Shoshana, do you prefer tasting husbands or wives

The first thing Shoshana noticed when she entered the home were the stick figures made of twigs, the strange paintings on the wall, and an array of clay tablets neatly displayed.

Otherwise, it looked like a typical Los Angeles home on the upscale side of town. The walls were mostly white. The decor was very modern.

Having been in the catering business for just over a year, Shoshana thought nothing of the strange figures and decorations she found in the home. She assumed they were all part of some sort of exotic art collection. It was a common way for the wealthy of this area to spend money on weird and wonderful nicknacks.

She made her way to the open plan living room and kitchen. The space was bathed in sunlight that was streaming through a massive window. The view of the Hollywood hills was spectacular. She placed her heavy cooler bag on the kitchen counter before carefully taking out the desserts she prepared, and placed them in the generous fridge.

Afterwards she made her way to the living room for a chat with her client, Claire Thompson, whose party she was catering for that weekend.

“You seem a bit uncomfortable here,” Claire teased as they sat on what Shoshana guessed was a thousand dollar couch. “Please, I want you to relax.”

Shoshana joked back,, “You aren’t exactly my typical clientele.”

There was more Shoshana wanted to say, like how she almost felt embarrassed parking her Prius on the street, alongside the luxury vehicles in the driveway. Or that her JC Penny outfit seemed rather dowdy in comparison to Claire’s designer loungewear.

“Well, you have a great reputation,” Claire said kindly. “That’s why I wanted to meet with you in person.”

Shoshana beamed. “I’m sure there’s something I can do for you. I’m mostly known for Jewish and Middle Eastern cuisine. I’m also classically trained at a French academy, where I specialized in desserts. So, my menus are mostly Jewish appetizers and spiced meats with breads for entrees, along with classic French desserts. In my opinion, that’s a highly underrated combination.”

Claire smiled and nodded, and Shoshana was just happy to nab a high-end client for once.

“I do like what I’m hearing.”

“Do you live with only your husband?” Shoshana asked delicately. “A family, perhaps?”

“Just my husband and I. And we do have a taste for variety. Last time we had a young Japanese caterer. Before that, a beautiful Latina. Before that, a young Russian lady. You could say, tastes from all over the globe.”

Shoshana was pleased to hear this, but at the same time, she was somewhat curious about why Claire would emphasize that their previous caterers were young women. She brushed it off, deciding not to make too much of it. This was Los Angeles, after all. Here, what you had and what you looked like meant a lot.

“I’m also an explorer of international cuisine,” Shoshana said. “So I absolutely share your enthusiasm for exploring new tastes.”

Claire nodded and treated Shoshana to another smile. “Perfect. Anyway, have you hosted dinner parties before?”

“For my family, yes. For clients, not really. I mean, I’ve prepared platters for parties. Are you interested in something like that?”

“We were hoping for a more personalized service,” Claire said.

“I can do that. I could deliver platters of prepared food, some raw and some freshly cooked, and I’ll put the final touches to them in your kitchen. Everything will be super fresh. How does that sound?”

“Sounds delicious.”

Shoshana noticed Claire’s eyes traveling over her body, looking her up and down. It made Shoshana blush that she was blatantly being admired like this. She didn’t mind though.

“How many guests are you inviting?” Shoshana asked.

“Just four. My husband and I, and our neighbors, who are also a loving couple. We’ve known them for over 10 years. You could say that we’re very, very close.”

“Nice and intimate. It’ll be an amazing time, I’m sure.”

“You know what else is amazing?” Claire said softly. “Sliced strawberries with some decadent mango mousse.”

Shoshana winked. “Coming right up.”

It was time to work and Shoshana got up and went to the kitchen. She grabbed a cup of the mango mousse she had brought, along with a plate of sliced strawberries. She grabbed a spoon from one of the cutlery drawers and returned to the living room.

She organized everything neatly on the living room table.

“Looks divine,” Claire said, eyes on the meticulously whipped mango mousse.

“Wait until you have a taste.”

“Let’s see,” Claire murmured reaching out to pick up a strawberry to dip into the mousse.

Shoshana was surprised that Claire decided to forgo the spoon. This was not what she’d expected from a sophisticated housewife.

Claire waved her finger over the mousse like a magic wand.

“What are you thinking?” Shoshana asked with a laugh.

Claire kept waving her finger over the mousse. “You know, there’s an art to fine dining. My husband taught me that. Most people don’t know how to appreciate this quality of food.”

“I completely agree.”

“Food is all about balance,” Claire explained. ” To create the perfect bite you need the right proportions. Not too much, or too little, just enough of everything in every single bite.”

