She Just Stood There And Watched

This story came from a website that I troll around for weird experiences. I saw this woman talking about something that happened to her and her daughter. Now in the original story, the victim was young. But I’ll go ahead and change the story to make it legal to post here. I was also given pictures of both the mother and daughter that I checked and they were legit. She also had sexual fantasies about her younger niece getting raped and abused. Instead of writing a story, I’m just going to describe what happened. Right now, I don’t have the time to write out a full story. But I might if I get enough good feedback. I’ve changed the names to protect their identity.

This story starts on a regular night. Gloria has a problem. She has a severe drug problem. She does a bit of Meth and ecstasy, but her drug of choice is cocaine. One night she was hanging out with some of her drug buddies. She never explained who they were or any background on them. Sometimes she would sell her body for free drugs when she didn’t have the money. She was buying drugs and snorting them inside a nearby bathroom. After she was done taking her drugs and was real high, she said that if they wanted too, they could have sex with her daughter. She didn’t know why she said that, it just came out of her mouth and she didn’t care. They all got into their cars and followed her back to her house which was in a bad part of town.

The daughter Cindy was a straight A student who was also on the high school cheer leading squad. She was not only smart, but extremely beautiful. She had black hair and eyes. Huge D cup breasts with erect pinkish nipples and a tight figure. She was in her room watching TV when she heard the front door open. Gloria was leading the men into the house. Four of the men were black and one was Hispanic. After she pointed out where her daughter’s room was, she sat down on the couch to do some more coke. As soon as her daughter’s door opened, she heard loud screaming and crying as her clothes were torn off her young body and she was raped. After about two hours of this Gloria finally walked down the hall to her daughter’s room. She just stood there and watched her daughter getting raped by these men. The men were slapping her face and tits and she was crying and begging them to stop. She said that she started to get turned on by all of this. Watching her daughter getting abused by these men. It made her real horny hearing her daughter gag on their long, hard cocks and watching her pussy get banged like she has never seen before.

After another hour of this, the men finally started to leave. Cindy was covered in sweat, cum juices, and she was bruised from the attack. Gloria went on the bed and held her naked daughter. Ever since, she has had disgusting sexual fantasies about her daughter getting raped.

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