Shy Indian wife tricked and seduced by her colleague

I am Vivaan and I am writing my hot experience with a married colleague. Ever since my step sister got married, my sex life had been stagnant and so was my dad’s. I started looking for someone in college but then things didn’t work out and finally, I moved to Mumbai.

At first, I planned to stay with my step sister but she refused to let me stay. Maybe she knew that she wouldn’t be able to resist me! Things happened later but meanwhile, I had to rely on my hand only.

I joined an MNC soon after I got out of college. I joined the company in Mumbai where I was introduced to a team of 6 people out of which 2 were women. They both were married. At first, there were no feelings for any of them.

The women colleagues were Neetu, age 27 and just married, and Sonali, age 31 and 4 years married and had a child.

Neetu looked beautiful and I started trying on her cautiously. She had a perfect body and dressed like a newlywed. The set of bangles and heavily embroidered suits looked beautiful on my colleague’s body. At times when she wore deep neck dresses, her boobs would slightly give a peek and ignite a spark in my eyes.

Since she was newly married, her neck was filled with love bites and sometimes her wrist would have rope marks as if she had done BDSM! I started getting closer to her and she started to open up with me. We would talk the whole day in the office as my desktop was just next to hers.

A month passed by and nothing happened. She still talked the way she did and I was still only looking at her body. She told all the things that she did but never started a conversation about sex. I started getting bored and I moved my desktop from there to next to Sonali.

I noticed that she was beautiful as well but when you see more beauty, you tend to ignore the lesser ones. Her hair was thick and long. Her whole body was beautiful and she had a big ass like the one that shook left and right when she walked.

She had a little fat on her belly and had round small boobs. I guessed that her baby would’ve sucked the life out of her boobs.

We started talking after a few days as it was awkward moments between us. I didn’t know why it happened but finally, she opened up. She talked mostly about her life plans and how she wanted to pursue something else and how most of the things in her life were miserable.

She started going on lunch with me alone and we would talk longer there. I got close to her and she shared a few of her naughty side as well. She shared how she want to have sex on the beach, mall and garden. But since it was an arranged marriage, she wasn’t much open to her husband about sex.

My married colleague Sonali and her husband had sex every alternate Sundays. She used to have sex every Sunday when she got married.

I took things slow with her and I told her that I had never been with a woman before (yes, I lied).

Months passed by and physically, I didn’t move an inch towards her but emotionally, I was inside her for months! She would call me if I came late and she would just find reasons to talk to me.

One week when I took leave from the office to go home, she called me and we talked for an hour. That was the first time I talked to her for so long over the call. Her last words before the call ended were, “I miss you.” and she hung up. That day, I came four times thinking about my sexy colleague!

Finally, when I went back to the office, she was delighted to see me. We met at the local train station and I took advantage of being out and hugged her roughly. She felt awkward but didn’t mind. I felt her boobs, belly and her beautiful touch over my body. It took some time to come into senses.

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