Shruti Falling in love with a sex addict

This story involves multiple themes like Cuckold, slavery, bdsm, rough sex and so on. If any of these offend you, please stop reading. It is going to be a very long story. So you will need patience. As with most of my stories, there will be lots and lots of sex involved. I am not really good at the build up part. I have tried a little bit in this story. But there will be lot of sex. Some people may find it boring. This story is for the people who love it. Half of the story is true. Remaining half is a product of my imagination. I hope it satisfies your lust.

NOtE: I am an Indian author. My English is not up to the mark. If bad English puts you off, please skip the story.

Chapter 1 (2 YEARS BACK)
My name is dilip. I was 27 years old when it all started. I worked as a tester in a software company in Chennai. We were a small team of 6 people : I , Pandian, Santosh, Bharath, Shruti and Aarthi.

Pandian – He was a senior engineer. He is a dark, tall hunk aged 32 years. He has a hairy body. He would definitely fit the description for a gorilla. His face is ugly. But he is a professional body builder with a huge chest and strong arms. Other men look like sticks in front of him. He is a pretty rash, arrogant and indecent guy who is basically from slums. He got degree through quota system and then got a job with his friends help. He doesn’t respect women much. He is married yet.

Santosh – He was the other senior engineer in the team. He is also aged 32 years. He is the husband of Aarthi. He is pretty silent type and decent fellow. Very friendly with everyone in the team. He is 5 feet 7 inch. Normal weight. Looks smart.

Dilip – This is me. As I said. I am 27 mid-level tester. I am 5 feet 8 inch tall lean guy. I am normally an introvert. I won’t talk much with people. I talk only with my close friends

Bharath – He was 22 years old. He just joined our office from college. Very young and naughty guy. Just 5 feet 4 inch tall. Normal weight

Aarthi – 29 years old. Wife of Santosh. Very good character. Looks good too. 5 feet 7 inch tall. Slim. Wears traditional dresses to office. Very funny type. Makes fun of everyone and teases us.

Shruti – 25 years old. She was still entry level engineer. 5 feet 7 inch tall. A typical tamil brahmin woman. Looks slim, but when look at her closely, you will notice that her legs and thighs alone are very fleshy and strong. Her bottom half is definitely a bit bigger than her top half. Don’t mistake it thinking she is a fat woman. She is looks slim in normal dresses. But when she wears tight leggings or jeans, you could notice her legs and thighs are not skinny. They are very fleshy. She has medium sized boobs for her age. They are about the size of an orange.. Her skin complexion and thighs are almost same as actress Shruti Hassan. Hence her name is ironical. She wears salwar kameez, t shirt jeans or tops and skirt. But Shruti has more fleshy legs and is taller than Shruti haasan. Her face is beautiful but brims with attitude.

We have a manager whose name is Vivek. He is a short stout bald guy. No one in our team likes him.

Usually, Aarthi and Santosh hangout together as they are husband and wife. I used to hangout with Pandian and Bharath. As we all were bachelor guys, we used to comment about women in our office and talk about our crushes. Shruti usually had lunch with a lady-friend of her from another team. Everyone in the team hates Shruti more than they hate our manager. Though she talks well with everyone, she is a bit too commanding and egoistic. She played a lot of politics. Only thing people like about her is her appearance and sexiness. She is too dominant and arrogant. Talks like she knows everything. She doesn’t respect everyone.

By : dilipaish

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