“I think that’s a fair assessment.”

Claire smiled, “Would you mind feeding me?”

Shoshana didn’t know quite what to make of this request. But she also really wanted the opportunity to expand her client base. So, why not?


“Dip the strawberry in the mouse and serve it to me.”

Shoshana never expected to have to do this. This was not taught in culinary school!

But, Claire was a lovely and beautiful woman. And a job was a job.

“I can do that,” Shoshana said, picking up the spoon.

“With your fingers,” Claire instructed softly. “Like I said, I like the right balance of things. And I like to get to know the people I hire.”

There was a glimmer in Claire’s eyes and a slight grin on her lips. This was certainly an erotic moment, Shoshana thought.

Shoshana dipped a sliced strawberry into the decadent and creamy amber-colored dessert — not too much, not too little — and brought it towards Claire’s mouth. She did it slowly, to give Claire a chance to say that this was a joke (it had to be, hadn’t it?!), but the housewife simply parted her lips and opened her mouth.

It was meant to be a simple, if quite unorthodox, process. But as soon as Shoshana’s fingers had reached Claire’s mouth, Claire took the liberty to wrap her lips around Shoshana’s fingers, surprising the young catering girl. At that point, their relationship changed forever. Certainly she’d get the job after this.

Shoshana extracted her saliva-covered fingers from Claire’s mouth, allowing Claire to enjoy the textures of the fresh fruit and the thick and creamy mousse.

“Delicious,” Claire said, smacking her lips during the taste test. “You’re very talented.”

Shoshana smiled at the innuendo. “Thank you. I’m surprised you wanted to taste the dessert first. Normally people start with the savory options.”

“I have a sweet tooth, which I’m sure you’ll learn more about later.”

“That can be accommodated. Would you like me to warm up the meat dishes I’ve brought for sampling?”

“That won’t be necessary. You may leave the platters here,” Claire said. “I’d like to taste the rest of your cooking tonight with my husband so I can see his reaction, if you don’t mind.”

“That’s a great idea. I’ll leave it all in the fridge.”

“You know what I find refreshing about you?” Claire said. “You have a real passion for food. I can tell it’s a love of yours.”

Shoshana flashed a genuine smile. “It’s a tradition in my household. It was part of my upbringing. I love sharing with others. It makes people happy.”

“Are you interested in making me happy?” Claire asked more seriously.

“Of course. That’s my job.”

“Then come back tomorrow. Next time, I want you to bring dishes that require sauces. Items that can be eaten by hand. We’re having a party this weekend and the theme is finger foods.”

Claire smiled a little mysteriously.

“Will do,” Shoshana replied like a trooper. “I already have a couple of ideas.”

“You’re a gem. I’m glad I’ve found you. Tomorrow, I’ll explain things in more detail. Once we come to an agreement on all the terms, we can finalize the deal.”

Claire, the prim housewife, was revealing a different side to herself. This was Claire the businesswoman. She was definitely more than a mere trophy-wife.

Shoshana liked it.


The next morning. Expecting a more formal meeting, Shoshana opted to wear slacks and a blazer, which was in the back of her closet due to lack of use. She was determined to make an impression on Claire the business woman. She tied her curly hair in a loose bun. Classy, stylish, with a nod to her usual, casual self.

Much to her surprise, she found a much different Claire. Today, the housewife saw fit to wear only a silk robe. It was blatantly obvious that she wore nothing underneath.

They said their hellos and good-mornings as Shoshana entered the home with her storage bag full of tasty samplers.

The kitchen was open spaced and it faced the window view. Today, there were three clay tablets arranged in the kitchen area. Each were evenly spaced and were small, with unusual markings painted onto them.

“You look snappy today,” Claire said as they entered the kitchen, her bare feet slapping the hardwood floor.

Shoshana was proud of her appearance. “Yeah, it seemed appropriate.”

“Does that make my outfit inappropriate?” Claire joked and gestured to the silk robe she had on.

They both laughed a little awkwardly.

“Not at all. It’s your home. You can wear whatever you want.”

“Now that’s a rule I can get behind.”

“Should we get started?” Shoshana asked, unpacking her items on the kitchen counter.

“It smells delicious, and it’s still warm too. Sure, let’s start now. And by the way, my husband loves your food. So do I. You’re perfect for what we’ve got planned.”

Shoshana beamed. “Just wait until you try today’s selection.”

“Yummy. I can smell the spices.”

As Shoshana was opening each container, Claire leaned forward against the kitchen counter, which resulted in the top of her robe falling open by accident (or not!) and exposing a bit a cleavage. Shoshana tried not to look, but how could she not sneak a peek?

