Siblings reflect on their life growing up together

At 35 years old, my older sister had the ideal life — a loving family and a successful career in real estate. However, that ended the moment she discovered her husband was having an affair. Naturally, her husband tried winning her back, but it didn’t work. Being the woman she was, she never forgave him and lived life as a single mother.

She lived on the other side of the state where her career was, while I lived near our parents. When they both passed away, the large secluded property where they lived was transferred to Evelyn and me.

As siblings, we became owners of a beautiful house, which neither of us wanted because it was in a remote area. It was an easy decision for us to sell the home.

We quickly found a buyer and the house was sold. Everything went smoothly. It became a sad feeling whenever I was in the home where we grew up, watching the movers pack old pieces of furniture to take away. I called my sister to tell her that she should visit the house one last time. She was reluctant at first because of how busy she was with her career. But I eventually convinced her that it was the right thing to do.

In the end, we both got more than we anticipated.


I was standing in the large living room watching park her car in the driveway. It was Sunday afternoon. The sky was clear, but it was really cold. The wind blew her long hair around as she walked toward the front door. She was dressed professionally as always, with her appearance well kept in a warm outfit. It looked as if she was dressed for work.

She smiled when she saw me through the window and we both waved at each other. When I opened the door for her, we gave each other a warm embrace.

“It’s nice to see you,” Evelyn said while we hugged.

“You too.”

She ended the hug, “Come on, let’s go inside. It’s freezing out here.”

I closed the door once she stepped inside the house. Her eyes wandered the home, noticing that most of the furniture either had been taken away, or was in the process of being taken away.

“Looks different doesn’t it?” I asked rhetorically. “This place being empty is a strange sight to get used to.”

Evelyn nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Mom and Dad liked everything just the way it was. Now it’s all gone.”

“I know. The movers are coming back tomorrow and they’ll take the rest of the stuff away. The new owners want to move in next month.”

“They’re very lucky people. This is a beautiful home. Plus they bought it at a great market value.”

“You never stop thinking about work, do you?” I asked with a smile.

She turned to me and smiled back. “Guess not. I love my job.”

“Obviously – you’re always working.”

“What can I say? There’s always work to be done.”

“Speaking of which, come take a look at this,” I said. “There’s something you might be interested in seeing.”

My sister followed me as I led her towards the window overseeing our backyard patio. The view from where we stood was always beautiful. We looked at the pool, the forest, and a small statue of an eagle, which was sitting on the grass.

“So you found it?” she asked with surprise. “Where was it all this time?”

“Dad hid it in the shelf. I guess he did it because of how often we used to talk to that thing. It must have really creeped him out,” I joked.

“That makes sense. It was fun. I can almost remember everything I’ve ever said to it.”

“Me too.”

“Can you believe it’s been so long?” she asked. “We used to spend so much time hanging around that pool together. It almost feels like we’re living in a different life.”

“Especially for you. You actually look like a business woman now.”

She playfully put her hands on her waist. “I am a businesswoman now.”

“Of course,” I winked. “You know what I meant. You’re the most successful person in our family right now. I think that’s great.”

“Thanks,” she winked back. “It’s a result of years of hard work and diligence.”

We turned our attention back to the small statue. Both of us continued looking at the spacious view as well. The room became quiet, but not awkward. We felt comfortable around each other, even in silence.

“It’s yours if you want. I’ll load that little statue in your car and you can put it in your backyard.”

“You don’t want it?” she asked.

“I think it would fit better in your backyard since you have a nice swimming pool,” I replied. “That statue looks great by a pool.”

“Thanks. It brings back so many memories. All those summers lounging around after an afternoon swim. I used to stare at that statue a lot. It helped me relax.”

“I know.”

Evelyn turned to me and smiled. “You used to spy on me when I was in the backyard. Especially when I went swimming. I would always pretend not to see you, but I knew you were watching.”

“God that was a long time ago. Didn’t we agree that you would never mention that again?”

