Shade’s Late Night Visit

A knock on the door roused me. I got out of my bed when the knock became even louder and more urgent. I checked my time, it was nearly 1am. I wondered who it could be. Still clad in my shorts, I opened the door to see Shade, the neighbourhood whore, standing in my doorway.

“Hey Dammy, how’s it going?” She asked cheerily.

“Do you have any idea what the time is?” I asked, anger evident in my voice. Honestly, the chick still rubbed me off the wrong way even though we had fucked twice. Whenever I saw her, I was always torn between kicking her far away from me and fucking her till she begged me to stop.

“Sorry to bother you, baby,” she started. She had recently taken to calling me by annoying endearments. “I think my TV is not working.”

“One, there is nothing wrong with your TV, and two, even if there was, I have no clue how to fix it. You know this. Why are you really here?”

She smiled that annoying smile that grated at my nerves. “Fine, so can I come in?”


“Oh stop playing games, you know you will let me in,” she said, gently shoving me aside and walking in. With a sigh, I closed the door behind her.

She began to take off her dress right there in my living room. She was nearly naked, save for her panties and after throwing me a quick wink, she turned around and sashayed to my bedroom. I groaned with a mixture of annoyance and arousal. My dick was so hard that it was threatening to rip through my shorts. I needed to duck that whore.

I followed her into my bedroom and by the time I got in there, she was already kneeling on my bed.

“Come lie down, sweetie, let me take care of you,” she said.

Her endearment did not bug me as much as it did earlier. I did as she said, pulling down my shorts and lying on my bed. She straddled me and bent her head, taking my dick in her mouth in one move. She let out a loud sigh and began to suck my dick, making sure to lubricate it with her saliva as she went. Her tongue twirled expertly around the head of my dick and I groaned in pleasure. I grabbed a chunk of her hair and pushed down on my dick, making her swallow the whole thing. She opened her mouth wide and I jerked my hips upwards, fucking her hard in her throat. She soon began to gag but I did not care, I shoved my cock as deep as it would go until she was finally able to struggle out of my grip.

“Damn, you don’t play, do you?” she said.

“Thought you said you were not here for games,” I retorted, watching her clean some of the saliva that was dripping down her mouth.

She got off me and turned around on the bed, her ass facing me. I quickly got up, grabbed her waist and shoved my hard dick straight up her ass. I began moving in and out, enjoying the way her walls enveloped me.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. No games, remember, give me that dick,” she said, goading me.

I did as she asked. I did more than that. Digging my nails into her flesh, I pushed so hard into her that the tip of my cock was scraping against her cervix. She was no longer able to talk and all that escaped her was short gasps for air. My pelvis was hitting hard at her ass and my nails were nearly drawing blood.

I did not care how deep I was or how hard I was against her. I completely let go and shoved that throbbing cock deep into her over and over until my balls tightened and I exploded, shooting cum straight up her wet cunt.

We both collapsed on the bed. She was panting, exhausted and I felt proud.

“You can go now, you got what you wanted,” I said.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you only wanted me for my body,” she replied as she got up and head to the living room to find her clothes.

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