She Sucked the Landlord

Diana Brien looked at her husband in exasperation.The rent was due today and here he was lying on the couch, swigging a beer, and watching MTV, as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

She knew it would probably provoke an argument, but she had to bring it up about the rent.

“You do know the rent’s due today, don’t you?” she asked.

“Is it?” her husband Jim replied.

“Yes, it is,” she answered. “All our savings are gone; you got laid off, the only income we have is unemployment—and that just barely covers food and gas.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” Jim asked. “I’m well aware the rent’s due andwe don’t have the money to pay it. But we’ve always been good renters. The landlord should be willing to give us an extension on paying the rent.”

“But that will be all it is,” she replied, “an extension, then what will we do when the extension is ended?”

“Something will come up,” he answered.

“And what would that be?” she asked. “Do you think we’re going to be handed jobs? Truth is, we both should have been out looking for jobs.”

“I don’t want to hear any more about it,” he raised his voice. “If you’re so all-fired worried about it, why don’t you go to the landlord and ask for an extension?”

“It would be better if you went,” she said.

“Why is that?” he asked.

“Because you’re the man of the house; and you could talk to Mr. Clemson man-to man.”

“I’m not going to go talk to him,” her husband with finality. “You can go talk to him if you want.”

Diana closed her eyes and stroked her forehead. She felt a headache coming on.

“All right, I will,” she finally replied.

“I’m going out for awhile,” her husband rose from the couch, grabbed the car keys, and left the apartment.

Probably going out with some of his drinking buddies, she thought. He’s the most impractical person I’ve ever known.

She went to the bedroom and undressed. The full-length mirror on the bathroom door caught her eyes. She surveyed herself in the glass.

Diana Brien was in her mid-twenties and had beenmarried to Jim for three years. Marriage had not changed her looks all that much.

She looked at her reflection and it showed a woman with shoulder-length ginger hair, deep blue eyes, and full pink lips. She was soft and curvy all over. Her breasts were the size of cantaloupes, but they didn’t sag. Her legs were full and sleek. She half-turned to glimpse her butt. It was big, smooth and upthrust—not a bit of sagging. Her trimmed ginger pubic hair half-hid her little slit.

She didn’t give it any thought, but she dressed provocatively. She wanted to make a good impression on Mr. Clemson the landlord. She slid on a short tight skirt and slipped on a tight silk blouse.

As she dressed, she thought of the landlord. He was a red-haired husky man in his early forties. The times she had seen him—mainly to pay the rent, she could see that he devoured her with his eyes. He looked as if he wanted to eat her up. She was half-afraid of him because of his size, the looks he gave her, and his position of authority.

Her heart was thumping and her hands were shaking. She decided that she needed a drink to calm her down before she went down the hall to see the landlord.

Unlike most landlords, Mr. Clemson lived in the apaartment complex he rented. There were a number of apartments in this one complex, and she knew he owned a half dozen other complexes around town.

His suite of rooms was at the end of the hall from Diana and Jim’s apartment.

After she finished the drink, which calmed and relaxed her and gave her a delightful buzz, Diana brushed her teeth and gargled, took one final look in the mirror, and let out a deep breath.

“Well,” she said aloud, “here goes nothing.”

She left the apartment and headed for her landord’s suite.

She knocked on the door of his apartment but there was no answer. She knocked again—and a third time. Finally the door was opened and Mr. Clemson stood there in a bathrobe and rubbing his wet hair with a towel.

Uh oh, Diana thought. I’m already off on a bad foot.

“Yes, what is it?” her landlord said in an imperious impatient manner.

“Mr. Clemson, I’m sorry if I interrupted your shower,” Diana said. “But the rent’s due today and I need to talk with you about it.”

The landlord held up his hand and said, “Hold it. I never discuss business except over a drink. Come in, sit down and make yourself comfortable, while I mix a drink.”

He went into the kitchen and mixed two drinks.He made one of them—the one for Diana—extra strong.

If I play my cards right, he thought, I can get me some of that.