“I must have forgotten our agreement,” she teased. “But I still remember you spying on me.”

“What did you expect?” I shrugged. “You were the prettiest girl in town, and I was a young guy with a lot of new feelings. Things happen.”

“That’s why I never held it against you. Some of my friends used to complain about their younger brothers peeping on them, but it never bothered me. I thought it was cute.”

I nodded. “Yeah, and like you said, it feels like a different lifetime already. We’re both older. You’ve got a family, kids of your own.”

“I had a family. I love my kids more than anything. But it’s just us at home.”

“Sounds like a painful divorce.”

“All divorces are painful,” she said in a somber tone. “I hope you’ll never have to go through that.”

“Well, if you ever need anyone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call.”

“I appreciate that. We rarely talk anymore.”

“We’ve both got our own lives now,” I replied. “That’s just the way it goes.”

Evelyn had a bittersweet look on her face. “Come to think of it, this is the first time in years that we’ve actually been alone together. Whenever I see you, it’s always at some big family party with a crowd of other people I barely know.”

I thought for a moment. “You’re right.”

“I’m always right.”

“Well I’m glad to see that some things haven’t changed,” I quipped.

“Don’t be jealous that I’m smarter than you. I’ll always be smarter than you,” she said playfully.

“In your own imagination maybe.”

Evelyn laughed and playfully slapped my arm. “You haven’t changed either.”

“Apparently neither of us has changed much,” I replied. “Maybe that’s good.”

“So do you still think about the same things?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you still think about the same things you did when we were younger?” she asked again. “You used to spy on me when I would go for a swim. And I remember that most of the women you were attracted to back then were older. Are you still the same way?”

“Why do you ask?”


I sighed. “If you’re that interested, I still like older women. I guess you can call it a preference of mine.”

“Do you still think about me?” she asked.

“Sure I do. I’ve been thinking a lot about you since we’ve decided to sell this house. In fact, I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon since you kept me waiting for so long.”

She smiled, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you mean?”

“Do you ever think of me in the same way as before? You know, me coming out of the pool, wet and dripping wet.”

“You’re asking if I still have dirty thoughts about you.”

Evelyn nodded. “Do you?”

“No,” I replied. “That was a long time ago. We were young. Why are you asking?”

“Curiosity. Every time I go swimming, I always think about it.”

“Anything else you’re curious about?” I asked sarcastically.

“Sure, what did you think about whenever you watched me in the pool?”

“I was being sarcastic Evelyn.”

“I know you were, but I’m asking anyway. What did you think about?”

“Okay, now this is getting awkward. Let’s just finish this up and leave.”

Evelyn looked at me with a straight face. “I’ll make you a deal: If you answer that question honestly, I’ll give you honesty in return.”

“Always looking to close a deal huh?”

“That’s what I do. So what’s it going to be?”

“What exactly are you going to tell me in return?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise. Consider it a risk worth taking. I promise you’ll like it.”

I thought for a moment, thinking to myself whether I should be so candid or not. Then I figured that there was nothing to lose – the past is the past.

“Fine, if you’re interested, I imagined you naked. I had never seen a naked girl in person before. Seeing you wearing a bikini by the pool was close enough.”

“Have you ever thought about having sex with me?” she asked bluntly.

“Sometimes. That’s every guy’s reaction to seeing a hot babe. I wasn’t proud of it, but whatever. I thought it was my secret until you caught me and embarrassed me for spying on you. You made me do all of your chores for two months in exchange for you never bringing it up again. But I guess you forgot about that right?”

Evelyn smiled. “I guess I did. I enjoyed hearing your answer.”

“Now what’s the secret you were going to tell me?” “What do you want to know?”

“Weren’t you going to tell me something interesting?”

“Nothing particularly,” she replied with a nonchalant attitude. “Ask me whatever you want, and I’ll give you a truthful answer. That was the deal we made.”

“Great, now I feel like an asshole for admitting all that for no reason.”

