She wants what her husband won’t give her

“C’mon honey, please, please, just do it!”

“I…I can’t, baby…I just can’t!”

“But you promised! You said you wanted to, please do it!”

“That was before, I..I always want to before but after I…I just can’t…”

I looked down between my spread thighs, feeling foolish. I was begging my husband to eat my pussy after he’d just fucked me, something we’d both expressed interest in having happen in many a spoken fantasy, but which – again – he was chickening out of once he’d screwed me and left me full of cum.

I can’t say that I blame him, most guys wouldn’t want to do it, but hell, how many times have I swallowed his load blowing him?

This fantasy, creampie eating, was one I’d read about and long fantasized about having done to me, but Tim, my otherwise loving spouse, while sharing the fantasy pre-orgasm, quickly changed his mind after. One time, I even kissed him when I had cum in my mouth and he damn near had a heart attack.

We’ve been married for 32 years, both now in our 60s, both sexually active and imaginative, me more apt to fantasize than Tim. But we were open and honest about what we wanted. It’s just that I’m far more willing to act on it.

I limped off to the bathroom to swab myself clean, looking in the mirror at my naked body. I liked what I saw.

“Damn, Chrissie, you still got it,” I mused to myself, patting my pussy dry and looking at my nearly six-foot tall, still fairly muscular 140 pound frame, my chestnut hair shoulder length and tinged with gray, my tits, while sagging more than before, still pretty big and reasonably firm. My belly had a bit of a paunch, but was fairly trim, and my ass and legs, always my best feature, were hard and athletic looking, owing to all the exercise I get running, riding horsys, playing tennis and kayaking.

“His loss,” I sighed to myself, walking back to the bedroom where Tim brooded.

“I’m sorry honey, it’s just…” he started.

“Honey, it’s fine, it’s fine,” I said, getting dressed. “Maybe another time. Maybe we just gotta get blazing drunk.”

He smiled weakly and I left to do some shopping. Later I met Liz, my childhood friend in whom I confided about everything. Including this. I’d talked to her about it a few months ago and she reveled in the notion, saying she had dated several men – all much younger than she – who loved “eating my creampie.” She’d laugh when telling me about it.

“Damn, Beth, I wish I could convince him,” I sighed over our salads.

“Hell, girl, just take it, take his face, ya know?” she said, seemingly surprised I hadn’t considered the notion. “Sometimes you have to just climb on his face and let him have it, or pull his head right down there between your thighs and lock him in! Let him have a good squeeze with your legs and he’ll learn his lesson! Legs like yours, that could do it. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!”

I looked at her pretty face, smiling, almost innocent looking, spewing out blatant instructions on how to make your man eat his cum from your cunt. She never ceased to amaze me.

“I do it all the time, even when they want to eat it,” she sighed, picking at her salad. “Makes it more fun when you take charge, ya know?”

“No, Beth, I don’t know,” I said curtly. “I want to know…oh, I don’t know, I just don’t have it in me to dominate Tim, he’s too nice.”

“Well, honey,” Beth hissed, leaning toward me. “That only leaves one other option.”

I stared at her, confused at first, then reading that sly smile on her face.

“Oh…oh, NO, Beth, never, no way, I mean really, I’m a happily married woman…”

“Not that happy, from what I can tell,” she smirked. “Least not the way we’ve been talking about.”

I let the silence build, the only sound at our table the clacking of fork to dish, mine more insistent than hers as she just sat, smiling a soft smile, looking at my stern face.

“I have one young man in my, uh, stable, who’d be more than willing,” she said calmly. “I’m just saying…if you were interested….”

“Well, I’m not,” I snapped. “Not now, not ever, so please…”

“Case closed,” she grinned, winking at me.

“Yes, it is,” I said emphatically. “Don’t bring it up again.”

“I won’t if you won’t,” she giggled.

“Beth, stop.”

“Just sayin’…”



But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, not that night, not the next day, not two days later when I was riding Tim’s hard cock and licking his ear, whispering my wishes to him.

“You gonna eat me, aren’t you Timmy boy, you’re gonna eat that nasty creampie outta my cunt!” I growled, biting his ear, getting caught up in dominance I didn’t know I possessed.

“Yeah…yeah, baby…eat…eat that hot cum right out of your pussy!” he babbled, feeling his balls ready to pop.

