Sharee and Me

A group of us went camping by the river one weekend on a water skiing trip. There were 4 couples, Ellen and I, George and his wife, Sharee, Erin and her boyfriend Brock and Brad and his girlfriend, Deb. We were there to test out Brad’s brand new ski boat.

Anyway, we got there late in the afternoon, set up camp and then cooked a BBQ in the fading light, followed by a few beers around the campfire. By midnight, most of the others had gone off to bed, only George, Sharee and myself remained. Soon George had passed out too in his chair and Sharee and I continued chatting for a while longer. I hadn’t known her very long and we were getting along like a house on fire.

About an hour later, Sharee looked at me and said she was busting to pee. I laughed and told her seeing as we hadn’t yet dug the toilet, so she’d have to go in the bush or down on the riverbank. She groaned and said she was too scared to go on her own into the bush and would i mind walking her down to the river. I said “Ok” and we walked (or should i say drunkenly stumbled) down onto the grainy sand of the riverbank.

When we got there, i went to leave but she asked me to stay. “Ok”, i thought, shrugging my shoulders. Sharee pulled her knickers down from under her dress, kicking them off one ankle and squatted down over the sand. I know I should have looked away, but didn’t and was greeted with a glimpse of her lovely, shaven pussy in the bright light of the full moon as she pissed onto the sand beneath her.

I started to feel my cock stir in my pants as the last dew drops fell from her smooth lips. “Nice”, i whispered to myself and she looked up and said “Pardon?”

I said, “That’s nice”, embarrassed that she had caught me out. “What do you mean?” she asked naively.

“You’ve got a lovely pussy”, i said boldly, wondering where this was heading?

She just smiled at me then lost her balance and fell backwards as she tried to pull her knickers back up. As she fell, i caught sight of it once more and laughingly said, “There it is again!”

Sharee laughed too and then out of left field, spread her legs apart saying, “Well here, have a good look before i put it away you pervert!”

My cock was going crazy. I’m sure it was the alcohol talking, but, here was my mate’s beautiful wife spreading herself wide for me to stare at her hairless, little cunt. I couldn’t help myself, I dropped to my knees beside her, reached out and brushed my fingers along her wet slit. This caught her by surprise and she slammed her thighs shut, causing my fingers to slide into her snatch.

“What are you doing?” she stammered, looking at me like a startled rabbit.

I just shrugged my shoulders and stared in wonder as she slowly opened her legs again to reveal two of my fingers knuckles deep in the folds of her pussy. I looked at her expecting to be told to remove them, but instead she let her head fall back and sighed as i began to move them back and forth.

I was now finger fucking her pussy as it leaked juices over my hand and down her bum crack onto the sand. I fumbled to release my cock from my shorts as she closed her eyes and lay back with her legs splayed. Her pussy made loud squelching sounds as i pumped my hand back a forth. By now, I was horny as fuck and needed to know how it tasted. I moved between her thighs and lowered my face to her crotch. The first touch of my tongue on her clit caused her to shudder. I licked her slit from top to bottom, slurping the juices into my mouth and savoring the taste. Sharee arched her hips up into my face and tightly gripped my hands with hers as she headed towards an orgasm. I was getting a little bit of sand and grit in my mouth, but it was worth it to hear her cry out as her climax washed over her.

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