Sister making her cum against her will over and over again

I’ve been having incest and bestiality fantasies since I started masturbating. My pussy would get wet so easily all the time. I would rub my juices over my clit until I had an orgasm. It was incredible the first time it happened. I never knew I could feel so much pleasure. After that, every night at bedtime, I would lie in bed with my panties down and play with my pussy. I rubbed my clit until I came night after night for years.

I fantasized about having sex with family members and animals. I would imagine my cousins gangbanging me. I would want to take turns sucking their cocks and drinking their cum. My favorite fantasies are of my father and grandfather. I love thinking about them taking turns with me. I fantasize about them having big horny Rockys who want to fuck me. What I fantasize the most is I think about my dad doing these things to me in real life and it makes me cum so hard.

I imagine my dad finding all of my stories I’ve written about him and my grandpa, his father. I have a diary I keep with all the dirty fantasies I have written down. I imagine him finding this too. There are entries about me touching myself and thinking about sucking my father’s cock.

My pussy is so wet right now fantasizing about him sinking his big penis into me. I have fantasies about him coming into my bedroom at night and raping me. The best orgasms are when I imagine him cumming inside my cunt and getting me pregnant. I want my tits to lactate so he can suckle on them. I’ll ride my daddy’s cock while he plays with my breasts and drinks my breastmilk.

I want my grandfather and father to have their two big Rockys rape me and take turns knotting me. I would want my daddy and grandpa to force their cocks down my throat. It makes my cunt ache to think about swallowing their cum. I want my grandpa and daddy to cum on my face and body.

I have a little sister who’s mentally retarded. Her name’s Sasha. She’s also bedridden most of the time. We share a bedroom together; each one of us has our own twin size bed.

She can walk if someone helps her, but she’s very slow. Most of the time, she just lies in bed and sleeps a lot. She’s a pretty girl even though it’s obvious she’s retarded. We both have long dark hair and we have similar dark eyes and fair skin. My eyes don’t seem so empty though. She and I are both slim with big full breasts. Hers are a size D and mine are bigger at DD.

I make sure to turn her over and move her around often so she doesn’t have sores. Our mother left us soon after she was born. She didn’t want to take care of a mentally retarded kid. So it was just Daddy, my little sister, and me.

That meant I took care of her. I bathed her, dressed her, fed her, and played with her. Daddy did a lot of the work too. He fed her sometimes. Other times he played with her. The first time he came into our bedroom to play, he wanted me to stay and participate.

“I want both of my girls naked,” Daddy said undressing. I was surprised when this first happened. I wasn’t expecting it. I watched as his big erection leaked pre-ejaculate. It was so big and thick I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Daddy smiled at me and urged me gently again to take off my clothes.

I hesitated. I knew it was wrong to do anything sexual with family. It was wrong for me to take off my clothes for my dad. I wanted to listen to him though so I did as he asked.

He went to undress Sasha. He pulled off her top and then her shorts along with her underwear.

I took off my clothes and sat beside Sasha on her bed.

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