Sindra gets a spanking

“Fifteen dollars, you stole fifteen dollars, what’s gotten into you?”

Sindra stood silently, damn, she thought that the money she’d found hidden in the back of her Dad’s closet had been dropped and forgotten.

“Not only that, you went snooping in my room!” her Dad thundered. “You have really earned punishment this time.”

He took her by the shoulders, and marched her to his den, closing the door as they entered, and locking it. He opened the large closet, and told her to look inside.

“You have a choice, Sindra. You can either spend 15 hours in the darkness of this closet.”

Sindra was 17, but she was still scared of the dark. She had never outgrown her fear of darkness, and always slept with a nightlight. The idea of being trapped in the dark, no way out, she felt the terror rising up. Oh god, please no, she had a feeling that she would go insane.

“Or, you will present your ass, and you will get 15 strokes of the whippy stick. Oh, and by present your ass, I mean your naked ass. You will get naked, and present your naked body for punishment. A little humiliation is needed along with the physical aspect.”

She gaped at him, what? The look on his face made her not have to ask to repeat what he’d just said. Spanked, jeez, the last time she was spanked, she was 10, she had been whacked with Daddy’s big hand, over her jeans and her panties, and Daddy had not whacked her too hard. It had stung a bit, but looking at his face, as he reached into the closet, and drew out the instrument, made her mouth go dry.

She’d heard her sister Daisy, getting whipped with that whippy stick several times when she was growing up. Her sister had been two years older, and rebellious as hell, and Daddy’s whippy stick had been wielded several times. With his order, she guessed that her sister had been ordered to get her ass naked, since Daddy always spanked her in his room, behind the locked door. She remembered the muffled shrieks and cries of pain she had heard as Daddy had tanned Daisy’s ass. Just like she was about to get. The idea that she was going to get spanked with that, she had an idea that Daddy wouldn’t take it so easy on her this time. She steeled herself for the whacking she was going to get, the choice between spanking, or locked in a pitch dark closet, there was no other choice.

Sindra said shakily, “I’ll take the spanking Daddy.”

She quickly pulled off her T-shirt and her bra, tossing them aside, and shoved her jeans and panties down, and stepped out of them. She hung her head, her face flame red with embarrassment, naked before her Daddy, and about to get spanked like a misbehaving child. Her Daddy took her, and led her to the center of the room, where a large hassock was located.

“Sindra, kneel on the hassock, then lower your upper body, and grab the legs of the hassock,” her father instructed.

She did so, her ass was now up-thrust, in position for punishment. She felt her wrists being cuffed to the hassock legs.

“To keep you in the proper position for spanking, and, I would assume you won’t accept your punishment silently.”

Sindra felt a strip of cloth being placed over her mouth, gagging her. She realized this was why Daisy’s cries of pain were muffled, every time she was spanked.

“There, we don’t want to disturb the neighbors. Feel free to holler all you want my dear daughter. How I dispense discipline, is nobody’s business but mine, and yours. Brace yourself Sindra.”

Sindra was face down, looking over the edge of the hassock, looking at the designs on the carpet, she was thinking, concentrate on the designs, maybe If I concentrate on something else…SWISH… and the idea was broken up, as her ass was lashed. Her scream of pain was totally muffled by the gag, she heard her father count out, “One”…SWISH…another lash whipped against her ass, she shrieked into the gag, “Two”…SWISH… and Sindra was in another world, her screeches and howls of pain gagged up, able to focus on nothing else but the stinging, burning lashes, as her ass was whipped.

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