Single mom is surprised with Daughter’s Boyfriend

It’d been a pretty slow year since my husband left, just me and my eighteen year old daughter in a great big house. I go to work, she goes to school, we come home, I make dinner, and we go to bed. Hardly a word is spoken at all most nights, when her boyfriend comes over they generally keep to themselves up in Sarah’s room, watching movies and whatever teenagers do.

It’s not like I haven’t tried the dating scene, it just feels like I keep going to dinner with the same man. Not a big selection around here. My daughter however, doesn’t seem to mind the drought of men, she seems more than happy with the twenty-one year old she’s with. Numerous occasions I’ve come home early for work only to catch two sweaty kids pretending to be doing something innocent, like reading an upside-down fashion magazine together.

One afternoon however, I came home from work a little late, having called ahead I must have exaggerated how late I’d be; they didn’t expect me. I was pretty quiet coming in the door and up the stairs; my daughter occasionally uses my shower because she enjoys my massager, so I didn’t think much of the sound of running water. When I reached the top my bedroom door was open a crack, and I could see her boyfriend sitting on the edge of my bed, completely naked, stroking his fully erect cock slowly, as he watched my only daughter taking a shower with the curtain open.

Red hot rage ran up my back, neck, and I could feel my face turning beet red, but I also felt my insides tingle. Angry and getting fairly horny, I stood there watching both my daughter rubbing her clit, and her boyfriend pleasuring himself. She kept the water running, but got on her hands and knees and began to crawl out of the shower towards him, pawing at the carpet as she crept, with her hips swaying and her ass in the air.

By the time my sweet little girl’s pouting lips wrapped around her man’s engorged cock, I noticed I was rubbing my clit with my thumb, and entering my pussy with my middle finger, my skirt pushed up by my wrist and panty-hose pushed down. A soft moan escaped my lips, but thankfully at the exact same time Sarah moaned as though her throat was a second pussy.

I gathered myself up and decided I probably should go downstairs before I was caught.

“Oh, hi Mom, we didn’t hear you come in, what’s for dinner?” Sarah asked as her boyfriend and she came down the stairs a short time later. I was behind the counter, sautéing some vegetables for stir fry.

“Stir fry chicken, how was school?”

“Good, pretty boring. We rented a movie if you want to watch it with us.”

“Sure, what’d ya rent?”

“Bullit. I’ve never heard of it, but Steve said it’s a classic.”

“It sure is, but when your father took me to see it I fell asleep in the theatre.”

“Then it’ll be new to two of us!”

“Alrightey then. Dinner’s ready, come dip it up. I’m gonna go eat in my room.”

I left them to fend for themselves and took my plate up to my room and ate by myself, and looked at the corner of my bed where Steve fucked my little girl’s face; the carpet was still wet from her shower. I turned myself back on thinking of them, and this time I ached and throbbed even more, it hurt a little bit I needed it so bad.

The lights were off as I came down the stairs, and I heard my daughter’s voice asking Steve if he was ready to put in the movie. He replied to the affirm, so she reached into the entertainment center to the mess of dvd’s she’d placed it on earlier. I sat down to Steve’s right, she placed the disc in the tray and came to the couch on the other side of him. I still couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to wrap my lips around his cock, couldn’t get the image of my daughter’s body out of my head either. It mirrors mine, although she doesn’t have to work out nearly as much due to her metabolism. I’ve even had to get my breasts augmented; they’re nearly as perky as hers now.

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