“Don’t MAKE me make you do it!” I found myself saying, pulling a sordid page out of Beth’s creampie-eating instruction book. “I’m gonna sit right on that face baby, and force it down your throat!”

“Oh, shit, yes, yes!” he bellowed.

“And I’m gonna wrap my nasty old thighs around your neck and SQUEEZE you so hard while you eat cum you’ll beg me to stop!” I continued, words pouring out of me now that I had no idea if I would or wouldn’t have the courage to follow up on.


He came hard and long, scorching my pussy like never before, and I figured I was onto something. But sure enough, as I came to rest atop his wilting cock and started to slide up his chest, his hands caught my hips and stopped me, fear in his eyes.

“No…no please, Chrissie…I just…I just…”

“You promised, AGAIN, dammit!” I cried out, trying to push past his hands and failing.

Angrily, I rolled off and grabbed his hair, twisting as he howled, pulling him toward my open thighs, my hairy pussy matted with sweat and cum, the lips swollen, a thick plug of jism inside. He fought me like I was trying to kill him. I managed to get my thighs around his ears, thick and powerful and fairly muscular for my age, and lock my ankles, squeezing him until he screamed in pain, pawing at the scissoring legs.

“Dammit, Tim, FUCKING EAT IT!” I roared, pulling on the back of his resisting head.

I managed to weaken him in my scissors and actually yank his face to my cunt. My orgasm was instant and intense but mercilessly short as the second his lips met cum, he fought me tenfold, pulling my thighs open and sitting back, desperately rubbing the cum from his lips.

“That’s it, dammit, Chrissie, that’s it, I don’t even want to HEAR about this ever again!” he grumbled, jumping off the bed and running to the bathroom, leaving me hurt and worse, not getting the full orgasm I thought I deserved.

We hardly talked the next day or the day after, and I barely kissed him goodbye when he left that morning for a one-night business trip. I brooded all morning, shopped a little, then went home late afternoon, poured myself a whopping vodka and cranberry and sat down feeling superbly sorry for myself.

I found myself at the kitchen island, absentmindedly drumming my fingers on the granite countertop. Inches from my cell phone. I looked at it, mind racing and pussy aching. Well, a call to talk about it wouldn’t hurt.

“Creampie Wishes!” Beth answered brightly. “You make it, he’ll eat it! Can I help you??”

I roared, Beth’s humor always slayed me, as did her sexual aggressiveness which truthfully, I envied. Maybe it was time. No, it was time.

“I tried what you said, sitting on his face, wouldn’t let me, putting my thighs around his neck, and actually got him there but he fought me off, so that didn’t work,” I sighed. “Christ.”

Silence. Beth knew how to work me. Damn her.

“That guy…” I finally said softly, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me.

“Marco, Latino, 22, young, dumb, full of cum – which he’ll happily eat from your pussy!” she laughed. “He’s smooth skinned, muscular, college athlete and hung like a moose, eight inch cock, thick as your skinny wrist and the biggest pair of cum makers you’ve probably never seen!”

“Jesus, Beth, was that rehearsed?” I laughed, astonished at her delivery.

“Nope, just speaking from the heart,” she laughed back. “And right to your pussy!”

I didn’t know how to continue. She did.

“Now, right now,” she answered, knowing what I was about to ask. “It’s 5, kid just got outta classes. One call, he’s there in an hour. You said Tim’s out of town, right?”

“Yeah, he is,” I sighed. “Now? Really? I want to freshen up…”

“No, don’t do that, Marco likes his GILFS funky like that,” she giggled.

“GILF? What the..”

“Grandmothers I’d like to fuck,” she said plainly. “Honey, you fit the bill, you’re over 60, a granny and hot as shit. Calling him now..”

“No, WAIT!” I said, just as she put me on hold.

Nervously, I waited, looking at my reflection in the living room mirror, walking in front of it, thinking I might change. I was wearing a summery print dress cut a few inches above my knees, my tanned, muscular old legs looking fit and shapely, just a hint of sag here and there and above, cleavage I wondered it Marco would like. I envisioned the young stud banging away at me and then burying his face into my cum-laden hairy pussy and it started to tingle. The phone clicked back.

“Six it is,” Beth announced happily. “He’ll be there at 6.”

“Wait…HERE?” I exclaimed. “But…the neighbors…a strange car…”

“He works for a landscaping company part time, has the truck, no worries, they’ll think you’re getting an estimate, not a creampie-cleaning!” she laughed. “I’ll call ya later to see how it went. If you’re with it enough to answer, that is, Marco’s also got a beautifully long tongue, the kid will leave you drained, I swear…”

She hung up. And I waited. And had a couple more drinks.


