Sister helps her brother

It’s all fun and games until someone’s cock becomes out of control for medical reasons. Especially if that someone is in the family.

Kristen learned that the hard way.

What began as a family trip to Thailand turned into something else when they went to an exotic beach. Her parents were the brainy types, so they spent their morning with a group of other tourists and a Thai tour guide who was an expert in local geology and the ecosystem.

She and her brother, however, were ordinary college students with ordinary college needs, looking to swim and have fun. Kristen wore a sexy bikini. Matt wore swimming trunks. They’d been on plenty of family vacations together so they were used to seeing each other in swimwear.

They did some light swimming in the shallow end of the water where the waves hit the sand, getting warmed up for a deeper swim to follow.

“Feel like a race?” Matt grinned.

She grinned back. “Name it.”

Being on the college volleyball team had really honed her physique over the past year. She was certain it would give her some kind of competitive edge in their everlasting sibling rivalry. She always loved putting her brother in his place, but it was only occasionally that she got to be the victor. Today, she was in an energetic mood. Confidence was flowing through her blood. Yes, she was up for any challenge.

“Let’s see who can swim against the tide fastest,” he said, pointing to where the water changed color. “Just up to there. Nothing dangerous. Then we swim back.”

“What if I win?”

“You won’t. But the winner gets to sleep on the bed next to the window for the rest of the trip. No more alternating.”

“Hmm…” she pretended to think. “You’re on!”

Kristen dove into the water first and went full force against the oncoming waves. All that working out at college was really paying off. She didn’t have to check if her brother was on her tail; but she knew he wasn’t far behind. They were both competitive, after all.

When she came up for air, she saw that her brother was catching up with her. She pushed harder. She had to win this.

Unfortunately for Kristen, her brother’s strength and stamina gave him a big edge. She had better technique, but Matt had better muscles. He won this time, but Kristen was right behind.

The race ended further from the starting point than anticipated, and they were both gasping for air.

“Lucky you,” Kristen said laughing as they trod water.

“Damn, you’re getting good,” he said back, still gasping for air. He glanced over Kristen’s shoulder. “Holy shit. Look over there.”

They looked to the right and saw a series of massive rocks and boulders which appeared to have formed a small hill. It was unlike anything they had ever seen back in America.

“Isn’t that where Mom and Dad went?” Kristen asked. “On that tour.”

“I think so. It’s kind of dangerous apparently, so if you’re not a local, you have to go with a tour guide.”

Kristen couldn’t take her eyes off it. “What’s so dangerous about it?”

“Caves, I think.”

“Bummer. We should have gone with them.”

“We can still go,” he said defiantly. “It’ll be our own private tour.”

“Sure, if you’re up for it,” she replied, quick to rise to the challenge.

“I am. But are you out of breath?”

She splashed water at his face. “Let’s go slow this time. My heart is still pounding.”

“Mine too.”

They swam side-by-side, at a much more leisurely pace. The closer they got to their destination, the more excited they became. This was what Thailand was all about. Adventure.

After a 5-minute swim, they were almost there. Their arms were tired, but they knew they’d be okay after some rest when they reached their goal.

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