Shopping leads to fun with younger women

I had a pleasant experience at Costco the other day. My wife had sent me to pick up a few things from down there the other day. Now I’m in my mid 70’s and don’t like the crowds so I like to go early in the mornings if I have to go. As I was exiting, as you probably know, someone from the store has to check your receipt to verify your purchases. This early fortyish gal with her hair in a ponytail, wire rimmed glasses, a tight black sweater and tight black ski pants with black ski booties was at her post. Some might she had a plain face though I really liked her smile.

As there were no customers behind me after checking my basket she said, “Have a nice day, thank you for shopping at Costco.”

Looking down I could see the outline of her puffy nipples so I stopped and said, “Thank you Beautiful!”

Blushing, she said, “Did you just call me beautiful?”

“Indeed I did, and I meant it, though my wife might say I’m just a big flirt,” I said. She started to laugh, I read her nametag said CeCe. She had dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. I added, “CeCe, you are stunning.”

To which she replied, “Well, I try.”

“And you’ve succeeded beyond all expectations,” I said. We had to pause our conversation so a few customers could be checked out, then I moved back close to her.

Checking behind me and seeing no one close approaching, I looked at her and said, “Too many women today look at what’s in the magazines, on the television or movie screen and base themselves compared to what they see there. Those are empty vessels who go through life seeking something that most of them can never find, that’s true happiness. Unfortunately a lot of beautiful women, such as yourself, don’t see themselves as beautiful. CeCe, let me tell you, you exude a sensual presence about you that can drive a man wild. I know it sure does me. My beautiful lady, if I were to be 20 years younger, I’d pursue you like no other and we’d make love until we both passed out. I would devour every inch of your body and pleasure you until you begged me to stop.”

By this time, she was holding my hands and looking up into my eyes, savoring every word I spoke. Then she placed a hand on my chest and leaned up as if to kiss me and we heard gasps coming from behind us.

Suddenly we realized that there were four or five ladies fixated on our conversation who had abandoned their carts and had moved up to hear us better. The line had backed up halfway to the registers and one of the managers ran up to assist CeCe in checking receipts. Her face was crimson but she was smiling like a Cheshire cat. She leaned in and whispered, “Thanks a lot, now you have me all wet and I’m probably going to get in trouble.”

As I started to push my cart away, one of the ladies that was behind me called out to me so I stopped. She came up and asked, “Did she give you her phone number?”

I shook my head no and asked her, “Why?”

This gal was probably in her mid-50’s. She shoved a piece of paper in my hand. I looked and it was her phone number and she said, “I’m Lissa. You can give me a call. Any weekday between noon and 4:00. I’d love to get together with you. If you fuck half as good as you talk, I can’t wait to try you out.” I just stood there and watched as she walked away. She was dressed rather classy; her hips were quite slim and I wondered how she’d feel if I took her Rockygy? I shook my head and told myself to quit having these fantasies, I’m too old for women to be coming on to me.

I stopped at the edge of the concrete to look for cars when a cart bumped into the back of my legs almost knocking me over. Startled, I turned to see this blond giving me an embarrassed look. She rushed up to me and started rubbing the back of my legs. “Thank you,” I told her, “I’m sure I will be fine.”

This young lady, who looked to be in her mid to late 30’s, kept apologizing and said, “Please let me make it up to you.” She opened her purse and took out a card and a pen, then wrote on the back, ‘One free massage. Costco exit.’ And handed it to me. I turned the card over and it said, “Magic Hands Massage by Jackie” then with a gleam in her eye, she extended her right hand and said, “By the way, I’m Jackie. Please let me know it’s you so I can schedule you in for one of my special massages.” She winked and blew me a kiss as she walked away.

I was standing there not believing what had just happened when one of the cart retrievers walked up to me and handed me another note. I opened it up and there was yet another phone number with C.C. at the bottom. I turned to look back at her and she gave me a wicked grin and a half wave as she quickly swiped her marker across the next person’s receipt. I doubt she even looked in their cart.

