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Andrea smiled. She would see both her children this weekend. Andrea worked for a large company and when Shannon and Luke left school she arranged for them both to have interviews there. She had never told anyone the favour she did for the manager who interviewed them but it all worked out well. Shannon was now 25 and was a group supervisor for maintenance work, Luke was 22 and was a newly qualified member of an installation team. Both jobs involved a lot of travelling and in fact Luke had been away almost three months working on the largest contract the company had ever undertaken.

Shannon was usually home at weekends and she and Andrea were comfortable in each others company, maybe too comfortable.

Andrea had been divorced for almost ten years and had some male partners over that time but nobody special had come along. She was content with what she had.

Many years previously the garage had been converted into an extra room with shower room and Luke had moved in there as a teenager. The room was self contained and Luke could and did leave the house unnoticed many times.

Luke was a Peeping Tom. He had been a real devil as a child, always climbing, always running, being outdoors. When he was in his new room he worked out that he could go out at night without his mother knowing. That’s what he did, first as a challenge to himself, then as a turn on. His night time wanderings had shown him several houses where people got naked without closing their curtains or blinds. He guessed they thought nobody would see them, or maybe he wondered if they in fact wanted to be seen. He had found four houses where he could watch. One house had a woman on her own, the others were couples. He had spent many hours watching and enjoying the views.

Andrea found out by accident. Some sound woke her up and she checked the house, first seeing that Shannon was asleep then downstairs and into Luke’s part of the house. Andrea went quietly, didn’t want to wake up her children if they were sleeping. In Luke’s room she found a young man masturbating, his night had given him a lot of pleasure and he lay on his bed reliving what he had seen.

Andrea knew she should have backed out and left him but watching was erotic. He lay on his back, he was still dressed but had pulled his trousers and underpants down. There was enough light for her to see what he was doing, Luke never closed his curtains!

She watched in silence, his breathing got louder, his hand moved faster and his body rocked until he gushed out a fountain of semen, covering his clothes. When he climaxed Andrea retreated back to her own bedroom and spent a good half hour masturbating. Making it last, enjoying what she had seen downstairs.

She waited a couple of days and once Shannon had left the house she cornered Luke. In her hand she had his stained clothes, he had buried them in the wash basket.

Andrea expected him to blush and be embarrassed but instead Luke was challenging.

“You don’t know that I have been experimenting with cameras and sensors.”

Andrea shook her head.

Luke beckoned her to follow him into his room.

He switched on his laptop computer and watched. In grainy semi darkness Andrea could see someone moving. She instantly recognised herself, standing in his doorway, watching him.

“Did you enjoy watching me mother?”

Andrea said nothing. Luke pushed down his pants. He was erect, his cock sticking up towards the sky. He started to stroke his cock, never taking his eyes off Andrea’s face, watching her expression. Andrea stood, she had to make a choice, stay and watch or run away. She stayed and watched. Luke was wanking hard and he knew it would not take long. When he was ready to come he stepped closer to his mother and let rip strands of spunk down her front. Andrea didn’t move, made no attempt to avoid it.

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