Sniffing Aunty Panty

When I was a boy, my Aunt used to let me see up her skirt, it was not said at the beginning that I could look, but when ever I was over at her house and her hubby was away she would bend over in front of me and let me look, not only look but sniff as well.
She would get me over to do small jobs for her, they had not long moved back to our home town so there was always some sorting of boxes to do! This involved my Aunt bending over some boxes to show me which ones she wanted moved.
I grew up in the 70s and skirts were short, and the first time she let me see I looked away, sort of, then I realised she was doing it deliberately, so took a good look! She had a biggish sexy round ass and her panties always rode into her ass cheeks, and as I had only just started to masturbate my Aunt became the target of my childhood thoughts as I lay and jerked off.

It used to excite me greatly when I was asked to go and help her out at the weekends, she always wore dresses or skirts and it became obvious that she allowed me to look! Not really knowing what I should be doing to make this horny feeling I had better, I decided to try and get my nose as close to her panty covered ass as I could the next time she bent over in front of me!

I did not have to wait long; a knock came to the front door, and instead of walking through the hallway to answer it, she opened the window and leaned out, it was a guy looking for an address in the same street, I took my chance, I moved my face as close to her ass as I dare, and sniffed her! She smelled musky and my cock nearly exploded, I only took a second or two then moved away.
When my Aunt had finished her conversation with the guy at the door, she turned round, looked at me, and smiled, did you have a good look she asked?
I blushed red as hell; I thought my face would explode,
Its OK Aunt told me, I know you have been looking.

There is a lot more to this tale, as it also started me asking the girls in my street to let me do it to them, we were all still just learning about sex so they thought it great fun and we had some interesting little games we used to play behind the shed at the bottom of my garden!

looking up my Aunts skirt and sniffing her panties formed my sex life until now, and I am pleased to say that my wife plays some of the little games we used to when growing up, I love having sex with my wife, but I also like to have her bend over and let me sniff her panty clad ass and pussy as I jerk off.
Any one else done similar?

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