Slutty Kelly. Finally Happpened

I had been trying to talk my wife Kelly into swinging or her cucking me for years. She took it as dirty talk during sex. Which is how it started out, but I kept getting more into the thought. It was constantly on my mind. Looking at cuckold porn online and fantasizing about her with others just feed my desire.

We started dating in college. We met Freshman year and we were fooling around soon after and seriously dating right after. Kelly was a lil chubby or thick, not fat and has a cute face with light brown hair. Nice big tits 38 EE. She dressed well and always attracted attention from men. I felt lucky to get her. We fell in love and things were great for years. We broke up as juniors and that is when I realized I enjoyed the thought of her with other men. When I heard she was hooking up with another guy, who I knew, a few weeks later I was part hurt, upset but also jerked off to the thought of them together that same night. I was imagining what they were doing. How much sex were they having. Did she make him wear a condom ? Did she give up her ass ? I was enjoying thinking about that for months as I heard through the campus grapevine that they broke it off as the school year came to an end. I heard through friends Kelky had a wild streak for a summer she spent working on campus. Hooked up with a mini campus celebrity football player who was on campus for the summer working out, and from what I heard her neighbor who was an older guy. Like 40 (old to us at time of course) I was home for summer working and still had feelings for her but I was loving the stories and imaging what she was doing with out me.

Fall came and not to much later Kelly came back to me. We hooked up and started dating. As we started feeling comfortable again I asked who she had hooked up with since we broke up. Like I didn’t hear. She acted embarrassed at first but eventually told me about the different guys. Including the black football player who she fucked for a few weeks, but since his gf was back in town the had agreed it was a summer fling. I was shocked since I thought it was one time. She told me about her older neighbor. They started hanging and drinking. He was divorced and worked for the university and he came onto her and she said that went on for awhile. I said were they overlapping and she turned red. Embarrassed she had been fucking them both at same time. She admitted that she had them both on the same day as she could nowtell I was rock hard and enjoying these details. And she didn’t have to be embarrassed. I fucked her so good right then. The details in my mind. She claimed it was her ‘slut phase’ it was done and she wanted me back.

Flash forward and we ended up married, house kids and eventually a fairly boring sex life. And we both realized it. I had always talked about her in various slutty situations and we chatted during sex about it but it was losing its luster. We chatted about different wats to improve our sex. Eventually when we were both fairly drunk after a relatives wedding. We were in a hotel room and I was talking about how easily she could get a guy at aborted bar, if we didn’t know everyone from wedding. Got it in her mind and started pretending I has picked her up and brought her up her. Kept saying ‘hope your husband doesn’t mind’ and I could tell she loved the thought. I was so into it and it was our best sex in awhile. A few days later we were in bed at home and I came onto her and started mentioning her getting picked up at a bar and she could tell I was serious. She saying she only was drunk and going along with fantasy. She said it wouldn’t happen for real. I kept at it but it stayed a fantasy for awhile.

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