ll never be big enough for her, not even close, not after him. I hate him so much. I’m sobbing heavily now but I raise my eyes back up at the glowing screen and with shameless abandon begin masturbating furiously. “Ride me.” Colin says demandingly, my mother begins to lift herself up his shaft revealing just how wet and sloppy her pussy is. His cock glistens, even his belly glistens from when she was sat on it. Her pussy is literally drooling on his broad solid pole as beads of clear slick juice roll down his shaft. Rhen she drops herself back down on him

“Ugh!… Uh… Yeah… Yes!… Fuck!… Me… Fuck me!… Ugh… Fuck me!… Hard!… Fuck me deep!” my mother grunts obscenely and in time with her sopping puss dropping down onto his cock.

“Yeah… Take it… Fuck yeah!… You slut!… Ride me… Bitch!… Fuck me!” Colin replies degradingly, every insult out of his mouth is like a dagger in my back and every breath of pleasure out of hers is like one in my heart. Her pink silky skin starts to shine with a thin layer of sweat, beads roll down her shapely curves accentuating her lascivious body. The soggy wet noises of love making that their thoroughly entangled genitals are making are matched by the pathetic shlicking sounds of my creamy hand and prick. My sobbing, now reduced to gentle but steady whimpering makes for a suitably pitiful soundtrack. I can see my mothers body start to tense up.

“I’m going to cum… I’m about to cum!” her downward thrusts became quicker and more shallow.

“Yeah, cum on me!” every time I hear his voice I cringe and my cock twitches slightly. She tenses up, her muscles firm and frozen, she stops moving completely. But Colin doesn’t, he wants more, he wants to give her more, so he begins thrusting violently upwards into her pussy. it causes my mother to shriek loudly as she trembles with convulsions of pure pleasure and her eyes roll back into her head “I can feel your pussy cumming, I can feel it spasming around my cock!” she tries to say something in response but I can’t quite make it out exactly, some incoherent combination of slutty grunts and dirty talk. Her body begins to relax and she slumps over the backseat. Her eyelids are half shut and she looks exhausted, Colin’s thrusting has slowed and become jerky. “I’m going to bust my nut!” he says crudely which seems to sober my mom up and she quickly shouts;

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