“What are these clay tablets, anyway?” Shoshana asked, while opening her containers. “I think I’ve seen something similar in antique shops.”

Claire grinned and stepped closer. “These aren’t from any antique shop. They’re something we bought on our travels in South Asia.”

“Nice. Do they have any meaning, or are they just for decoration? They’re strangely pretty.”

“Here, feel my skin,” Claire said out of the blue.

Claire took Shoshana’s wrist and brought it to her face. Hesitantly, Shoshana opened her hand and gently brushed Claire’s face with her fingertips. Claire guided her hand over her face, letting Shoshana caress her forehead down to her chin.

“You feel like a younger woman,” Shoshana said, surprised, before taking her hand away.

Claire smiled, “Thank you. I guess that means it’s working.”

“I’m sure, whatever it is.”

Claire laughed, “You must think I’m crazy. I thought the same when I first heard about the potion, so did my husband. But we both heard about this from a person we trust, and then we found ourselves in a small village. It wasn’t long before we were completely convinced. Would you like to give it a try?”

“Umm. Sure.”

“Just a sample for now. Close your eyes, dear.”

Shoshana closed her eyes. She heard the sound of Claire’s robe adjusting for a second. Then she felt Claire’s fingers rubbing around her eyes and forehead. The fingers were wet and warm. It felt nice against Shoshana’s skin. The fluid, whatever it was, was being massaged into her skin.

“Now open your eyes,” Claire said. “How does that feel against your skin?”

“It feels nice. Soothing and tingly.”

Shoshana looked around the counter and there was only food. And since Shoshana’s face didn’t smell of food, it had to have been something else that was rubbed all over her skin. Shoshana saw Claire adjusting her robe again, and an idea slunk into her head, but she pushed those dirty thoughts out of her mind. Claire would never do anything like that!

“I’m glad you think so,” Claire said. “I’m so glad you have an open mind. In our experience with young caterers like yourself, some have an open mind, some don’t.”

“I have extended family in different parts of the world. I’ve been exposed to a lot of things.”

Claire smiled, “We made our decision last night. We’d like to hire you for a small dinner party. We’ll pay you a flat fee of a thousand dollars.”

A thousand dollars? Shoshana did everything in her power not to act like she had won the lotto. She had to compose herself.

“That could work,” Shoshana said with a cool demeanor. “I could prepare as many courses as you want.”

“There are conditions though.”


“My husband is a lawyer and he’ll have you sign a non-disclosure agreement,” Claire said. “We value our privacy greatly. I hope you understand that.”

Something like privacy, Shoshana could understand. But a contract?

“Sure, I’d be happy to sign anything,” Shoshana replied eventually.

“Next, I want you to know what you’re getting into. We’re normal, everyday people. We truly are. But since we began our travels a few years ago… well… we’ve picked up a few ‘habits.’ Habits which are best kept secret.”

Shoshana nodded. “As a caterer, confidentiality means a lot. I mean, obviously I’m no doctor or lawyer, but I come into people’s homes as part of my job, and I see and hear things. So yeah. You can count on me to be discreet.”

“No matter how kinky it got?” Claire asked with a mischievous eyebrow raised.

The question made Shoshana gulp.

“I think I’d be okay with that,” she replied eventually.

“Are you a sexual person? Do you typically like to explore the human body?”

Shoshana gulped again, this time visibly. “I’d say I’m about average for my age. I have traditional parents. I grew up ‘Americanized’ I guess, compared to their more orthodox upbringing in Israel. You know how that is.”

“I thought so. You seem like a straight-laced kind of girl.”

“This isn’t a swingers party, is it?” Shoshana asked with caution.

Claire giggled. “Quite the opposite. You grew up in a religious household, right?”

“100% religious, and then some.”

“Well, think of this dinner party as something for health and spiritual well-being. It’s a private little thing between us, our neighbors, and whomever we can hire to cater these affairs.”

Shoshana’s ears perked. “Oh, why didn’t you say so? I guess we have more in common than I thought.”

“So you’re into health and spirituality?”

“Yoga, meditation, I read a lot of books on well-being. Things like that.”

“How about spirituality?” Claire asked. “Are you a religious girl?”

“On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m a 10. But I’m not a zealot or anything. I live my life normally and I try to do the right things. Other than that, I’m pretty liberal on a lot of issues.”

There was a brief moment of silence between them. Claire seemed to like where this conversation was headed.

