Sister caught me Cross Dressing in Mom’s clothes

Hi friends, I am back with one more story. I am a 28 year old guy who likes to cross dress from childhood. My mom is a school teacher and I stay at home because I am pursuing post graduation through distance learning. When mom goes to school, I dress up in her clothes and stay inside the house for the whole day like this. Mom and Dad are divorced and thus both of them stay in different cities.
I have an elder sister who is married and is 10 years older to me. She had come home that day with her son to stay with us for a week. As mom went to school in the morning, sister also went with her.

I thought that she would come late. So I went to mom’s bedroom to get dressed in her clothes. First of all, I removed all my clothes and had a nice warm bath in her bathroom.

After I came out from the bathroom, I quickly went to her wardrobe area. I hid my penis in between my thighs and started looking for a soft panty to wear. I took out a brown colored panty. The panty was made up of viscous cotton and was really very soft. It had small white flowers design on it. I wore the panty which fit me perfectly on my round ass.

Then I took out a white bra. My mom is a curvaceous woman as you can see in the above pic. Her height is 5’2 inches and figure is 36 – 34 – 36. I am also a bit plump. So her clothes would fit me perfectly. I wore the bra and hooked it from behind. The straps of the bra on my shoulders were a bit tight and thus it gave me a very womanly feeling. The straps felt great on my skin.

I took out two cushion covers and folded them in round shape and placed them in the bra cups to make fake boobs. Whenever I cross dress, I imagine myself as a Woman and not as a crossdresser. I love imagining me as a homely housewife.

Then I took out a dark pink petticoat. I wore the petticoat and loved the feeling of the soft cotton touching my thighs, my legs and my ass. I tied the petticoat just over my belly. Then I took out a dark pink blouse. I believe that blouse is the most important part of cross dressing. It has to be a perfect fit. My mom’s blouse is a bit tight on my body but I love the feeling.

I wore the blouse, adjusted my bra straps inside the blouse and hooked it from the front. The arms of the blouse were a perfect fit. It had deep low back cut but front side was normal but still I have seen that when mom wears this blouse, it forms a good cleavage from the front. I was looking and admiring myself in front of the mirror and JUST THEN


My sister was standing at the bedroom door. Mom must have given her the house keys and thus she was able to open the front door. I was not expecting her to come so soon. She was equally surprised by seeing me like this. But then she started laughing uncontrollably.

She said while laughing “How funny you look in ladies clothes.”

I didn’t say anything. She then called her son to come inside the room and look at me. Her son is 18 years old. He came inside and looked at me but didn’t say anything. My sister held my hand and made me sit on the bed. She also sat besides me. Her son sat at the opposite end of the bed.

She asked me “For how long have you been doing this?”

I said “Since childhood.”

She said “I will not tell anyone about this and neither will Munna(Her Son). But you tell me about this hobby of yours.”

I said “I like to dress up in ladies clothes. I love the feeling of the soft ladies clothes on my skin.”

She said “Are you gay? Tell me frankly”

I said “No didi, I am Bi. Normally I like girls but when I am dressed in female clothes, I get attracted to men.”

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