She’s caught stealing and gets fucked as punishment

I wondered how I got myself into it this as I stared at the five shaved glistening pussies pointed at my face – but wasn’t it obvious? I’d brought it on myself.

Let me go back to the beginning, lest you get the wrong idea. I’m a normal enough girl – 5’6″, thin as a rail 105 pounds, blond hair cut short in a punky crew cut, with big pouty lips, a perfect ass, and legs that don’t quit. Ok, so I’m flat, but fuck you if that’s a problem. Boys have always like my little AA tits, especially my naughty look when I’m all dolled up in pony tails, with pink lip balm, and my tight little shaved pussy, all slicked for some dick.

But wait, I need to stop again. I’m not some total slut. Listen to me, talking about my tits and pussy, and sitting on my knees about to eat pussy. You’d think I was a regular whore working the street corner, not just a normal college girl – albeit, a college girl on financial aid. So how did I go from, cute hardworking, can-do, girl next door, to nasty, sexy, fuck-bitch slut? Well it all has to do with temptation.

I guess you could guess from the financial aid part that I don’t have a whole lot of money. Actually no money is more like it. Not that it bothered me at first; I mean I couldn’t care less about being a work-study student until I pledged the Tri-delta house. I think the tri-delts let me in just as a joke – maybe for the sake of diversity as they were everything I wasn’t. It seemed like to be a tri-delt; you had to be rich, carefree, and let’s not forget stacked. These girls had the reputation for being the bitchiest, the hottest, the most unattainable, and of course the girls with the biggest most perfect tits on campus. I would never have even tried to be a tri-delt had I not been personally recruited.

Of course I made it through the pledging, and I had to perform all sorts of silly stunts – walking across the campus quad in miniskirt and a tube top while the boys all howled at my lovely legs, shaving my pussy in a triangle shape, even kissing other pledges – gosh I’d never kissed another girl before – but it was worth it. I was poor and I received free room and board for the next four years in one of the swankiest houses on campus. Everything would have been perfect had I just kept my hands to myself.

You see when you’re partying with the richest, sexiest girls on campus, the party girls, the wild ones – you want to look your absolute best. I never had any problem getting dates, when I went out dancing with Trina and Michelle, Jessica, Lauren and Tracy; it was like I was hidden behind their big beautiful breasts and their fantastic clothing. If boys saw me it was as an afterthought. Not to mention all the pretty things the other girls had, the short skirts, and the expensive makeup, not to mention their gorgeous g-string panties and their little lacey bras. I got so jealous I could scream.

Well not exactly scream, but jealous enough that when Trina my roommate left out a stack of $20 bills on her desk, I took it. How could I not? She had everything and I had nothing. The $120 I was taking was more like $12 to Trina, and with it maybe I could buy myself a little something …

“You little bitch.” Trina said interrupting my thoughts. I froze and the blood drained out of me. “You filthy, thieving, little whore. The other girls said you were trash, but I stood up for you . . . “Suddenly I saw the other four behind Trina, laughing, smiling, and looking at me demonically. Trina continued, “I didn’t believe them when they called you a little gutter cunt, I told them you were nice. I even brought up the idea of leaving the money out; never believing you’d fall for such an obvious trick. And here you are now – caught, read handed. What do you have to say for yourself?”

By :Cute Little Thing

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