She laughed. “Don’t feel like that. You aren’t an asshole. You’re a good guy with great taste in women.”

“Anyway,” I shrugged. “It’s almost evening and the sun is starting to go down. We should finish our tour of the house before leaving. What else do you want to see?”

Evelyn continued looking outside through the window.

“I’ve already seen everything I wanted to see – the house, the living room, and now the pool with that statue of the eagle there. It brings back so many fond memories. And I got to see you again. This conversation was worth the long drive.”

“That means a lot.”

“Are there any towels in the house?” she randomly asked.

“Paper towels or hand wash towels?

“The kind of towels a person would use for swimming. Are there any in the house right now?”

“Yeah, I think there are still some towels still upstairs,” I replied.

“Can you go get them?”


“I want to go swimming here, one last time.”

“You realize that the water is freezing right?” I asked, knowing it was a pointless question.

“I know, but I don’t plan on staying in the water for very long. We should do it together. It’ll be the last fun memory we have in this house, because after the new owners move in, we probably won’t see this place again.”

“There are plenty of other fun things we could do around here.”

“But none of them would be as fun as going for another swim in that pool,” she said adamantly. “Deep down, you know I’m right. With everything that’s been going on in my life these past few years, the one thing I need right now is to do something utterly crazy. Come on, I want us to go swimming again.”

I looked in her eyes and saw how happy she was becoming. Her face looked older than I remembered, but there was a gleam in her eyes, which I remembered from our youth. At that moment, she wasn’t the dedicated career woman anymore, but the young fresh faced Evelyn that I knew from many years ago. There was no point in arguing with her. How could I?

“I’ll get the towels for us,” I replied.

She gave me a big suffocating hug. “Thank you.”

After the hug ended, I quickly walked up the stairs thinking what a horrible idea it was. Who goes on an impromptu swim on a cold day? On the other hand, it made her happy. It was the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. Most of all, she was right, it sounded fun.

It didn’t take long for me to grab a stack of towels from the box they were packed in.

When I headed back down the stairs, my jaw nearly dropped. Evelyn was undressing to the point where she was almost naked. I saw her bare back as she let her clothes fall to the floor. She was completely topless. Next, she was undoing her pants and untying her shoes. She took off her shoes and pulled her pants down.

“Evelyn…You’re…You’re…Naked…” I gasped, seeing her only in panties.

She turned around and I saw her bare breasts for the very first time in my life. They were beautiful, average sized, and firm. Her nipples were large and brown. Her body had curves in all the right places. She used to be skinny and athletic growing up, but her recent pregnancies added voluptuous curves in certain areas, making her appear more womanly.

“I know I’m naked,” she replied carefree. “I didn’t bring a bathing suit with me, and I don’t want my clothes getting wet, so this will have to do.”

With that said, she pulled her panties down to reveal her trimmed bush. Then off came her socks. She was completely and utterly naked before my very eyes.

“Okay,” I said in a state of confusion.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare? Or are you going to join me?”

“You want me to get naked with you?”

Evelyn nodded. “If we’re going to do something fun and completely crazy, then we might as well go all the way. I’m naked, now it’s your turn. I want to see you.”

My body felt like it transitioned to autopilot and I neatly placed the towels on a nearby chair. Piece by piece my clothes came off. As I undressed in front of my beautiful sister, I couldn’t look at her. I was embarrassed, but aroused at the same time. Thankfully, the mixed feeling kept me from having an inappropriate erection.

“There,” I said. “Now we’re both naked.”

She smiled, “Great, now we can go swimming.”

I followed Evelyn’s lead as she opened the patio door, which led to the backyard pool. There was instant cold breeze the moment that door opened. It was a sharp contrast between the warm house and the cold outdoor weather.

We stepped outside together, naked, it was almost as if we were becoming used to being nude around each other.

When I look around, I realized how vulnerable we were. Even though were in a remote area surrounded by trees, there was always a possibility that someone could have seen us, and we wouldn’t know about it. There was also the possibility that the new owners could have made a random visit and saw us – brother and sister naked together. That would have been extremely awkward.

