She’s taken by a stranger, or is she

I’m walking down the street; it’s a quiet night. Not too many people around. I didn’t hear the footsteps behind me until it was too late. Two arms wrapped around me, one around my head with a hand clamping down on my mouth, the other arm around my neck. I felt something cold against my neck. I saw something there with the streetlight shining on it, and I assumed it was a knife.

I heard a voice saying to me, “Be real quiet, and I won’t have to use it.” I didn’t quite understand the statement, but I nodded just to be on the safe side.

I was being pulled into a van parked right beside us, and I realized something was going to happen. Inside the van, I was pinned down on my stomach, and my hands and feet were hog-tied together. After that my abductor put some old smelly what I thought was a rag in my mouth, and taped it shut. Next, my eyes were blindfolded, so tight, that the knot in the blindfold pulled hard on my hair.

He got up, started the van, and drove off. The van had a loud engine, so I couldn’t hear much else. My hands and feet started to go numb. The tape around my mouth made it hard for me to breathe. I had my head turned off to the side, to help me breathe, but that made my neck hurt bad. So, I had to alternate between not being able to breathe, and straightening out. I started feeling a little dizzy. My mind was going too, trying to think how I was going to get out of this. I wasn’t going to go without a fight.

Every time the van would come to a stop, or slow down, I would think, “Ok, here’s my chance, I’m going to escape or die trying.” But, it always seems like it must be a stop light or stop sign. I’m losing my reality. It all seems so surreal. Is this really happening, or is this a dream?

It seemed like forever, but we finally arrived. My only sense that I haven’t been deprived of, is smell, and that is clouded with this dinky cloth that is in my mouth. But, through that, I think I smell pine. So, I must be near or in the woods.

The van stopped, and he got out of the driver’s door. I hear him walking off, and I hear a door open and shut not too far away. Then it was quiet. I can’t hear anything except for my heart. I think it’s beating so hard, that it’s going to break through my chest.

I’m trying to concentrate on what to do next, but concentration is getting hard. I can’t breathe too well, I’m in the most uncomfortable position I’ve ever been in, and I’m in my living hell. I was deep in thought when the van door slid open.

“Enjoy your ride?” Which actually sounded like gibberish to me. I feel the tie that has my hands and feet yanked on, and I realize that is how he plans on carrying me. Like bringing in a grocery bag.

I’m being brought inside somewhere. It doesn’t smell bad in here, actually quite nice. It’s a big open space, I can tell that. UMMMMMMMMmmmmppphhhh!!! He let go of me, and I dropped on the ground. It sent a searing pain up my back.

He seemed to make the cutting of my binds a ritual that I could understand, because I could hear the knife twang as he cut me loose. My arms and legs fell down with relief. Lying there on my stomach, he grabs me by the hair and starts dragging me to another room. He throws me in, slams and locks the door. I curl up into a ball and kind of scoot to the wall behind me. I hold my legs in my arms as I shiver, and think of what I can do.

Now that I have my arms and legs I can fight. So, the next time he comes into the room, I’ll be ready. But, these binds around my head, I’ll need to take them off first. I start working on the gag, because that one is making me sick. I look for the ending of the tape, pull it loose, take of the tape and spit out the rag. It was dirty old oil rag. I start to cough, needing to breathe, but needing to be quiet. Next, I lifted the blindfold over my head, and tried to work the knot loose. It was tight, so, I opted to just pull it, and my hair out.

By : Openandready

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