He thought of Diana sitting on the sofa in the living room and his prick stirred. She was one fine-looking fox, he thought.

He finished mixing the drinks and took them into the living room. He set them down on the coffee table, turned on some soft music on the stereo, and went to the doorway and dimmed the lights.

He sat next to Diana on the sofa, handed her a drink, and said, “Drink up. Business is now in session.”

As Diana sipped on the drink, she told Mr. Clemson of the troubles she and her husband were having, until he held up a hand and said, “Look, I know you all are having a rough time. I know you’re more or less living on unemployment. But the fact is, the rent is due today, so what are you going to do about it?”

Diana gulped her drink. On top of the drink she had before, she was getting one hell of a buzz.

“I was hoping we could talk about giving us an extension on our rent?” she asked hopefully.

She couldn’t help but notice his hard throbbing cock poking up against his bathrobe.He’s got a big stiff dick, she thought to herself.

“Naw, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” he replied. “I don’t make it a point to give extensions on the rents at all. It’s bad for business.”

Mac knew he had to cross a thin line. He didn’t want to scare her off or close the conversation. His gaze took in her full sleek legs which her short skirt riding up her thighs had revealed. He would need to handle this with some finesse.

“Maybe we can work out a deal,” he said in enticing manner.

“What kind of deal?” she asked.
His prick reared up, hard and throbbing as he looked over her body. “I think we both know the situation,” he said. “There’s something you want, and I’m convinced that you’re mature enough to realize that if you want something, then you have to give something.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“Let me freshen up your drink,” he said. He went to the kitchen and poured another slug of whiskey to the drink. He came back and handed her a fresh drink.

“Let’s be frank with each other,” he said “You’re wanting something, and I’m wanting something. We should be able to agree on what we’re both wanting.”

“What exactly is it you want,” she said, sipping on the drink. She was feeling a super buzz by this time, and she half-knew what the situation was, but she asked the question anyway.

“Let’s not play games,” he replied. “I think you know what it is I want, and I know what it is you want. So let’s stop with the playing of games.”

She glanced down at his hard throbbing cock, poking his robe like a tent. She knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Let me spell it out for you,” he said. “Show me your body and I’ll consider giving you a two-week extension on the rent.”

Although she now knew what was on his mind, his frankness shocked her. She was taken aback for a moment. Then she realized what the situation was, and she answered him with an equal frankness.

“Okay,” she replied. She stood and undid her skirt and slid it off.

He was turned on by her long full legs and by her standing there in her panties. But he wanted much more.

“Nice,” he said. “But I want to see more. Are you willing to show me more?”

“Whatever it takes,” she replied.

“It’s going to take a lot more,” he answered.

“I’m willing,” she said.

His dick thrust up hard and throbbing at her answer.

She couldn’t take her eyes off his stiff thudding prick. She could tell by his hard-on that his cock was at its full length, thickness and stiffness.

“Let me freshen up our drinks,” he said, and took the two glasses to the kitchen, where he filled her glass half and half with whiskey and Coke. Something told him he was going to get some of that sweet pussy.

Diana thought as he was in the kitchen that she knew where the conversation was leading, and she also knew what he wanted. The question was was she up to it? She decided in an instant that she was. She couldn’t see any way out of it. The landlord wanted to fuck her. She was turned on enough to allow him to. He wasn’t that bad-looking, and she had seen by his hard throbbing dick poking on his bathrobe that he had a big stiff cock. What was the harm in it? For two weeks’ extension on the rent, she would let him fuck her. Morality didn’t enter the equation. In fact, she found herself being turned on by both the mixed drinks and his big hard throbbing prick.

He returned with the drinks, and she gulped hers down. She felt a moist ache in her pussy, and her titties were growing warm, swollen and throbbing.

“Why don’t you show me more?” he asked. “Take your blouse off.”

She obeyed him. She stood and unbuttoned her tight silk blouse. He licked his lips as he saw her standing there in her panties and her silken half bra.