I made it back to my car and loaded the items I had been sent for. I was shaking. Vicki and I had been married for over 50 years and I had never cheated on her. Of course we hadn’t had sex in the past seven or was it 8 years now. Ever since her hysterectomy she had changed. It was very rough on me the first couple of years but I accepted it because I loved her. As I reached into my pocket to get my keys, I found the notes and pulled them out. I started to throw them away but for some unknown reason, I stuck them in my shirt pocket and headed home.

As I was putting things away in the kitchen, Vicki came up to me and put her arms around my neck, pulling my head down and kissed me. I told her, “Thanks, I love you too.”

She took my hand in both of hers and said, “What’s wrong, Michael? Something’s bothering you, isn’t it?” I can tell.” Dang, was I that obvious?

I sat her down at the kitchen table and told her about my Costco experience. My sweet wife listened patiently, smiling and nodding occasionally but not saying a word. When I was done, she asked so matter of factly, “So have you decided on which one you’re going to try first?”

My jaw just about hit the table; my mouth was dry as the Sahara. I stammered and said as I stood, “Honey that would be cheating on you and in all these years I’ve never done that. I could never hurt you. You mean the world to me.” Wrapping her in my arms I gave her a big hug.

The love of my life got up on her tiptoes and kissed me, saying, “Darling, it wouldn’t be cheating if I gave you permission, you know a hallpass so to speak.” Burying her head into my chest she said, “My love, when my body decided it no longer wanted sex, you never pestered me, got mad at me or degraded me. For that I will be eternally grateful. I have so many friends who’s husbands made their lives miserable when they went through the ‘change’. Some took lovers and some even divorced but you just kept loving me and caring for me like you have ever since the day we met. I’m giving you this as my way of showing you my gratitude and love. I would prefer not to know the details of your get togethers, just please let me know when you’re meeting them and an approximate time you will be home, alright?”

That evening I was sitting in my den at my computer, my wife in the front room watching Hulu, as I made a list of the positives and negatives of each lady. Each had their desirable factors but far and wide, CeCe stood out to me as my best choice. She wasn’t the best in facial features nor of body but there was just something about her that drove me crazy. I started punching in her number but quit before reaching the last few digits and slammed down the phone. ‘No,’ I told myself, ‘Hell, I have children older than her’ I thought to myself then my mind filled of her beautiful puffy nipples and how much I desired to see them, to touch them, to suckle them and I picked up the phone again. My hand trembled but I managed to dial all the numbers this time.

“Hello, this is CeCe. You know what do to. I’ll call you when I can. Bye for now.” Her message said.

Trying to relax, I said slowly, as to not sound too excited, “CeCe, I’m very sorry I missed you. This is Michael. We talked this morning as I was just about to leave Costco. You can either text or call me back at (XXX) XXX-XXXX when you get the chance.”

It wasn’t five minutes later when my cell phone rang with CeCe’s number. “Hello Beautiful,” I answered. After a long silence, I said, “CeCe, are you there?”

Finally she answered, “Michael, I’m not sure how we should proceed. This is all new to me. Honestly, no man has ever made me feel the way you have. I mean . . . umm . . . God, I don’t know.”

“CeCe,” I said, “when is your next day off?”

She hesitated a bit then said, “I have Wednesdays and Fridays off, why?” Wednesday was the day after tomorrow.

I asked, “Is there a good place we can meet for breakfast on Wednesday?” CeCe said there was a good little waffle house not too far from her place and gave me the directions and said to meet her at 9:00. I said I’d be there.

Wednesday morning, I told my wife I was going to have breakfast with a friend and she didn’t ask who. She just gave me a kiss and a big hug though I did think I could tell she was thinking I was meeting one of the ladies. I wasn’t getting her regular smile. I stopped at the florist and picked up three yellow roses in a crystal vase.