“You’re the right girl for the job,” Claire said affirmatively. “I’m going to be honest with you. This dinner party, as unusual as it may seem to you, is rooted in ancient traditions. It’s well-known that sexual health is important to the overall person. In fact, our ceremony is the forgotten offshoot of the Kama Sutra. Does that make sense to you?”

Shoshana gave a shy nod. “It makes sense.”

“Which is why we keep this confidential. The stones and tablets you see around this home are ancient. We also have a Book of Spells, as we like to call it, written several hundred years ago. With the right chanting, the right symbols, and the right people, it’s a magical experience.”

“Oh…” Shoshana replied deep in thought, her voice trailing away.

Naturally, she was skeptical. More than skeptical. She was in disbelief. But, strangely, she wasn’t freaked out either. After all, as a religious girl, who was she to judge others for their beliefs?

Claire smiled, “Don’t worry, we’re not a coven of witches. We’re modern hippies, I would say. Think of us as hipsters when it comes to health.”

“Hipsters are cool, at least in my opinion.”

“Look, this may all be crazy,” Claire said to lighten the mood. “But the important thing is, we enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s taboo. It’s kinky. Isn’t that what couples should strive for, to keep their marriages alive with new adventures?”

“As a single person who’s never been married, you’re a genius.”

“I’m glad you think so. Are you still interested in the catering gig? Or did I finally manage to scare you away with our weirdness?”

Shoshana tapped her chin, pretending to think. “Hmmm? The chanting, Book of Spells, and these clay tablets do look a bit suspicious. But on the other hand, you have me genuinely curious. I’m kind of a nosy person, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Plus the pay is great, isn’t it?”

They both smiled.

“The pay isn’t bad,” Shoshana said. “It’s not bad at all.”

“Which leaves me to the last point; the kinkiness. How kinky can you tolerate before you decide to run away?”

Shoshana gulped softly. “That all depends. What did you have in mind? I mean, I’m an adult. I don’t scare away easily.”

“Partial nudity?” Claire asked with a raised eyebrow.

Now this was something that caught Shoshana off guard. Ever since she opened this business, she’d never anticipated requests around nudity. Never ever.

But the pay was great, Claire was a lovely woman, and this was an amazing opportunity to break into a new market for upscale home catering.

“I can live with that,” Shoshana said eventually. “Sure.”

“Mild sexual acts?”

Shoshana tensed. “Like actual sex?”

“No intercourse. But there will be foreplay. Lots of it. And sometimes things can get a little carried away, which is par for the course.”

Shoshana gulped. “Okay, sure. I can live with that, too.”

“Now for the big question,” Claire said mischievously. “How protective are you of your food?”

“What do you mean?”

“Sexual health is part of vitality, right? How do you feel about different… shall we say… ‘dressings’ served on your food. Things which blend sexual health with nutrients.”

It was obvious where this was headed. Shoshana was surprised by the rush she felt, thinking about what might happen at this dinner party.

Shoshana blushed. “You want to… you know… on my food?”

“Are you okay with that?”

“Sure, I guess. But why?”

“Because it’s in the Book of Spells,” Claire said, adding an adorably innocent smile at the end. “And frankly, it’s delicious. You’re a caterer, can you honestly say you’ve never tried that before?”

“Never,” Shoshana replied. “It’s never even crossed my mind.”

“You’re young. A lot of things won’t seem appealing to you right away. But as you grow older, you’ll want to try new things. Think of this as a head start. You’ll try something completely new. You might even like it.”

For reasons that surprised her, Shoshana felt her heart rushing and her blood pumping. Her mind raced at the possibilities of what might happen at this party.

“How would this work, anyway?” Shoshana asked.

“Maybe I can show you now. A little demonstration, perhaps?”

Shoshana affirmed her decision. “Okay.”

This was no joke. This was serious. As Shoshana stood there, Claire opened the knot in her robe, exposing the center of her bare chest, the center of her thighs, and her cleanly shaven vagina.

Claire reached over the counter and tore a piece off one of the flatbreads.

“It’s literally this easy,” Claire said, bringing the piece of flatbread down between her labia. “And it feels nice too.”

She rubbed the bread between her lips and then inside her pussy.

Shoshana was speechless at what she was seeing.

“Half for you, half for me?” Claire asked, with the flatbread still inside her.

Shoshana was stunned. “Ummm… okay.”

When the bread was soaked enough, Claire pulled it out and held it up, then tore it in half.

Claire took the bite. It was all so casual. It looked like she was tasting heaven.

Then Claire held the other half in front of Shoshana. The bread looked wet and there was thick white fluid on it. There was no doubt that Claire had been heavily aroused in the lead-up to this moment.

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