He stood with his stiff throbbing dick poking at his robe. He slid an arm around her waist and slipped a hand underneath her bra. He rubbed one of her big warm swollen tits, scraping his thumb over the nipple.

He breathed hotly in her ear, “ We both know what the situation is. If you’ll let me lick you, I’ll give you a two weeks’ extension on the rent. What do you say?”

“Okay,” she answered.

He knew that if he could get his tongue inside her cunt, he could also fuck her. She half-suspected that’s what would happen. But she was turned on now; the hot moist juice was flowing from her pussy down her thighs. Nothing much missed Mac Clemson, and this certainly didn’t. He knew she was turned on.

He stroked her titties as he rubbed his stiff prick on her thigh. He breathed hotly in her ear, which turned her on no end. She spread her legs and he stroked her cunt up and down, rubbing his middle finger on her hot flowing clit. She was panting and gasping now. His dick jerked and grew even more rigid as he knew he had her now.

He lowered his head to her breasts and pushed up the bra with his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out and flicked it on one of her tits. At the same time, he sucked on the nub.

She let out a hot gasp and clutched his head with her hands. She thrust her swollen tittie to his mouth and he sucked one breast after the other.

He led her to the couch and sat her down with her ass clinging to the edge of the sofa. He got down on his knees before her and raked up her skirt and slid her panties down and off.

He raised and spread her legs. Her ginger-haired cunt was hot and flowing with juice.

He slid his tongue up and down on the slit. She thrust her pussy up to mash it on his licking tongue.

He slipped his tongue into her cunt and jammed it on in. She clasped his head and let his tongue slide into her pussy.

“Oh god, your tongue’s so long and thick,” she gasped. “Ah, it feels like a cock.”

He clutched her big soft smooth ass and dug his tongue as far as it would go up her cunt. She thrashed and hunched as he tongue-fucked her.

Her pussy tasted sweet—like musky honey.

He jammed his tongue up and down her cunt ,rasping it over the clit. She cried aloud, “Oh sweet fucking Jesus, you’re making me cum!”

She lurched her pussy up and mashed it on his mouth as his tongue-tip reached her core. She began squirting pussy juice and he sucked it all up. She actually screamed with passionate lust as a climax racked through her body.

She reached a hand down and grasped his cock. It was long, thick, stiff, hot and throbbing. She stroked it up and down, and he hissed with the feeling.

He moved his crotch up against hers and poked his prick on her pussy. He found her cunt-slit and slid the head of his cock into her pussy.

He grunted as he dug his dick in. She groaned and wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust up to give him full access to her cunt.

He dug every inch of his dick up her pussy. She gasped and panted as he began pumping his prick deep in her cunt.

“Oh god, Jesus fucking Mary!” she cried. “Your cock’s so long and thick and stiff. Ah, you’re filling me up!”

He jammed every inch of his dick up her pussy. She cried aloud in lust as she hunched her cunt up to meet his prick. Soon they were screwing in perfect synch.

As he pumped the meat in her pussy, her cunt sucked on his cock, drawing his dick into her core. His big full balls mashed upon her ass as he screwed every inch of his prick deep in her pussy.

“Oh, ah, oh darling, I’m cuming!” she gasped as filled her cunt up with meat. “Cuming so fucking good!”

He felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls, and he knew he was on the verge of dumping his load.

He cried aloud as the sperm shot up his shaft to spurt into her hot squeezing moist cunt.

He squirted gob after gob of semen deep in her core as her pussy sucked up his cum.

She gasped and panted in lust as he filled her cunt up with thick creamy semen.

He emptied his balls in her pussy. Her cunt sucked in all his cum—down to the last drop.

They both cried out in passionate lust, and panted and gasped as they shared an orgasm.

They lay there unmoving for a few moments ,breathing hard and gasping for breath.

But neither of them were the kind of people to waste time. As soon as they got their breath back, they began discussing business.

“You’ve got a two-week-extension on the rent—starting today,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied.

And that was the end of their conversation.

Diana got dressed, thanked the landlord once again for the extension, and left his apartment.

