She’s tied & blindfolded for group experience

Forty minutes seems like an eternity when you are in the dark, blindfolded, hands and feet restrained and there is not a noise to be heard except your own breathing.

Even though you knew it was coming, waking up like this was still a strange feeling. Where had Mike gone? When was he coming back? What would happen when he did come back? At first, after the initial “just woke up” panic subsided, you were aroused by the whole situation. This was something you’d wanted for a long time, something you had spent many nights fantasizing about in the dark, fantasies that had been the spark for many solo orgasms.

Yet as time ticked on you began to wonder. Given time to contemplate the inevitable reality of the whole thing, you began to question your own judgment. Was this something you wanted to really happen or just an amazing fantasy that should never come to pass? Maybe when it comes down to it, the reality will be scary instead of exciting – numbing instead of titillating.

Now that it was actually going to happen you wanted to call the whole thing off. It had gone far enough and you just weren’t ready to complete the act, not ready to be in such a vulnerable situation, not ready to expose your innermost desires to whoever might come through the door any minute now.

Another twenty minutes passes; a full hour now since you woke up. Where the hell is Mike? Your thirsty and getting a little cramped in this position. Your legs are bent at the knee and spread as wide as the can be without causing pain. Your arms are out to the sides and bent slightly at the elbow. The cotton clothes holding you in place are soft and pliable, allowing you enough freedom to stretch a little – and enough elasticity to slip out – if you really wanted to. But you really want to stay, you think. You stay.

After what seems like another hour, you begin to hear something. You can’t make out the sound but it’s almost a dragging noise, but not really. More of a sliding you think. You whisper hello. Hello again. No answer. Maybe that noise was out in the street or in the hall – you can’t be sure. This hotel is very plush, but the walls can’t be completely soundproof, right? Your just not sure. Hello? Nothing.

Just as you are ready to slip out of the hand restraints it begins…and you let it. All the questions you had about going through with this are gone instantly, without another thought. You want this and you know it, simple as that.

It begins with the lightest touch possible on one of your feet. The coolness of the touch makes you think It’s a wet touch. Is it? Not sure. Mike? No answer, just Shhhhhh.

The cool touch continues on your foot, like a finger dipped in water, or something. Warm water you think because it’s not actually cold, just cool after air touches the moistness. It’s a tongue, you are sure. It trails your foot from the heel to your toes, sucking each toe with total passion. You never knew how erotic this could be, but it was. It was making your entire body quiver. TR? Nothing. Who was this? He had never done this before and whoever was certainly had.

Suddenly the other foot was being paid identical attention – at the same time. There were definitely two people here now and both were very good at what they were doing. Mike? Shhhhhhhhh. But from a distance. Either he was not one of these people or someone else was quieting you.

Feathers. Definitely feathers. They were being guided over your legs from your ankles to your hips, slowly and with amazing synchronicity. Both legs and feet were having the identical touch applied at the identical spot. How was that possible? Three people? Four? Mike?? Shhhhhhhhhh.

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