“Did you plan this?” I asked as we walked barefoot to the pool.

“God no,” she replied sharply. “It was a spur the moment idea.”

“Seems like it. So who’s going in that pool first?”

We both looked at the water, knowing it was going to be freezing cold.

“Same time?”

“Fair enough,” I replied.

Evelyn smiled and extended her hand. I took it, and we both tightly held hands.

“On three,” she said. “1…2…3…”

Once she said ‘three’, we both ran, still holding on to each other, and jumped high and into the pool. It was an incredible amount of fun when we were flying in mid-air above the pool. It was as if the world stood still. Nothing else mattered. We felt free, like we were young again. She yelled out loud showing her excitement. Our lives were like old times. There were no worries or fears. Everything was bliss. Everything was joy.

The moment we crashed into the water was a completely different feeling. The water was icy cold. My body felt like it was covered in ice. That’s what we deserved for not heating the pool first. That short moment of being submerged underwater felt like an endless eternity. Once we both floated back to the surface of the pool, I wanted to laugh seeing the look of excruciating pain on her face. Then I realized she had the same feeling looking at the silly expression on my face.

Neither of us said a word, but we reacted the same way. We swam as fast as we could back to the edge of the pool and climbed out. We ran back to the house as fast as we possibly could, leaving a trail of cold water dripping from out frigid bodies. Once we made it back inside, we slammed the door shut.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she shouted twice.

Evelyn was shaking with her arms wrapped around herself. Both of us were freezing cold. She stood still while I quickly grabbed the towels and brought one to her. I wrapped a towel around myself. When she wrapped the towel around herself, her arms lifted to reveal her breasts and I noticed that her nipples had become rock hard. They had become dark and stiff from the cold water. I stared for a moment because of how erotic it appeared, but I turned away the moment she looked at my face.

“I’ll make a fire,” I said.

“Great idea,” she said with a shivering voice.

We headed to the spacious living room wearing our large towels as we tried our best to keep warm. Evelyn grabbed one of the extra towels and spread it across the floor in front of the fireplace, and she sat down on it. I threw a few wooden logs into the fireplace, and lit it. Before long, a fire was burning, and it became warmer as the flames grew.

“That should do it.”

“Feels that way,” she said before patting the towel she sat on. “Sit next to me. We’ll be warmer if we’re closer together.”

I sat on the towel right next to her. She was using a small towel to dry her hair. There we were, two grown siblings, almost naked, sitting in front of a warm fireplace as the sun was starting to set.

“It’s getting dark soon. We should get dressed after we’re dry.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she said, handing me a small dry towel. “For your hair.”

I dried my hair with the small towel she gave me, and she continued doing the same with her small towel. Her hair was long, so it took a while. As she reached up to dry her hair, the towel that was wrapped around her opened to reveal her breasts. Her nipples were still hard. Admiring her beauty was an easy task. When she caught me looking, I quickly turned away and she covered her breasts.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked with a faint smile.

“I was just making sure you’re alright. You looked like you were suffering badly a moment ago.”

“That’s because I was.”

“Yeah, what a great idea it was to go swimming in whether this cold.”

She playfully tossed her hair towel at my face, and I caught it.

“I never said it was a good idea,” she replied. “I said it would be fun, and it was fun wasn’t it?”

“I can’t argue with that.”

“Besides, you finally got see my tits, and the rest of me. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted after all these years?”

“So this was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” I asked.

Evelyn shook her head. “I honestly didn’t intend on this happening, or you seeing me naked. It never crossed my mind. All I wanted was to see our old home one last time. I didn’t expect to get this emotional. I’ve been through a lot this past year with my divorce, and I just needed to do something wild for a change.”

Looking in her eyes and hearing her voice, this was the most vulnerable I had ever seen her. Everything about her was bare. She revealed herself to me emotionally, and physically too since she was partially nude.

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