Sister Fucked me While I Cross Dressed in her Clothes

There I was lying on my back. Cum leaking out of my asspussy (anus), drying out all over my face and body. I’m nothing but wearing torned pink lacey satin panties soaked in cum and sweat and there was a small smile of satisfaction on my face. My name is Tanuj or Tanisha as they now call me. I’m a young boy 5’6 thin but not skinny pretty much hairless (totally now). It all started about a couple of weeks ago.I always had a cross-dressing fetish but I was not sure if I was gay.

My cousin Anisha who is a few years older than me (we called her Ani) had come to town. She lived in a different city and was here for just a couple of days and then I was going to go to stay with her at her place for a week. She said she is getting bored so she was going out with few friends she had in the city.

After about 2 hours she left. I sneaked into her room and started going through her luggage and then I found her used clothes. I took out the panties and started smelling them, it was sweet and sour. I had an erection within seconds.

I took off all my clothes and wore her bra. Took out a new pair of panties wore it and kept inhaling her sweet smell from the used ones and started rubbing my dick. In all this I failed to notice the sound of foot steps and suddenly the door opened, it was my sister Ani di (di means sister in hindi) back home before I expected her be.

She screamed in shock and I froze for a couple of seconds then took my clothes and ran back to my room and locked it. After 10-15 minutes I heard a knock I ignored it I knew it was her, then she started shouting and told me to open the door.

When she got tired she said if I did not open it she would tell my mother. I got scared and opened the door. When I opened the door she slapped me hard right across my face then stormed inside and told to sit on the bed. I was still in a little shock and just stood there and then she shouted “SIT DOWN YOU SLUT”.

I quickly sat on the bed. She threw a bag at me and said “wear these”.

I looked and there was a bra, panties, a t-shirt and a very short skirt. I looked at her with a surprised look at my face. She said “what ? you want to be a girl right ? then go on wear them.”

I stood up and started to go towards the washroom, she said “where the fuck do you think you are going bitch ? Change right here”.

I was shocked even more and said “but di in front of you?”.

She said “why not ? if you can jack off in my panties while smelling the other I don’t think it would a problem for you to change in front of me”

I stood there frozen and she shouted “STRIP YOU SISSY SLUT”.

I started removing my shirt followed by my knickers, as I got down to me boxers I looked. She said “go on” with a evilish grin on her face. I took it off and she started giggling and said “no surprise you want to be a girl, you can never satisfy with that tiny clitty-cock of yours, so you rather be a girl” she kept giggling.

I started putting on the panties then the bra I noticed she had started taking picture of me and close up of my ass and she had that grin all the time. I was getting scared this had gone to far, as I put on the t-shirt she told me to wait then she stuffed a couple of socks in my bra to make them a little more real.

After I put on the t-shirt she took at least 20 pictures of me like that. I felt embarrassed and humiliated but oddly I was a little turned on by all this too.

After a while I asked “Ani di can I please change now ? I’ve learned my lesson, I’m sorry.”.

She said “ No way, i have a lot more plans for you my little sissy slut. And by that bulge in your skirt I’m pretty sure you are have a lot of fun too.”

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