Sister wake up surprise

100% true story. This is my first story so let me know how you like it and I’ll post some more… My family lived in a large house about 10 miles from town in the middle of nowhere. Mine and my sister’s rooms were were seperated by a hall and our shared bathroom. Puberty had set in and I was a typical horny pervert. We had HBO and cinemax and I’d always stay up late watching the skin flicks and jacking off. Our bathroom shared a cabinet with Julie’s room, it was long and had doors in both rooms.

One night after watching some skin flicks i went in to get some tissues for my mess. When i opened the cabinet door i noticed that Julie had left her cabinet door open and I could see clear in her room. That was the first time I started looking at my sister in a sexual way, she was asleep in bed and the covers were pulled down almost to her nipples, just far enough that I could see she was sleeping in the nude. I had never noticed how fucking sexy she was before. She was about 5’6″ and very athletic thanks to volleyball. Blonde hair and perfect perky full B cups and a big tight round ass. I began to fantasize about her all the time, it was hard to keep from getting a hard on when i was around her.

Then something amazing happened: The faucet in our bathtub broke. When the plumber came to fix it he had to get to the pipes through my closet, I hadn’t realized before that the tub was directly behind my closet. he had to cut a hole in the wall and didn’t fix it before he left, my dad never got around to fixing it either. one night i was taking a bath and noticed the faucet was a little loose. I jiggled it around a little and realized there was a tiny crack to the side of it. Then I had a brilliant thought.

As soon as i was done bathing i went to my room and into my closet where the whole was. I searched for the crack and put my eye to it, sure enough there was the bath tub. I sat on my bed watching tv eagerly waiting for Julie to take her bath. about an hour later her door opened and she went straight to the bathroom. I heard the water start running so i turned off the light in my room and went straight to the closet. I waited for what seemed like an eternity while she was undressing and waiting on the tub to fill up, then i saw her leg hit the water. My cock was instantly hard and i started to stroke it slowly.

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She got in with her back to the faucet so I saw her beautiful tight ass first. She had amazing tanlines from her bikini and as she bent over to get in I caught sight of her tight pink hole. I was about to cum all over the place and all I’d seen was her bare ass. When she finally turned around I caught sight of the first pussy I’d ever seen, the skin flicks only showed tits and ass so this was a first for me. She had trimmed her bush into a cute little landing strip and her pussy lips looked so smooth I couldn’t hold it any longer and I shot load after load of my cum into my hand.

Once I cleaned up I went back to the closet and looked in again. She had laid back and I could finally see her bare perky tits. She had the cutest little pink nipples and I was instantly hard again. I watched as she shampooed her hair then started lathering her arms and legs with soap. My cock was starting to hurt it was so hard but I didn’t figure I could go a second time but when she started soaping up her tits I couldn’t help myself and started jerking again. She took extra good care of her tits, running her hard nipples through her fingers and within a few minutes I started to cum, this time harder than before, this was amazing.

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