Siblings Desire

My heart was racing as I anxiously glanced at my clock to see how much time I had left. The small clock read 6:40, okay 20 more minutes I told myself, it was almost time for the party. If my parents knew what I was actually planning on doing tonight they would have never allowed it. Both of my parents were raised in pretty conservative houses and while they had done their best to allow me and my brother to have some freedom to do what we wanted, there were some things they would never agree to and me going to this party was definitely one of them.

I had told my parents that I was spending the night with my best friend Hailey, my parents did trust me and happily told me that I could spend the night with Hailey. In reality Hailey was hosting a massive party that was going to be filled with all my classmates having a good time and spending the night drinking until we passed out. I hated lying to my parents about what was happening, our family was very close and we were always open and honest about our lives with each other. My parents both worked day jobs to support me and my brother but they did not let those jobs come in the way of us all spending a lot of time together going on trips or just watching a movie together in the living room. But I loved going to these parties and unfortunately that required me to lie to my family constantly.

I figured that I should probably start getting ready for the party, so I opened my closet and began to look through my clothes. I was hoping to find some clothes that would attract the eyes of all the drunk and horny boys that the party would be filled with. I sifted through my bras trying to figure out what one would look the best on my perky tits and drive the boys wild. I eventually found one of my older bras with a cute heart pattern that was too small for me right now and would barely cover my much larger breasts but it would leave little to the imagination of the boys at the party, exactly what I wanted.

I have been told that I am one of the better looking girls in my class, based off of the amount of boys that have tried to get me to send them nude pictures of myself or tried to make a move on me I figured that it was true. I have long brown hair with some blond streaks that I added last year and have had ever since. My hair complimented my ocean blue eyes and tanned complexion that I had. I was a member of the volleyball team and I care a lot about personal fitness and staying active and I often spend my afternoons going for runs or hikes. These runs translated into me having a slim body that accented my curvy body. Whenever I wore any tight clothing to school I could see the longing looks of the boys in the hallway as they would shift and try to cover the obvious boners that they were sporting as they stared at me and daydreamed about what I looked like without my clothes on, a sight that only a few lucky boys get to see.

Most of those boys would kill to be in the room with me right now. I thought as I looked in the mirror, I slid my shirt off and unclasped my bra baring my perky breasts to my empty room. It was about this time last year that I had first lost my virginity at another one of Hailey’s parties. I didn’t know much about sex at that time and after we had finished I was kind of dissapointed as the boy only really cared about using me and getting himself off. This was a consistent theme of these parties, the boys only cared about themselves and making sure they were feeling good and not considering me and making sure that I was enjoying the sex. Every time I went to one of Hailey’s parties I hoped that I would meet the perfect guy who would actually care about and love me instead of just trying to get me naked and leave as soon as he cummed. I had a good feeling about tonight’s party, I was going to find a guy who wanted to pleasure me tonight, this party was going to be different I told myself; I was actually going to experience everything sex had to offer and not just be a tool for some drunk and horny guy.

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