He was gorgeous, Beth was right. I heard the truck rumble into the drive and peeked out the window. This Adonis stepped out, tight white t-shirt hugging a very muscular torso, hell, I could see his nipples 30 feet away, and a very snug pair of black jeans on, teasing me with the package I could make out. He rang the bell as I looked at him standing on the landing. Damn, what a tight little ass that kid had.

I shored up my courage, checked my hall mirror, hair pulled into a ponytail, trying to look younger. I took a breath, opened the door. Marco’s smile could not have been brighter or bigger.

“Mrs. Barnes, so very nice to meet you,” he said, extending a hand, with his long, powerful fingers.

“Yes, yes, thanks, Marco, come in, come in,” I said nervously.

He stood at my kitchen island, looking around, admiring the house. He noticed my vodka drink on the counter and not asking, picked up the glass and walked to the bar to refresh it for me.

“I trust you’ll want maybe one more, Mrs. B?” he smiled, me drinking in that ass as he walked.

“Oh, uh, yes, sure, sure, uh, why not?”

“Don’t be nervous Mrs. B., your friend Beth said you would be,” he laughed. “I’m here to relax you, indulge you, grant your special…wish…”

My pussy was burning just listening to this stud, not to mention watching his muscular arms work as he poured my drink. He walked to me, put the drink in my hands. I sipped, his eyes locked on mine.

“It’s all for you, dear lady, all for you!” he said confidently.

I swear I came the second he kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss, those would come soon, but a quick meeting of the lips when I lowered my drink, those long fingers cupping my chin, which I hated because there was a little bit more than one of them, but he caressed it, stroking my skin, slowly pressing his hot lips to mine for a kiss lasting all of one second but enough to trigger a mini-orgasm in me. He pulled away, watching my eyelids flutter and a moan escape my lips.

We talked, though I don’t recall much of what we said, small talk about his college, his work, my life, my kids. He sat at the counter, slowly eyeing me up and down, a slight breeze coming through the deck doors, blowing my skirt up a bit.

“You have a most marvelous body, Mrs. B.,” he grinned. “And may I call you that? Or do you prefer Chrissie?”

“No…actually, Mrs. B. is…sexy, does that make sense?” I giggled nervously, the third vodka taking full hold.

He laughed, standing, coming to me, those hands gently framing my face, his sweet breath brushing my face as he kissed my cheeks.

“Very sexy Mrs. B.,” he said, kissing one, and then the other with “Very sexy…”

Our lips met and it was long, incredibly sexy, mouths opening, tongues gently probing, me moaning, Marco’s hands around my neck caressing the slightly sagging and wrinkled flesh, which I also hated, like it was the tender flesh of someone his own age. He broke the kiss to run his mouth there, gently licking the flesh, mouthing it, suckling it, tickling it with his tongue, devouring a part of me I hated but suddenly realized was hyper-sensitive as my body burned with desire as he feasted on it. This kid was good, amazing, as he made love to my neck in a way no man had ever.

His arms came around me, hugging me close, his cock hard in his jeans, pressing to me. The flood of mini-orgasms continued, making my knees weak. He held me up, pulling his mouth away and laughing.

“Now, let’s get you upstairs to bed before you fall!” he laughed.

“Yes, yes, oh God, yes!” I groaned, turning to walk away.

He’d have none of that. Like a dark-skinned knight in white armor, he swept me into his powerful arms so suddenly it took my breath away.

“You’re…,” I hissed, my arms around his neck. “Unbelievable..”

“And we’ve just begun,” he growled, walking easily up the stairs with me in his arms. “Now, onto your wishes…”

It’s all I could think about, my wish, as Marco lowered me to the bed, climbed atop me, and began the process of making love, truly making love, kissing me with increasing passion, grinding himself to me, pulling up my dress and massaging my big, firm thighs before running those hands to my breasts, pulling down the top, kneading the meat, tweaking the nipples. He was alive with romantic passion, paying attention to everything I needed, everything that had escaped me for so many boring years with Tim.