When I stepped into the restaurant, I didn’t see CeCe. When the hostess asked if I was waiting for someone I said that I was and she asked, “CeCe?” I nodded and she said, “Follow me sir,” leading me into the back room where the only one seated there was CeCe, as beautiful as I remembered her. She was wearing a peasant blouse with a pair of grey tweed capris and 2″ pumps, her hair still in the same ponytail as when I first saw her. A mauve sweater lay behind her in the booth.

When CeCe saw the flowers she broke into a smile from ear to ear and gave me a big hug as I slid into the booth next to her saying, “Michael, you really didn’t have to.”

CeCe was turning the vase around to look at the flowers and I put my hand on hers and said, “Precious lady, I know I didn’t have to but I wanted to give you something almost as beautiful as you are, in appreciation for meeting me today.”

CeCe blushed and said, “You still think I’m beautiful?”

I picked up her hand and kissed the back of it and said, “My lovely girl, I know you are. We just have to convince you of it.” When the waitress came over, they talked a bit. It turns out that CeCe used to work there before she got the job at Costco. She ordered ham and eggs with a short stack. I ordered French toast with bacon and we both had coffee. I’m glad they didn’t charge by the hour because they were serving lunch by the time we walked out of there. We had covered a lot of information but yet barely scratched the surface.

As we stepped outside, CeCe reached over and took my hand and asked, “Michael, would you care to follow me home? Maybe another coffee or . . .?”

I smiled and said, “Honestly, I’m coffee’d out but I’d be glad to follow you home and have some ice water or a soft drink and we can talk some more.” I watched as she skipped over to her Honda and I got in my car and followed her to her duplex.

Once inside, I could tell she was quite nervous and I stepped up to her and held her by her waist and said. “Relax my sweet wonderful lady. We’re just going to talk. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

CeCe looked deep into my eyes and I could feel the passion building within her and she hesitated then said, “Michael, what if I want to do more than talk?” Then she placed her hand behind my head and pulled it to hers, our lips crushed together as her tongue darted into my mouth. I didn’t think I was ready for things to move this fast but her free hand was unzipping my pants. Her breasts were pressing tightly to my chest and I found my hand caressing her ass while the other caressed her lovely face. She was stroking me and I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I was nice and hard.

Not breaking our kiss, CeCe began unbuttoning my shirt and when undone, she worked at getting my pants off. I kicked off my shoes and pants and pulled up her blouse and bra to her neck. Breaking our tongue duel, she threw her blouse and bra towards the chair and pushed her pants and panties down and kicked them away, pulling me towards the couch. She pushed me onto the couch and straddled me, my hands caressing every inch of her lovely body as I smothered her in kisses, my cock nestled in her crotch, not entering her, just rubbing across her dripping slit.

She was rubbing herself across me with abandon and as I nibbled on her neck I said, “Dearest girl, I haven’t had sex since Obama was re-elected and your actions are going to make me explode across your carpet any second now. Is that how you want to make me cum the first time?”

CeCe leaned back with this wicked grin and raised up, guiding my shaft into her silken tightness and said, “We wouldn’t want all that good stuff to go to waste, now would we?” and she began to rock herself into a wonderous orgasm which brought upon mine, which I might add was so magnificent that I lost consciousness for a while. The next thing I remember, we were laying prone on the couch, CeCe on top of me, gently circling my nipple with her tongue and my body quivering in post-orgasmic bliss.

I pulled CeCe up to my mouth and kissed her so passionately I felt like I was 20 something again. I turned us over to where I was on top and began kissing her face, her neck, her breasts and worked my way down to her lovely trimmed pussy. She placed her hand over her slit and said, “Let me go wash first,” but I pushed her hand away and dove my tongue into her slit. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and licked from her little puckered rosebud then deep into her slit, and up to her clit where I made little circles around it as CeCe pushed her heels into the small of my back to increase the pressure on her clit. She was building and making these little moaning sounds that were getting louder and louder while her hands were digging into my scalp.

