Showing Off Susan’s Big Rack

My wife has tremendous tits. She knows it, I know it and every guy we meet makes it obvious that they agree. Her name is Susan and she like to show off her titties and have them played with. I like to help her show them off to my friends and occasionally I encourage her to do more than just let them play with her tits.

Susan is just under 5’2″, has shoulder length brown hair, a very tiny waist and very huge fun bags. They are 34DD and on her tiny frame they look even bigger. She was only 17 when we were married so even though they are big she didn’t need to bother with a bra and frequently didn’t. We both spend a good deal of time looking for tops for her to wear that were legal but just barely and did the most to show off her rack. The first time we showed it completely was with my friend John who worked with me. I invited him by the house one night to view some new porno movies I had just acquired. About an hour before he was to arrive I began to ply Susan with her favorite wine and encouraged her to dress in her most revealing top and a pair of short, shorts with no panties. She asked why I wanted her to dress that way when we had company coming. I told her John had commented about her big titties and I wanted him to eat his heart out. She blushed but did as I asked.

Just before John was to arrive Susan emerged from our bedroom with that glow she gets when she’s had a little too much wine and looking like a beautiful, young slut, her big titties barely contained by the top. As she walked by me I reached out and began to mold and caress a tit in each hand and remarked how much John was going to love looking at these. She asked what she should do if he tried to touch them. I said, “you hope he will don’t you, you little slut,” and she said it might be fun if I didn’t mind, adding that she would never allow it if I didn’t agree. I said we would just have to see what happens.

John arrived about five minutes late and was practically speechless when he got a look at my wife. Taking her hand he said you certainly look fine this evening while staring directly at her chest. I told him to put his eyes back in his socket and tell Susan what he wanted to drink. He asked for a bourbon and coke and we proceeded to sit down on the couch while she went for drinks. When she returned, she reached over to hand John his drink and I swear I thought those big titties were going to come tumbling out of that brief halter top. I’m sure John was hoping they would. I went over and popped a video into the VCR as Susan went to refill her wine glass. She returned just as the movie was starting and I patted the couch between John and I and invited her to join us.

The movie was a 2 guy/ 1 gal plot which I had purposely selected for the occasion. On the screen, a husband was taking great delight in showing off his wife for a friend. As is often this case with these kind of films, there was very little plot or teasing, very soon the three were in the middle of the living floor fucking like rabbits. During the movie I put my arm around Susan and let my hand come to rest on her big tits. I squeezed and messaged them for a while and then slid my hand under the very brief top and began to play with her rock-hard nipple. As I played with her tittie John must have noticed the movement out of the corner of his eye (of course I don’t think his attention had been very far away from Susan’s big tits since he arrived) and began to glance over to check out the action.

Susan saw him looking and whispered to me to “take them out”. I knew exactly what she was referring to but I wanted to tease her so I whispered back “take what out”. “You know” she panted as I continued to twist her nipple and push it into her breast. Susan loved for me to be just a little rough with her nipples. Then she whispered “my titties”. By now I was squeezing the other tit through the front of her top and showing her no mercy I said “what about your titties?” Again she begged me to take them out. “You mean take your big fat titties out right here in front of John so he can see them?” “Yes!” she begged.

By : The Rackman

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