Tim. For a fleeting second, I thought of Tim. I was making love, not fucking, but making love to a boy, really, a young boy 40 years my junior, easily young enough to be my grandson! But the thoughts of Tim vanished the instant Marco dipped his face to my breasts and engulfed them with his mouth and tongue and lips, and he slipped a hand between us to slide a fingers to my pussy, expertly working the clit with thumb and forefinger, slipping his middle finger into my sopping-wet hole.

“JESUS CHRIST!” I found myself screaming, arching into his hand, holding my breasts up for him to feast on.

It was a blur, a decadent, lovely blur, all of it good. Marco peeled off his top revealing that impossibly beautiful torso, pectoral muscles huge, those nipples big and brown, his abs a perfect youthful ripple of muscle. He left his jeans on as I watched him, smiling, kissing my breasts, licking the sweat between them and beneath them, working down, down, down, pulling my dress up and gently taking off my panties.

I spread my legs as he lay between them, nipping the insides of my fleshy thighs with his teeth. He worked down one thigh, up the other and then took a deep breath, staring at the spread lips of my pussy, and that hair I wished I’d now shave.

“Soooooooooooo beautiful, sooooooooooo aromatic!” he gushed as if looking at an exquisitely prepared dish in a fine restaurant. “I love natural women like you! It’s so…tasty…”

And then he took me, my clit, running his tongue between my furry lips and electrifying my clit, darting it back and forth and up and down at impossibly fast speed, a supercharged slithering piece of flesh that beat any vibrator I had in my bedroom dresser.

I screamed in pleasure, my hands running over his head, cupping it, pulling him tight, my thighs quivering as he worked my clit, then closing over his ears. I didn’t know I was doing it but I lifted my thick calves up and over his back, locking my ankles, squeezing his moaning face to my sex as I ground myself now on his nose, Marco slipping that amazing and insanely long tongue down and inside me.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!!” I bellowed and my world went white hot and I closed my eyes to thunder out an orgasm the likes of which I never experienced.

I came long and hard, feeling my juices explode from my pussy and flood Marco’s mouth. I don’t know how long it lasted, forever and not long enough doesn’t come close to saying, but when I finally stopped screaming and cumming, I looked down to the poor boy’s trapped face in my lusty, thrusting thighs. I loosened my grip and he tilted his soaked face up, grinning at me.

“I must say, Mrs. B.,” he laughed, licking the cum from my quaking thighs. “Your legs are far stronger than your friend’s!”

I giggled, stroking his wet, eager face, pulling him up to kiss me so I could taste myself on him. We made out wetly, probing each other’s mouths again, before he again lavished attention on my neck, grinding into my pussy as he lapped and suckled the meat around my throat.

“God, that’s so hot, I had no idea,” I moaned, feeling his thrusts as he feasted on my neck, sucking mouthfuls of it, running that hot tongue over the tender meat. “You really love it don’t you!”

“I love every inch of you, sweet lady,” he moaned, muffled, into my neck and throat, working to my wrinkled cleavage, adoring it all.

I pushed him away, standing him by the bed, smiling as I swung my legs over the side and looked up at him as I unsnapped his pants with one hand, rubbing that thick club inside with the other.

“Beth says you’re very well hung, young man,” I growled, pulling his pants down quickly. “Let’s just see…..WOW!”

I’d never seen a cock quite like it, thick and long, a fat vein running from his hairless balls up the back. It was so big, it didn’t stick straight out, hanging down, caving to gravity from the force of its own weight. I didn’t touch it at first, just stared at it, a dollop of precum welling in the head of that thick mushroom cap.

“Marco, Marco, Marco,” I breathed on it. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Waiting for you, Mrs. B.,” he laughed, hands on hips, patiently waiting.

I wrapped my hand around it the best I could and on impulse lifted it up and plopped his giant nuts in the palm of my other hand, watching its full length extend almost all the way down my forearm, and damn near blocking it from view with its thickness. I groaned and now used two hands to stroke it to my face, popping the head in my mouth, opening it as wide as possible, feeling the velvety head ooze onto my tongue. My never-ending series of orgasms continued as I clenched my meaty thighs together and squeezed my clit as

I jerked him madly, sucking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, slurping it back out, stroking him back in, just the way I’d seen in many porno clips online.

“My GOD, Mrs. B., you are so good at this!” he moaned, delirious with pleasure, watching me ingest his mammoth cock. “You’ll…make me…cum….”

“How many times can you cum, Marco?” I growled, lapping the fat tip and fondling those beautifully big balls.

“How many times can you make me cum, Mrs. B.?” he smiled.

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