ShaeLee discovers one of nature’s precious gifts

It was that time of year again when I made my yearly visit to my Gynecologist and had my pussy checked over. I didn’t mind him really, he was gentle and had a great bedside manner, fatherly I would call him. He would sit and tell me stories of his kids and the stuff they did, as he picked and poked about inside me. I was sitting in the waiting room after checking in and picked up a Cosmopolitan and began leafing through it.

Over the top of the magazine, I kept catching glimpses of the young woman sitting across from me and she couldn’t seem to sit still. I imagined it was her first visit, or her first visit to see my doctor, since I’d never seen her in the office before. I tried to be nonchalant in looking at her, feeling she was driving herself into a frenzy over nothing. I remembered my first time and how embarrassed and nervous I was pulling down my panties for the first time and having someone strange, even the doctor, touch me down there.

I remembered future visits that made me very nervous, the ones where I’d been masturbating or had sex with a boyfriend the night before and wondered if the doctor would know. That embarrassed me more than anything to have discovered by him. My mom saw the same doctor, so I was scared to death he would tell her about me. I didn’t know at the time that he couldn’t because of his oath, but back then, I nearly pissed my panties I was so nervous.

I looked back at the young woman, barely into her twenties from the looks of her and studied her a little closer. She looked as nervous as I was then and wondered if she had some kind of sex last night. A woman came out from the back and the nurse called out for Ciera Moore to come in now. The young woman heard the name and froze. I knew it must have been her, but she didn’t go. She sat for a minute, looking like she was thinking very hard on something, then abruptly got up and left.

The nurse called again and I said the woman that just left must have been her. The nurse shrugged like it was nothing and called me in. I stripped from the waist down and laid on the table, putting my feet dutifully in the stirrups. They were so cold and hated the feel of them. Thank goodness Dr. Klienman made sure the speculum was warm, before he slid it in and spread me wide. It felt routine and normal and he said as much. He did give me a bit of advice on my piercings and asked that I keep them clean at all times. He also made mention that I was still in great shape sexually and had years left to enjoy before anything interrupted it.

I thanked him and pulled my panties and pants on again and made my appointment for next year. I walked out of the building to my car and stopped, noticing the young woman sitting on the hood of my car. I walked right to her and stopped.

“Are you okay, Ciera?”

She looked straight at me blanked face, no idea how I knew her. I could see the remnants of tears on her cheeks and her eyes were red.

“I’m fine. I’ll be okay. Just leave me alone, alright?”

There was a soulful pleading in her voice that I couldn’t ignore. She was hurting bad and I couldn’t just leave her sitting there like that and do nothing. The mother in me took over and I had to soothe her. She was so vulnerable in her femininity, holding herself to hide and comfort her own pain.

“Sweetie, I’ll leave you alone, but only after you do one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to get off my car, so I can drive away.”

She looked at me and the car she was sitting on, realizing she hadn’t known where she was sitting. I pressed the remote and the little beeps told her it was my car. She jumped off quickly and looked at me with a startled expression. She was going to apologize and started speaking and then got lost in all the words and seemed to lose it. She started crying and becoming frustrated at herself and that was all I needed to see. I just took her in my arms and held her close and comforted her.

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