Sharing My Wife

It was about 5 years ago when this happened. It wasn’t planned, but I had probably unintentionally set it up. I have a good friend named Phil that I play handball with. Once while watching a porno flick with my wife, I mentioned that Phil should star in one of these movies. I told my wife that I had seen him several times showering after one of our games, and that his dick was at least as big as any porn stars. I wondered out loud how Phils wife could handle all he had, as she was a very small woman and that Phil’s dick hung at least 6 or 7 inches down his thigh, and it was pretty thick. When I told my wife this, she acted as if it didn’t matter to her, but from then on I noticed I caught her glancing at Phil’s crotch whenever we were together.

One night we had gone to Phil’s house for dinner with him and his wife Jenny. Both Phil and Jenny were nurses at a local hospital. About half-way through dinner, Jenny got called into work for some sort of emergency, leaving just the 3 of us. Several glasses of wine later we headed for the hot tub. We didn’t have any suits, but we had been in their hot tub before, but always the four of us, never just the two guys and my wife. She made us turn off the outside lights before she would come out to the back porch where the tub was. Tess came outside with a towel wrapped around herself, but even with the lights off, we had a good view of her naked body when she dropped the towel and stepped into the tub. Phil had the jets going and with all the bubbles you could not see anything going on under the water. We laughed and joked and had some more wine. Tess sat between my legs facing Phil on the other side of the tub. I was rubbing her back slowly and she was saying how good it felt. Tess almost fell asleep between the hot water, the wine and the back rub. When Phil noticed that Tess was pretty far gone, he suggested that she go lay down on the bed in their spare bedroom. She drowsily agreed and I helped her out of the tub where she picked up her towel and wrapped herself loosely. She then tried to walk into the house but had trouble opening the door. She looked pretty unsteady so I got out and tried to help her inside. She wasn’t cooperating too much, so Phil also jumped out to help. I was on her left side and Phil was on her right and as we held her upright and opened the door the loose towel slowly slipped to the floor. The three of us stumbled naked down the hall to the bedroom. We turned our back to the bed and sat on the end of the bed with Tess between us. Leaning back, we laid her on the bed and then stood up. When we looked down, we were gazing on my totally naked wife laying there on her back. Her breasts looked fine, and the cold air after the warm tub had caused her nipples to harden. Her legs were slightly spread exposing her pussy to our view. Tess doesn’t shave her pussy, but does keep it pretty well trimmed. She was a very inviting picture. I looked up at Phil and saw him staring at my wife. He looked at me and smiled approvingly. I smiled back and then asked Phil to help me move her further up on the bed. When we slid her up the bed Tess responded by asking me to “rub her back some more” and then she rolled over onto her stomach. Phil had told me before that he was an ass man and he had said I was lucky to have a wife with such a nice ass. Now here it was, exposed in all its glory for Phil’s admiration. Phil just stepped back to the foot of the bed and stared up between my wife’s still slightly spread legs. That’s when I noticed that Phil’s dick was starting to get hard. (With a dick as big as his, it was hard not to notice!!)

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