He lay on the couch, fucked out for the time being, but thinking of how to go abou getting some more of her pussy.

As Diana walked down the hall to her apartment, she wasn’t thinking of anything but the good hot fucking she had just received…

When Diana arrived at her apartment, she noticed that her husband was still gone. She let out a sigh of exasperation, went into the bedroom, showered and douched, and waited for her husband.

She knew the routine. He would come in, tipsy from too much drink, and horny. He would top her, give her a dozen strokes, shoot his wad, and then roll off her and go to sleep.

She was tempted to refuse him this time, but she was still horny and needed another fuck.

He finally arrived, and the same old process was gone through.

As he pumped her pussy with his short thin cock, she couldn’t help but compare him with the landlord. The truth was, there was no comparison. Mr. Clemson’s prick was long thick and stiff and his balls were big and full, and he had spurted what seemed an endless amount of semen deep in her cunt. Her husband, on the other hand, was small, and when he spurted his load, it consisted of a meager load of thin watery cum.

She lay there, after her husband had rolled off her and gone to sleep, thinking of the andlord…

Three days after Mr. Clemson had fucked her, she received a phone call from him. Her husband had gone out on another of his “job-hunts,” although Diana knew of what it consisted: He would end up at some bar with some of his buddies, the job-hunting forgotten.

The landlord had some unexpected news for her. It concerned employment for her husband.

“I never talk business over the phone,” he said. “Why don’t you come to my suite and we’ll get down to business.”

Diana knew exactly what he meant, so there was no need to ask questions. She told him to give her a half hour and she would be there.

She undressed and thought for a moment what to wear. She decided to dispense with both panties and bra. She slid on a pair of tight shorts which outlined her curvy hips and big upthrust ass, and a tight strapless halter which showed the form and outline of her cantaloupe-sized breasts—especially the rubbery erect nipples. She quickly brushed her ginger hair and applied make-up. Then she was ready. She left the apartment and headed for the landlord’s suite.

She knocked on his door and he opened it almost immediately. He was dressed in a tight house-robe. She glanced down at his crotch. She saw clearly that he had a hard-on. His big stiff prick poked at the robe.

She felt juice began to swirl in her pussy as her clit began emitting hot fluid. Her breasts began growing warm and swelling. Her nipples perked up. She felt a fizzy tingling in her tummy.

He had two drinks setting on the coffee table and he invited her to sit on the sofa. He sat beside her, handed her one of the drinks, and she gulped it. The whiskey almost burned her throat and tummy but it gave her a warm glow at the same time. She relaxed and waited for him to spell out the deal.

“I have a proposition to make to you,” he said as he gulped his drink. “I’m willing to offer your husband a job.” He grimaced as he took another swig. “These drinks need freshening,” he spoke as he stood and took her drink and went to the kitchen. He added some more whiskey to her drink and some ice to both, and returned with the drinks. He handed her one and sat back down on the sofa, moving closer to her till he was actually touching her.

“Here’s the deal,” he began. “I’m not offering your husband a job because I feel sorry for him. I’m offering him work because I need someone to be sort of a caretaker for this complex.”

She gulped her drink, feeling more excited by the minute. Her husband was being offered a job! If this would only work out, most of their financial problems would be solved.

“Although I’ll only pay him minimum wage,” Mr. Clemson said, “you all will be able to live in your apartment rent-free. So what do you say?” He finished off his drink, and she followed suit. He went back into the kitchen and mixed drinks. His dick throbbed and ached, stretched out to its full length, stiffness and thickness. He was going to fuck her but good.

He returned with the drinks, and she said, “I think I can speak for my husband,and he’ll accept the job offer.” She noticed his hard throbbing prick straining and poking against his robe. She was hot as a firecracker herself. She breathed hard and spoke huskily.

“If he doesn’t accept it, he’s a fool,” Mr. Clemson said. “You can’t beat a deal like the one I’m offering you.”

“I know, and I want to thank you for it.”

He held up a hand. “Don’t think I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I’m a businessman and I’m in it for the money.”

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