she was a little young

I walked into the bathroom of the bar I had been in. There was on stall being used. As I sat down in the one next to it I heard the other woman talking to herself. She was obviously drunk and upset with herself for being so.

We both exited our stalls at about the same time. The woman was more like a girl. If she was more than 19 I would have been surprised, but she was very sexy and not wearing too much and I could see a bouncer letting her in. I on the other hand was wearing a pair of fashion jeans and a blouse.

I looked at her and asked if she was alright. She replied “I let my friend set me up and I can’t stand the guy. I mean he is good looking and from the bulge in his pants that he keeps rubbing against me, I can tell he is hung, and has me horny as hell, but he is so arrogant that I don’t want to give in to his bullshit”.

“So why don’t you just bolt?” I asked.

“I wish. Of course guess who drove? The asshole?” she replied.

I asked her where she lived and found that she didn’t live far from my place.

I suggested ” look, I was about to leave and you don’t live far from me, I could give you a ride home if you want.”

She splashed some water in her face trying to reduce the impact of what ever she had been drinking. She was thinking it over so I added, “and I am starving and want to stop and get something, which might help you out as well.”

She looked at me and asked “why would you do this, you don’t know me at all?”

I smiled and replied “well, I have been exactly where you are right now, and I wish someone had helped me out, and oh fuck I might as well say it, I am horny as hell myself and figured we might help each other out if we get to know each other.”

“You mean you are trying to pick me up here?” she asked with a surprised look on her face.

I replied “I am offering you a ride home and to stop for some food on the way. If you are interested in doing more I’d love too, it’s been a while since I made out with another girl and I have some nice toys at home. So when is the last time you kissed a girl?”

I figured a girl this hot must have at least experimented. Her hard breasts were half out of the tight low cut top, so she liked showing them off. If she bent over from the waist you be looking at her ass cheeks, so I figured she loved sex, and like me especially at that age, I was open to a lot.

She was still looking at me like I was freak and replied “nice toys in that they are big? I have never had a real one inside me.”. She looked at the surprised expression on my face and then laughed and said “I mean a real dildo not a real cock”. And we both laughed.

45 minutes later we were walking into my apartment. We had talked a lot on the ride. She was drunk but I didn’t think she would get sick.

When we entered my living room, I figured it was it time to just go for it. Even though I am close to 10 years older than Barb I hoped she would find me sexy, but then again she was here so, so things looked good. I turned towards her, looked at her really nice body, then up to her eyes and then leaned into her and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t back off so I opened my mouth.

Her tongue found mine, before mine even entered her mouth. We continued to kiss, but I felt that she was becoming more aggressive than I. The kiss gained heat as our tongues played with each other. I raised a hand and cupped a breast. Her hand quickly covered mine and pushed it hard against her young tit. I squeezed and she moaned slightly.

I started to move my other hand up to her other breast. She grabbed my wrist and pulled away from me, still holding my wrist. She asked “which way to your bedroom?”

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