She seeks the professor’s guidance & dominance

Natalie’s biggest fear was that someone would recognize her in these photos. But that problem was solved by the use of a thin mask. The mask was small and only covered her eyes and nose, which was good enough to maintain her anonymity.

She struck different poses for the photographer. It was a classy shoot with a submissive tone. Ropes lightly bound her petite and slender body, which was covered in a thin black dress. Her wrists were tied together and there were shots of her laying on the floor.

It was an artsy shoot by a semi-famous local photographer, who would sell the portraits at different art galleries.

“Beautiful,” the photographer said, snapping away. “Turn around. On your stomach. Good. Roll over.”

It was the most fun Natalie had in a long time. She rolled over like a bondage puppy. Then she rolled back. There was a slight smile on her face, living out her fantasy. The photographer noticed Natalie’s smile, and he smiled back, snapping more pictures in the process.

“I think we’re done for today,” he said, putting the camera down. “You were excellent.”

She stood up and walked towards him with her tied wrists pointed forward.

“I only do what you tell me,” she smiled.

The photographer untied her wrists, finally freeing her from the bondage ropes. There were small red marks.

“Sorry about that. Maybe it was a little too tight.”

She shook her head and removed the mask. “Don’t worry about it. I think I was pulling too hard. It’ll fade away soon.”

“Tough girl.”

“Speaking of being tough, is there any chance for extra work?”

“It depends,” the photographer replied. “There’s an upcoming art show in a few weeks. If your portraits sell, I’d love to hire you for more pictures.”

She smiled, “I look forward to it.”


After getting dressed, Natalie went straight to her dorm. There was still plenty of school work to be done. The most challenging class of the semester was her creative writing course, which focused on crafting full-length stories.

That was the class she wanted to work hardest on because it gave her an outlet to write. She loved writing. And she wanted to become a novelist someday. Most importantly, it gave her a platform to begin writing her very first novel under the tutelage of a prominent professor.

It was a professor whom she had deeply admired long before attending his class. It was a professor who had written several books, which Natalie had loved, and grew up reading. Those old books were influential to Natalie’s writing style, and she was in awe of the chance to be taught by him.

She finished typing the one-page outline of her planned story while sitting on her bed. She needed to send it to the professor before their upcoming meeting.

After spending hours typing away and thinking, Natalie’s trance-like-state was broken when there was a knock on the wall. It was her gorgeous roommate and best friend since high school, dressed in only a towel with her hair freshly dried after the shower.

“Still typing your stuff?” Becca asked.

“Oh, right, yeah I am.”

“So how did your photography thing go today?”

Natalie gave a thumbs up. “Pretty darn good.”

“I’d love to see the new set.”

“Hold on, let me check.”

Natalie quickly opened her gmail account and saw a few emails. There was an email from the photographer which she opened and downloaded the contents. There were 38 images total.

“Sure, I’ll send them right over,” Natalie said. “Let me know what you think. Personally, I think it’s pretty hot stuff. I like it better than the stuff I did last time.”

Of course, Natalie valued Becca’s opinion on the matter, because Becca had done plenty of modeling work herself, and Becca was also planning to work in the fashion industry someday.

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