“O…O…O…H…H…H F…F…F…U…U…U…C…C…C…K…K…K Y…E…S…! CeCe screamed out as she arched her butt off the couch, sending a torrent of her female cum into my mouth where I drank up it’s deliciousness. I stopped my circling but just kept up a gentle pressure on her slit with my mouth as my hands played with her nipples. Her legs and stomach quivered and she seemed to be having trouble finding the words to tell me what she wanted.

I slowly raised my head and there was a good twelve inch wet spot under CeCe’s crotch and my face was soaked. She looked at me and said, “God damn, what the fuck was that?”

I smiled and said, “That my dear was the start of an orgasm.”

CeCe’s eyes went big then she said, “What do you mean start?”

I had realized that I was about three quarters hard again and I grabbed CeCe’s ankles and pushed them up to her head and guided my shaft into her soaked slit, easing my way into her still tight little pussy.

“Oh my God,” CeCe almost shouted, “I think I’m going to cum again.” And with another few strokes she was calling out to God Almighty and cursing like a sailor as I pumped her to orgasm after orgasm. Having already shot a massive load, I was good for a while. We had worked up quite a sweat when CeCe eventually said, “Ok, Michael. I give. I think it’s time we take a shower. Don’t you?”

Lathering up this nubile young lady was quite the treat. I was thoroughly enjoying myself until we got out and began to dry ourselves off and I happened to look at the clock on CeCe’s nightstand. It read, 4:30. CeCe looked more beautiful than ever and I found myself having difficulty getting dressed to head home but knew I was going to be in trouble. Breakfast never took all day and I was going to have some explaining to do. We kissed at her doorway and I headed home, trying to figure out what I was going to say to my wife when I got there.

I walked out of CeCe’s duplex definitely a changed men. I felt invigorated, it was a beautiful day. What a perfect way to end a perfect day. I really had wanted to go and visit with CeCe for a short talk. I wasn’t planning on this turning into an all-day affair. An affair? Oh God. Not an affair. Vickie had given me a hallpass so it really wasn’t an affair, was it.

Shit, shit, shit. Why was my mind wrestling with itself? I loved my wife and had pledged my faithfulness to her and failed. Yes I know Vickie had given me permission but weren’t those just jokes? Surely she didn’t mean them and when I came home and told her about it was she going to visit a solicitor and file divorce charges against me.

The sudden buzzing coming out of my jacket on the passenger seat scared the daylights out of me, since my mind had been delving into possible scenarios about the unfolding events in Vickie’s and my marriage. Tentatively picking up my phone, I saw 10 missed phone calls from my wife and easily three times as many texts.

Quickly hitting redial, I heard my sweet angel’s voice say, “Oh, Michael, I’ve been so worried about you. You’ve not answered my calls this day and my head went to thinking about the bad things that could be happening to you.”

“Vickie my love. I am so very sorry to put you in such a state, dearest. While at breakfast, I turned the ringer off and threw my phone in my jacket pocket. It had warmed up when we went to retrieve our cars and I had taken my jacket off and thrown it over the passenger seat. It wasn’t until just now when I was heading home that I noticed it. Is there something that you needed? Is everything alright dear?” I was trying to act normal because I could hear the nervousness in my wife’s voice.

“Oh, nothing too major, Michael. I’m making tacos for dinner and I was hoping you could stop by the store and pick up some shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa to go with the tacos, if you’d like, you could even pick up some guacamole, chips and anything else you’d like. Don’t be too late. You know you don’t like cold tacos.” Vickie said though never a word asking where I had been all day.

After picking up the aforementioned items plus a six pack of Pacifico beer, I headed home. As I carried the bags into the kitchen, Vickie wrapped me in her arms tightly and clung to me almost like a leech making me feel guiltier than I already did. She didn’t say anything, but she knew I had been with one of them. She didn’t accuse me of anything or ask any questions, but I could see it in her eyes, the way she looked at me, always with a smile but nearly at the point of tears.

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