Sister forced on train

Once me and my sister Urmila was travelling in train from our uncle house to our home and what happened after is the rest of the story. Before starting the story let me introduce myself and my sister, my name is Rahul and my sister name is Urmila, her age is 24 and her size is 28-26-30 and fair complexion and It can be said that nearly every guy of our colony have a crush on her.

Now back to the story, that day she had wore a tight blue denim jeans, a up cut jacket and a transparent low cut T-shirt releaving her cleave and navel. Being a crowded hour and long queue for tickets, we managed to get 2 general compartment seats.After boarding the train I occupied my berth and plugged in my earphone and started listening to music. And my sister also boarded her berth and relaxed herself. The journey of our home from uncle house is a 1 day trip.

Now as the train moved more and more people started coming to our compartment, After a few hours we felt that my sister is the only lady in the whole compartment, we felt little uneasy but not mind it, as the train proceed 7 mens came to our berth and sat with us, and to mention they had well built muscles like professionals and among them I was like a lifeless boy who could fly away with their one punch. So that way the journey continues…

After few hours they started teasing and molesting with my sister, they came and sat near her, careesed her hair, touched her arm, pinched her belly and started enjoying her, telling slangs. I came down my berth and asked them what they are doing and warn them to stop it at once, to which they laughed and slapped me so hard that I lost my consciousness, after gaining my sense back I could see my sister being a toy to them, and on regaining my consciousness back they left us and said they will come within 5 mins. To which my sister cried uncontrollably and I convince her to cooperate with them or she will have to see her younger brother dead body. She wiped her tears, and hugging me close to her chest said…

She will let those Rockys do anything to her, but will never allow even a small danger to come near me. With this she stood up, washed her face and I went to call those guys. But this time more 3 people came along with them, they said that those extra peoples have paid extra for the show and have equal share on that slut’s body. I agreed dejectedly knowing the consequences as this is the only beginning.With all this drama the time had became 7’o clock evening and it was already dark outside.My sister sitting on her berth for her party to begin. Then we all assembled round her being her at the centre.

They told her to seduce us and strip her wearings one by one. First she opened her hair by removing the pin giving a scene and scent of a lovely grown forest, then she removed her pair of earrings, as she was about to remove her top the guys stopped her and did it in their own way, one guy stepped forward and started unbottoning her buttons one by one finally opening her shirt and releaving her sexy navel, there was a loud cheer and everybody touched her belly and pinched it, applied oil on her belly and continued the show… now another guy removed her shirt, revealing her flauntless body. And this scene gave an instant rockin to all of us.

Then she was asked to raise her hands up and show us her clean shaved armpit, we all together smelled her aroma and licked her armpit together, then we made a plan we gave her 4 litres of water to drink, she said that if she will drink this much amount of water she can’t hold her pee for long,to which we said we wanted exactly that thing to happen. Then she was given 4 bottles of water to finish within 10 mins and she was full. She said she wanted some rest and we asked her to sit on our thighs, with no chance left she finally agreed to sit on our thighs, she sat on a person named Dinesh and his thighs were black and hairy just contrast of my sister smooth white buttery milky body. After 1 hour she felt a strong urge to pee to which we said she isn’t allowed to use the bathroom but she can pee right in front of us. She hesitated but on ticking her belly and kissing and chewing her earlobes she can’t control anymore, she knelt down to pee but then someone stopped her and said to pee but in our mouths, desperately she agreed and we opened our mouth and gulped every bit of her golden shower like some prasad.

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