Small Town Lusts

Officer Rink Morrison climbed into his police cruiser, and started it up. He listened with satisfaction to the powerful thrum of the motor coming to life. Living in the town of Jonesville, Illinois, population 10,000, did have its perks. The pay was good, small town crime was nothing major, an armed robbery would be big news. He was not interested in being a cop in some major metro area. He put the cruiser in gear, and drove out to the street, to start his patrol district. He was working the overnight shift this week, 11 PM to 7 AM, and he was hungry for some hot, no strings attached sex. Time to go cruising by the truck stop, where the hookers hung out. It was easy to get sex from the hookers, in exchange for not busting them. He liked to think of it as practicing good community relations. Since the truck stop was just inside the perimeter of his patrol district, it was set up just right.

The large neon sign, that read “Big Al’s Truck stop, Best gas, Best food, Best prices” lit up the night. Amy Weston watched as her last client, a smiling truck driver with a well milked cock, climbed out of the cab of her Peterbilt. Once she heard the cab door close, Amy tucked away her money in a small safe she had hidden beneath her bed.

Her shit of a husband had run off with some 40 year old MILF, a month after Amy had married him. When he did not show up for any of the legal notices about dissolving the marriage, she had simply been awarded everything. Everything turned out to be 500 dollars, and his Peterbilt truck cab. He had paid it off when he became a full time trucker 4 years ago, so she now owned it free and clear. Being 22 years old, and with a high sex drive, she had figured out the best way to make a living was to become a hooker. She had no other skills, except the body that god had given her, and she sure got the looks from hungry guys. She had lived in some runty little village in rural Georgia, population 400 nosey parkers, she needed to get the fuck out of that red cracker shithole. She went to the DMV, applied for an upgraded license to legally drive her truck. Her husband had taught her how to drive it, and she has practiced on the back roads when they were first married, so she had gotten a feel for how to handle the big vehicle, and she easily passed her tests. Once she was legally able to drive it, she packed her stuff, and got the fuck outta there. It was just like a little apartment on wheels, a nice big queen sized sleeper bed in the back, a small stove, mini fridge, and she set out.

She used the truck stops as her place for customers, having her own pad on wheels made her feel safer. Amy was very nervous of climbing into someone’s truck, where they would control things, who knows what nutjob might be waiting, and what he could do. She had a can of mace hidden just below the pillows, within easy reach, just in case. So far she had not needed to use it, the clients so far were just interested in getting their rocks off. Business at Big Al’s was always good, it was very profitable. And, no hassles with street hookers fighting for territory, or pimps trying to add her to his stable. With her 22 year old youthful body, she knew how good she looked, and parlayed her looks into her business. Unlike a lot of professionals, she really enjoyed getting fucked for money. She had a high sex drive, when she got a customer who was more than a 1 or 2 minute rabbit fuck, she almost always orgasmed, and her hot body, and enthusiasm earned her big dollars.

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